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Remember Your Pre-Fall Self with This Transmission

Remember your pre-fall self. There was a time before you assumed the body. There was a time before you assumed the soul—a time before you assumed the mind. Remember. Remember where you came from. And why you’re here. There is a string of energy connecting you to your pre-fall self. You’ve never been separated, never left here alone without guidance. Your pre-fall self is calling you back home. Summoning you on your journey of ascent. It’s time.


What Is Your Pre-Fall Self?

The pre-fall self existed before the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis. We were one with the pre-fall self before we descended into the 4th and the 3rd dimensions. Regardless of what has happened since we’re still connected with the consciousness of the pre-fall self.


The pre-fall self had an etheric, translucent essence. It was light. Unburdened by the density of the lower realms. Unpolluted with the illusions of the astral plane. This is the garden of Eden. A level of consciousness where we existed in harmony with ourselves, one another, and the Source. 


The pre-fall self is pure and innocent. It dwells in perfect alignment with Source before it steps into the lower dimensions. As you remember your pre-fall self, you begin to feel that childlike innocence. The innocence of the heart which guards us against the negative ego. No matter how much time has passed or what we’ve been through, this innocence remains in us. We can reconnect to it and let it guides us through our choices.


Remember Your Pre-Fall Self

It’s time to remember your pre-fall self. To remember the innocent and Edenic state of being. As you remember your pre-fall self, you begin to merge with its consciousness. It serves as a reminder. A lighthouse in the darkness so that you find your way back up. As we ascend, we essentially follow in our footsteps. Thus when you remember your pre-fall self, you’ll know where you’re headed.

The pre-fall self lived in harmony with the masculine and feminine principles. Therefore, all relationships were harmonious since they reflected inner harmony. The pre-fall self was the embodiment of Kryst consciousness. And Christ/Kryst/crystalline consciousness is still the third way to harmonize the dualistic opposites. But one of the most miraculous things that happen as you remember your pre-fall self is that you begin to feel your innate sovereignty.

Inner sovereignty is like a muscle we forgot to use for a couple of thousands of years. It’s still there. Waiting to be activated. And you activate it as you develop your psyche, harmonize the mind and awaken your higher heart. Inner sovereignty paves the way out of duality because a fully awakened soul can see through the trappings of the lower realms. And such a soul can use their inner power, wisdom, and love to apply their sovereignty with the choices aligned with the Divine Plan.

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How to Work With The Transmission

The process of remembering your pre-fall self is complex. It happens in waves and layers. It can’t be forced. But as you open to its frequency, it’ll begin calling you back. And this is why I created the transmission below. To help you remember. Listen to the message below as frequently as you want to. Let the questions I’m asking spark your memories. It’s not about having the answers right away, although it may happen for some. Instead, feel the questions and sentences throughout the transmission. Let them sit within you as long as they need to mature. Listen with your heart and your being. Get out of your mind. This transmission speaks to your soul, and it’s your soul that will remember. Listen with your soul.

Some of you might find it helpful to listen to the transmission before you fall asleep. In that way, your subconscious will begin bringing you the answers through your dreams. Don’t worry if you remember those dreams. Eventually, the answers and remembrance will trickle down to the conscious mind. It’s all a process.

Think about remembering like a river basin being filled with water for the first time. It takes some time before you can see the water of remembrance running hundreds of miles away from its source. Be patient. Stay in the questions, in the feeling. 

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