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The Most Powerful Lesson of the Higher Heart Chakra

Have you ever wondered what’s the most powerful lesson of the higher heart chakra? And why does your life change after experiencing the higher heart chakra awakening?

Since the Fall of consciousness at the end of the Atlantean epoch, we have temporarily lost access to the higher heart chakra. It has started to shift since the 19th century and especially since 2012. Now, increasingly more people experience the higher heart chakra awakening. You can read about the heart awakening here. Alongside the heart awakening, we experience a shift in relationships, how we manage energy, and how we relate to the higher realms. In this article, I discuss the most powerful lesson of the higher heart chakra you’ll experience if you keep the chakra open.


The Most Powerful Lesson of the Higher Heart Chakra

The most powerful lesson of the higher heart chakra is the end of a transactional relationship. In the old paradigm that is slowly dissolving, relationships were a tool to individualize the ego – a necessary step in the descension process. Yet it brought an abundance of problems. Transactional relationships can be described as,” I depend on you and you on me, and together, we become less.” We’ve all heard these “romantic” expressions; “I need you, I can’t live without you,” etc. Those relationships solidify fear and limitations.

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The Illusion Of Love

No one agrees on what love is. Mostly it’s feeling, but to feel, one needs to be connected to themselves. Without the higher heart chakra consciousness, one experiences love through the mind, or a blind love resulting from a wounded inner child. It looks like love, and if one can’t compare it to anything else, it feels like love. This love doesn’t usually stand the test of time because one unconsciously believes the other person is their source. The other person is the source of love, attention, energy, solutions, etc.


The unspoken dominating pattern of illusionary love is, “I see me in you, but I don’t see my true self in me, so I’ll try to reach oneness by merging with you instead of myself. I don’t feel the source within me; thus, I’m disconnected from the One Source.”


Transactional relationships keep everyone locked in a loop that doesn’t support them living their highest potential. Since there is the unspoken contract, “I give you this, and you give me that,” no one can follow their potential. There is no freedom to follow one’s soul. On the other hand, interdependence is healthy. However, those needs and desires don’t come from a true alignment in transactional relationships. Thus, they perpetuate a lack of something – a misalignment with the true self.

The Higher Heart Chakra Lesson of Transmutation

In contrast, the higher heart chakra is the center of transmutation- one of the principles of the Christ energy. The higher heart chakra lesson is the transmutation of the lower self into the higher self – a pathway of ascension. As the higher heart chakra unlocks unconditional love through which we connect to the Source consciousness, we begin to ascend.

If your higher heart chakra is open, you can feel unconditional love. At first, it’s overwhelming, and you’re cleansing layers of the heart. For some, this is a painful process, others cry a lot without reason or feel exalted, and for most, it’s a mixture of all this. In any case, you know when the higher heart chakra opens.


A Doorway to the Source Consciousness

When the higher heart chakra activates, you feel glimpses of the Source consciousness. This energy is there for you to go through intense healing and release outdated templates so the lower self can eventually merge with the higher self. You see yourself in a new light and see which fears and limiting beliefs have held you living out of alignment with the truth of your higher self. Since I already talked about this a lot, I only want to highlight one thing – it’s one thing to open the gate; it’s another thing to walk the path till the end, wherever it takes you. 


Higher Heart Chakra Love

The most powerful lesson of the higher heart chakra is the higher -unconditional – love. This love transforms the nature of relationships. In the light of the higher love, any ego worship and illusions of love dissolve. We are all unique and can contribute to each other, but there is no “need,” only space for co-creation. You can love someone unconditionally without thinking of them as special or your bond to be special. All the specialness comes from the negative ego.

Higher love gives freedom. And freedom means you let someone go if they don’t want to be with you. Someone leaving you doesn’t mean that what you had was wrong. Nor it means that you don’t feel sad at times. It means that you allow them to be what they need to be.


Unconditional love rests on the pillar of freedom. When you let the other person be what they are here to be, you’re free to follow your highest potential.


Highest Potential

Since unconditional love gives freedom, it allows us to act in alignment with the higher self finally. And this is the lesson of the higher heart chakra – to merge the lower and higher self so you can be free to follow your potential. When you don’t have to worry whether you’ll stay together, whether someone cheats on you, or abandon your own needs and inner guidance, you can finally hear your higher self.

And you give the same freedom to your partner. You genuinely want them to be happy and live their highest potential. If that includes you, amazing. If not, you understand and lovingly give them freedom. If your partner feels they want to be a politician in their heart, you support them. If you feel your calling requires traveling, you make it happen. Thus, two people become more together than individually, which isn’t the case with transactional relationships.


The lesson of the higher heart chakra is that you don’t need to worry that following your truth threatens your relationships. Therefore, you can finally gaze upward toward your higher self and have the capacity to follow your potential. 


In transactional relationships, the other is your source. In the new-paradigm relationships, your inner source and the One Source are your sources. Thus, you don’t have to worry about that relationship nonsense that we used to worry about in the past and instead follow your true calling.


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