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Your I AM Presence Wants You to Remember These 7 Things

The I AM Presence is your infinite, unchangeable aspect of God. It exists beyond the duality and beyond the feminine and masculine energy. The I AM Presence is our direct connection to God – the facet we share with the Source. The I AM Presence exists in the eternal state, creating a serene, calm, infinite presence within us. And I asked the I AM Presence what it would like to tell you. So here we go!


Seven Messages from Your I AM Presence

As you can see in the messages below, the I AM Presence reminds you of your godhood. It reminds you that what you share with God is unchangeable; therefore, it’s the only truth we can count on. It’s the only thing that transpires beyond time and space and penetrates all dimensions of creation. A golden thread stretches out between us and the I AM Presence. When we follow this thread, we follow our highest timeline. We let things be easy. Allow yourself to feel this connection – the golden thread – between you and your I AM Presence. Feel the thread emerging from your heart space and follow it until you feel your I AM Presence. Once you’ve sensed your I AM Presence, sit restfully in it. Soak it in your body.


1. A Lot Happened for You To Be Here

The first fundamental message the I AM Presence has for you is that a lot had to happen for you to be here. At this moment. This life. Taking this very breath. Sometimes we take life for granted. And sometimes we may even complain about how difficult it is. But new dimensions needed to be created for us to have this experience. And it’s a beautiful experience, one of a kind. When you realize this, you begin to see everything as sacred and respect Life.


When you honor yourself, you honor God. By restoring the sacredness of your heart and the relationship with yourself, you start seeing everything as sacred.


Life is what we should honor, and we honor ourselves because we are a part of Life. Thus honor everything living; all that has Spirit and soul. There was a time when nothing existed, and there will be a time when the void will swallow it back. All the nuances of life are sacred. The 3D is like a training field for the soul so that the soul can become wiser. And the I AM Presence reminds you that everything you can see was created for you. So become a master of it. Take your rightful and humble state in the greater scheme of creation. 


2. A Spark of God Within

The I AM Presence wants you to know that there is a spark of God within your higher heart chakra. This divine spark needs to be ignited and kept burning, yet it can never cease to exist. The I AM Presence is connected to us through this divine spark. Therefore, one can never get lost. Allow yourself to feel the divine spark. Let your higher heart chakra activate and keep the sacred flames burning. Watch this masterclass to learn about the higher heart’s spiritual architecture.

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3. The Golden Pathway of the I AM Presence

There is a golden thread between you, and I AM Presence. This golden thread connects you, your multidimensional selves, and your I AM Presence. When you follow this golden path, you’re ascending.


One can think of the golden thread as a path of the highest flow – the highest ascension timeline.


All people and situations along your golden path empower you and remind you of your sovereignty. This is when we experience the highest level of alignment and synchronicity. The golden path guides us to the fulfillment of our highest potential. It opens doors for us. And it gently pushes us to keep expanding. When we find our golden path, we feel like we’re constantly at the edge of what feels comfortable. And yet, we always take the next step, trusting, allowing, and moving with inner strength.

4. Soul Family

The I AM Presence wants you to know that you’re always connected with your soul family through the higher heart. Thus any separation is an illusion. You can feel your soul family when you close your eyes and tune into your heart space. They are always there. The more your higher heart chakra is burning with pure love, the sooner you meet your people.

The I AM Presence can see that many people often feel alone. Misunderstood. But you’re never alone. You can’t disconnect from your soul family. The reason you might not have yet met your tribe in real life is that you’re being guided to strengthen your wings first. To learn to trust yourself and know yourself. To tap into your inner source. So take this time apart as a space for you to expand. And remember that true love gives freedom and spaciousness. 

5. The Portals Within

The following message from your I AM Presence is to go within. Because within you, there are portals to other dimensions. If you want to ascend, you need to dive deeper within yourself. There is a map within you; follow it. The whole universe is hidden within you. Your inner landscape mirrors the creation. Thus when you tune out of external distractions, deepen your breath and connect to your inner self, you’ll always find your answers. Nothing was hidden from you. All it takes is quality time with yourself, without distractions or external influence.

6. The Fall

The I AM Presence watched you moving down the dimensions. Your I AM Presence perceives descension as expansion and exploration of new possibilities. But moving from the 5D to 3D was stressful to the soul. The soul created soul wounds as a result of the Fall of Consciousness. And it’s time to heal them. You may not be aware of those deep soul wounds. They rise to the conscious mind only when it’s time to work with them and bring closure to what happened.

And yet, this soul wound might still be there. Creating friction in the connection to the I AM Presence. When we heal the deep soul wounds, it allows us to align with our I AM Presence. Healing the memory of the Fall usually requires soul healing, tapping into the soul memories and other lives. The purpose of remembering key lifetimes is to learn from them and bring closure to the soul cycles which haven’t yet finished. 

7. Life Purpose

The last message from the I AM Presence is to find your purpose through the activated higher heart chakra. When you connect deeply with your heart space, your mission will be apparent to you. Everyone has a multitude of purposes which all align and support each other. But we don’t find our purpose; it finds us. It calls out when you listen to your inner self and connect to your heart chakra.

Source gave to everyone unique essence, and the expression and embodiment of it is your purpose.

The I AM Presence wants you to know that you have a purpose. And this purpose is that unique essence you share with God. When you embrace your essence and channel it into your life, you become like a magician who transforms everything in your life so that it mirrors your highest self. It’s us who activates the situations in our lives. It’s we who bring the magic to the mundane. And it’s we who spiritualize the matter. Your purpose is to breathe your essence. Act on it. Become the embodiment of it.

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