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Collective Ascension vs. Individual and Starseed Ascension

Is there such thing as collective ascension? Or do we ascend individually – one soul at a time? Mystics have asked this question throughout history. Collective ascension implies that we can only ascend with the collective or a certain group of people. Individual ascension means that when the soul is ready to ascend the soul will ascend even if no one else is ascending concurrently. I invite you to pause for a moment and tune into your inner wisdom, which one feels correct?


Can We Ascend Individually Or Is Ascension a Collective Experience?

Collective ascension is the most common way of ascending. For instance, right now we’re in a process of major collective ascension which is unprecedented. At least when it comes to the number of people ascending in this life and during this Golden Age. This is due to the fact that many souls are ending their soul cycles. At the end of one cycle which usually takes thousands of years, the soul has an opportunity to close many chapters at once. During this point of a soul’s journey, souls will usually attempt to ascend. However, it may not always be what the soul chooses. To have the ascension pathway fully open, the soul needs to heal any traumatizing past events on Earth, like the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.


Individual Ascension

That being said, in rare cases the individual ascension is also possible. However, an individual ascension is much more challenging. Because one has to break through the chains of the collective consciousness. Such individual is then opening the door for other to follow them when the time comes. The ascension portal may remain open for some time after the individual has ascended.

Even in the case of an individual ascension, it wasn’t so individual. Those masters have had a group of people or higher dimensional beings helping them. Since the individual and group consciousness always interacts and creates. Even, the soul family who isn’t incarnated with the ascending individual still participates in the ascension with us.


In the ancient past, there have also been cases of groups of initiates and highly trained priests and priestesses holding the grid for the ascending individual. Even if they weren’t ascending themselves.

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The Collective Ascension

The collective ascension usually happens at the level of soul groups and soul families. Everyone is a part of a certain soul family. Those beings are the closest to your soul in terms of light and consciousness your soul originates. Then you are also a part of a broader collective – the soul group.


For instance, most of the people attracted to my work are within the same soul group. In this case, it’s enough to have a couple of highly evolved individuals in a soul group to open the ascension portals for others.


Within the ascending soul, the group has a synergistic effect. Therefore, the awakening, remembering, and the subsequent ascension become more accessible for the whole collective. Those few individuals who have remembered the most propel the soul group’s consciousness onward. The more fired up and activated those individuals are, the faster the soul group evolves as a collective. This is what many starseeds do for their soul groups.

But even during the collective ascension, not everyone has to ascend at the same time. Some souls opt-out and hold the quantum field for those ascending ones and will ascend at some later point. Whether you’ll ascend is something your soul had chosen already. However, there can always be some changes once we’re in the 3D depending on how we cooperate with the ascension plan.


Collective Ascension vs. Individual Ascension

Starseed Ascension

Previously, I wrote an article called are starseeds stuck on Earth? One of the purposes of the starseeds is to activate and hold the ascension portals. Thus it seems as if the starseeds are ascending themselves, but there is a considerable distinction. The starseeds have already ascended. They make this journey with others on Earth to show them how it’s done and fire up those ascension tunnels. But they are ascended. In most cases, they’ve stayed on the Earth for other reasons – out of the free will.

As a starseed, you “ascend” with the starseeds or with your specific star lineage of starseeds. As each of us contributes to the shared grid of light, the grid itself uplifts everyone. When it comes to the symbolic representation of the grid of light, it’s similar to a starship. The grid uplifts those who are less evolved and they’re able to reach higher than through an individual effort.

When you connect to your soul family and soul group creates a shared field between you and other members of your soul group. This shared field – a grid of light  – helps everyone to ascend. If you choose not to ascend, the grid of light will help you on your spiritual journey too.

When we create a stable and permanent field of resonance with others, it significantly helps the ascension. Luckily, this works even if you aren’t in contact with your soul family or do not know who they are.

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