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How to Awaken Your Goddess Self

There was a time when we were connected to the goddess self. A time when women were the embodiments of their divine feminine essence. This was a time of Lemuria and other ancient times when we still remembered her. Now the question is, what happened to the goddess? How and why did we disconnect from the goddess self? How can we awaken the goddess self?


Who Is the Goddess?

To remember the goddess self, we need first to recognize her essence. A lower Mother is represented by everything physical and visible in the universe. We exist within her body. She clothes our human form and all other forms. And there is the higher Mother represented as a divine force of understanding, co-creating with the divine energy of wisdom.

Our inner feminine energy is a mirror to the goddess. Not only that, but we used to honor her on this planet. As the cycles change, we shift from the religion and worship of God as a Father and a God as a Son to a God as a Mother. All these emanations are God. As we recreate our relationship with the goddess, we embrace our inner goddess self.


The Goddess Is Limitless

The goddess is limitless. She is infinitely spacious. She is the pure potentiality and the creatrix of forms. When we remember the goddess self, we begin to flirt and embody the limitless consciousness. I like to imagine the goddess dancing across the sky and laughing. Looking down at our lives, she doesn’t see limitations – just a pure potentiality to create something new. Regardless of our gender, the limitless consciousness is within us.


The essence of the goddess is limitless.


In the Lemurian epoch, we were connected to the goddess’ energy. Our essence radiated the goddess in everything we did. Ancient priestesses have stored the goddess’s wisdom and helped people create harmony in their feminine and masculine energy. The priestesses still remember our pre-fall self: the self before the Fall of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Since the Lemurian epoch fell through the feminine energy, we first experienced separation from the goddess. As the ages passed, we forgot the goddess self. And now, in our current times, we no longer remember her. The Yin and Yang lost balance and harmony, and it’s felt everywhere. From low self-worth, not following one’s purpose and heart out of fear of being judged to avoiding stillness and silence. All of this and more results from the disconnection from a goddess self.


Every person is still connected to the goddess. She is a part of us. 

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What Happened to the Goddess?

As the goddess started hiding, we stopped being in touch with her limitless energy. This was the journey of descending deeper into the matter and forgetfulness. To awaken the goddess self within and reconnect with her without, we need to rekindle our relationship with this divine force. As we continued forgetting our true selves, we disregarded the goddess. With the turning of each epoch, we remembered her less and less. But what would the goddess see if she showed up in our lives?


If you brought the limitless goddess into your life, what would she see?
What would a goddess tell you if you told her about the limitations, worries, and doubts? 


We must free ourselves from the illusion of limitation to awaken the goddess self. This illusion comes as doubt, fear, or not believing in ourselves. The goddess within us knows that this is not our true self. It’s a result of bringing the limitless energy of the goddess into the materialistic, dualistic reality of the third dimension. Our feelings about the 3D are valid, but they aren’t the ultimate truth of who we are.


All the ways women hide from their power make no sense to the goddess. Because she knows you’re limitless, just as she is.


I love guiding women through reclaiming their feminine power and goddess self. Nothing is more mesmerizing than people realizing who they are and giving space to their creative powers.

Awaken Your Goddess Self

Who is the goddess self within us? A goddess understands every aspect of her feminine essence. She has faced her inner demons and risen to a consciousness of pure creativity. It makes no sense to the goddess self to look to other people to determine her worth. The inner goddess self makes life alluring, mysterious, beautiful, and sacred.

If you tapped into your inner goddess self, what would she tell you to change in your life? Where is she guiding you to go? What is she asking you to create? Where did your inner goddess self go? What does she need from you to awaken?


How would your life change if you created your life from the goddess’s energy? 


Although the goddess went into hiding, she is still there. You’re connected to her and can awaken the goddess self within. We can consciously embark on a journey to the limitless level of consciousness. It’s just one choice away.

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