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Atlantean Light Language to Remember Your Original Self

The Atlantean light language can activate the remembrance of our true selves. It can tap us into the time when oneness existed – a place of our origin and return. There was a promise that no matter how deep into the forgetfulness we travel, we’ll receive signs. Signs to remember. Signs to return. Symbols to spark the memory of the soul. It’s all around us. Within us. The land itself contains our memories. She guides us back as we walk each other home.


The Atlantean Light Language of Remembrance

The Atlantean light language is a language of the soul. This cosmic tongue pulses with living light. It bends and arches as the vibrations leave the throat chakra carrying forth the soul’s essence. The Atlantean light language mixes with our essence, making it unique. Speaking multitudes of those who speak it. One can trigger a memory, heal and harmonize with the use of the Atlantean light language.


How to Use the Atlantean Light Language

If your soul remembers the light language, speak it out loud and speak it often. It’ll remedy all the energy pathways returning harmony to the physical and spiritual bodies. You can also listen to someone else’s light language. Follow your intuition about which language resonates with you. And as you listen to the Atlantean light language or speak your own tongue, allow your hands to be an extension of the cosmic language. Let its vibration move through your entire body all the way to your fingertips.

If you need healing, activate your heart chakra, let your hands hover over an area with an energetic blockage, and speak the light language or listen to one. Let your soul guide you to use the right words and intonation to heal yourself. This is not the time to analyze it with your mind. Your soul remembers how to heal. Surrender to it.

If you want to activate your own memories or even gifts, you can use your hands and the light language. When we speak the Atlantean light language, it takes us back to the time we still remember. It allows us to connect to higher dimensions and use the soul’s words.

Similarly, one can clean the physical space with light language. Infuse the space with the desired frequency. Or unlock the memories hidden in the land. If you have animals, they also respond well to light language.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.


We promised each other to find the way back home. To a place we belong and a place that a larger part of us has never left. Each of us has had different reasons for descending into lower dimensions. Our pathways have intersected many times before. Everyone has gone through various degrees of forgetfulness. But it’s time to remember. It’s time to answer that deep yearning within your soul. And the Atlantean light language can help us remember.

Although the yearning to remember might be uncomfortable, it’s a blessing. For not everyone can hear it. If you’re being called to remember your origin. To remember your past lives. To remember why you are here and what you’re here to create and master, there is only one answer – to say yes. For the yearning to remember will never cease. Everything else is but a waste of time.

A Doorway

Let the Atlantean light language be a doorway to your remembering. Let it speak to your soul. Allow yourself to open your heart and receive the activation. For your soul recognizes the words. Your soul speaks the tongue. Your soul remembers. And now is the time for you to remember too. It’s been a long time. Far long for you to travel this journey alone. Far too long to dance the endless dance with duality.

You’ve been searching. Ending up with more questions than you began with. You’ve been praying, letting go of the layers of your old life. Turning every rock to understand. To connect the dots. You’ve searched for the answers. For your soul searches for the way home. To return to the Edenic state of consciousness.

Dear soul, you’re not alone in your search. You’re not alone in need of deep soul nurturing. But the question is, what are you going to do about it? The remembering of your true self rarely happens by analyzing yourself. It happens when you reconnect with your soul. When you merge with your soul’s consciousness. Isn’t this what you’ve been searching for? The door is open. It’s for you to take the following steps. Only you can walk through the door, although others can open it for you.

As you listen to the Atlantean light language below, allow yourself to remember how it felt to be one with your soul. Let the Atlantean light language transport you to the times when we spoke this tongue. Remember yourself wearing cloaks, feeling the energy pulsing through your body, breathing in the stardust. Let the Atlantean light language take you back home – an abode within yourself.

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