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The 5 Deep Soul Wounds Every Lightworker Should Heal

Soul wounds occur when the soul doesn’t utilize its full potential. The accumulation of untapped potential eventually creates blockages between the spiritual and energy bodies. Consequently, this leads to deep wounding which the soul carries over lifetimes. Similarly, soul wounds also originate from not embodying the soul’s intentions for a given life.

Some intentions are more specific than others. An example of a soul intention is fully experiencing and embodying love. To do so, one might choose situations stretching their heart chakra through situations where it would be easy to shut down the heart. Since true mastery is rising to the challenge and bringing the spiritual light to where the darkness had resided.

On the other hand, a specific intention could be creating a family with a particular soulmate. If the soul doesn’t manage to experience the entirety of its intentions for a specific lifetime, it carries them into the next one. As you can imagine, at some point, we can accumulate many unexpressed intentions and untapped potential resulting in many soul wounds.


What Are Soul Wounds?

The soul wound is an unprocessed trauma that the soul carries for other lifetimes. Although we preplan key moments and lessons, we always have free will in how we respond to them. Through challenges, the soul’s energy refines and purifies. Yet, the creating soul wound is inevitable. Since the personality and the ego are often resisting the soul’s intentions. Thus the soul can’t move through lessons the way it had intended to, which leads to pain on the soul level.

The soul wounds determine the details of life like our parents or subconscious programming, which corresponds to the soul wound. A soul wound happens when we don’t live out the intention we had planned for life. Similarly, a soul wound also occurs when we step into the blueprint of what we want to experience, but the soul fragments due to some trauma. From a higher perspective, a soul wound happens when we let something pollute the heart chakra and spiritual bodies. Just like not wanting to deal with an issue in this life, deep unresolved emotions or patterns can eventually create a rupture in the soul. This, of course, depends on the intensity and the importance of the experience.


How to Heal Soul Wounds and Fragmentation

The soul wounds relate to soul fragmentation. As a soul healer, I see this time and time again. A soul can get fractured, and some of its light gets trapped at different times. On a miniature scale, we can see this in the form of childhood wounds. On a bigger scale, soul fragmentation also occurs in other lifetimes and dimensions. When I look at the soul psychically, I can see, “Oh, here is some part of the soul’s light captured in Atlantis, here another in ancient Egypt, here is a deep fragmentation in Lemuria.” As a result, the person feels they have enormous potential but can’t seem to know how to work with it. As if something held them back.

The process of healing the soul fragmentation is about returning to those times and realizing what needs to be shifted and healed. And essentially, bringing the light to the threads of energy that got interrupted at the moment of fragmentation. And then integrate that part of the soul’s energy into the monad.

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1. Failing God

The most subtle soul wound is a feeling you failed God or your mission. This soul wound is tricky because we aren’t usually aware of it. Still, it weighs down the soul. This soul wound may originate from some pivotal moment of history when certain decisions needed to be made. Or when one had to awaken specific gifts to shift the collective timeline, it happened too late.


As the emotional body gets heavy with low-frequency emotions, it becomes denser and starts “sinking” into the 3D. 


Feeling like you failed God doesn’t mean you did. No one can fail God because everything was seen at the moment of creation. But we can feel profound guilt and shame because we betrayed ourselves. If you feel this way, work on releasing those emotions and forgiving yourself.


2. Misuse of Power

One of the most common soul wounds is the fear you might misuse your power. In this case, we allow ourselves to grow only until a certain level. Since if we reached a higher level than in another life when we misused the power, we’re afraid we might potentially do the same. Thus to protect ourselves from the inappropriate use of power, we restrict our energy, power, strength, and spiritual gifts.


If we ignore our power, we will likely misuse it anyway. 

3. Fear of Being Seen

A most common soul wound of lightworkers is the fear of being seen. When we’re afraid to be seen, we hide. To hide, we unconsciously create distractions taking our attention away from the things the soul wants us to do. Distractions take many forms, from making an argument because you’re going through an important moment in your life but not feeling you deserve it. A distraction can also be saying yes to someone when you need to withdraw your energy from the external and go inward.


To see yourself means that you remember who you are. 

When you learn to nurture your inner genius, you’re ready to see yourself and be seen by others for who you are.  


So why are we afraid to be seen? Because we are terrified to see our true selves. We ebb and flow between reaching our potential and letting the ego personality rule our lives. We say we want to be one with the Light, yet our actions demonstrate something different.


Contemplate or journal on:
What is it that I’m not seeing in myself? 
What is it that I’m not claiming in myself


4. Not Trusting Others

The next soul wound of not trusting others runs deep. On the one hand, you love others and believe in their potential. On the other hand, you guard yourself against them, becoming like a hermit who doesn’t let many people near him. Combined with a fear of commitment and abandonment, some people can sabotage soulmate relationships because of this deep soul wound.


The soul wound of not trusting other people originate from being unable to trust ourselves.


We can’t trust ourselves and others because the higher heart chakra isn’t fully awakened. The heart chakra might have experienced one of the first three ignitions but hasn’t yet fully stabilized the flow of Source consciousness. You can learn more about the higher heart chakra and listen to a guided activation here.


5. A Fear of Outgrowing and Outshining Others

The last soul wound I want to mention is a fear that you’ll outgrow and outshine your tribe. As a soul healer, I can see this all the time. This soul wound is well hidden. Usually, we rarely become aware of this soul wound, lowering our frequency so we can fit in and relate to others. It’s often coupled with a fear of walking the spiritual path alone.


What if you let yourself grow too much, and no one would understand you anymore?


Deep within, we carry the memory of working together as a soul group aiding the group through our unique gifts and talents. However, as consciousness fell, we lost contact with our soul groups. Moreover, even if we met our soulmates, we might not have recognized them. Additionally, the previous soul wound of not trusting others made our hearts fearful, creating another layer of separation.

When you allow your spiritual light to shine, your capacity to hold the space for others will increase. You’ll open the doors for others, and thus more people will join you. That being said, everyone’s journey is individual and unique. We must walk it with courage and a deep intention to know ourselves.


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