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Reveal the Secrets of the Ancient Priestesses of Atlantis

Who were the mysterious ancient priestesses and priests of our past? Why do some lightworkers feel a deep connection with the sacred sisterhood and brotherhood communions around the globe? What happens when your soul starts calling you to remember your ancient priestess’ or priests’ gifts?

Who Is an Ancient Priestess?

Throughout our history, groups of men and women were initiated into the universe’s ancient mysteries. The sacred knowledge has been kept within the walls of temple schools. And later on, some of it was hidden away in the etheric plane so that the wisdom may persist till our times.

First, the ancient priestesses and priests became initiates in the temple schools, always studying in a group of 12. It wasn’t only knowledge that was imparted upon their hearts and minds, but also a deep sense of integrity and responsibility. As those brave souls were the wisdom keepers on our planet. To move from an initiate status to ancient priestess and then for some to a high priestess level had taken years. Sometimes lifetimes, of daily devotion and practice.


During my work with lightworkers and starseeds, I’ve noticed that every lightworker is a part of one particular lineage dating back thousands of years, and it’s also linked with our star lineage.


Some lightworkers received training in shamanism, grid keeping, energy, or physical healing in their numerous lives. And some lightworkers have become priestesses and priests. The term “ancient priestess” has nothing to do with religion. It doesn’t even originate on our planet.

The White Brotherhood comes from the Melchizedeks, who are our universe’s teachers. The Sisterhood of the Rose comes down from the Isis and Hathor lineage of teaching, which stems down from the Creative Spirit of our universe. However, neither Isis nor Hathor were gods. Like many others, they were misinterpreted and put on pedestals to separate ourselves from them (hello, ego).

An ancient priestess (priest) is a being who has devoted themselves to remind people of their sovereignty and divinity. And by living as an example, they teach others how to live their highest purpose by sharing the sacred mysteries of our universe.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

What Does It Mean If You Were an Ancient Priestess or Priest?

From my experience, those who were initiated into priestesshood know it deep inside. Perhaps as you’re reading these words, your soul remembers. Maybe you’ve known it all along. Regardless of what had brought you here, something wants to unfold and rise in your life.

As you remember that you’re a part of your own priestess lineage, your life will inevitably change. Likely, you’ll feel an overwhelming tugging at your heart. It might feel like missing something so deep that you never even knew that this is what you had been yearning for your whole life.

When you remember that you were an ancient priestess or priest, you’ll start remembering the lives of preparations into the sacred knowledge. As this happens, you’ll have to heal very deep soul scars of persecution, misuse of power, silencing. And inevitably, the soul wounds of others stepping on the very essence of your soul and violating your boundaries and energy.

Healing for the Soul

For an ancient priestess, a lot of healing needs to take place. As every lightworker, you’ve been through the blissful states of oneness while in the physical body. But also, you’ve been through hell. As you begin to heal, it’ll feel safer to remember who you truly are. Eventually, you’ll feel whole, your soul rejuvenated, ready to lead and teach. As for an ancient priestess, teaching is your soul’s purpose.

Eventually, as you’ll put down the thick walls protecting you, you’ll welcome in support and allow yourself to be held. Moreover, you’ll realize that you don’t have to do this alone. And certainly, you don’t have to suffer. Not anymore.


A big part of being an ancient priestess and priest is allowing yourself to receive from others. And also receive from those who have walked beside you. Lifetime after lifetime.


Rejuvenating and healing your soul is one of my mystery school pillars for lightworkers, starseeds, and priestesses. I remember walking side by side with you for many lives, preparing you for this life. I remember the soul contracts between my I Am Presence and yours to help you embody your sovereignty. It also offers you a sacred space where you can go through similar teachings and training in a collapsed time to embody your life’s mission.

Many lightworkers can step into their soul’s power in this life should they choose it. And some will eventually walk not only the path of self-mastery, but they might even step onto the path of becoming an ascended master themselves. As you may know, the soul can evolve faster in our lifetime than ever. And that’s why it’s so essential for us to remember and heal.


The Ancient Priestess of Atlantis

The ancient priestesses of Atlantis were the keepers of Christ consciousness. They devoted their lives to be in service to others by helping them align with their own divinity. Among many functions the ancient priestesses have held, a couple of them are of the highest importance in our current Age of Light.

The ancient priestesses and priests of Atlantis were the masters of the ascension process, immortality, and crystalline technology – both physical and spiritual. As those very same souls are waking up now, they reactivate this knowledge within themselves. The purpose of remembering is to assist the planetary evolutionary jump we’re now co-creating.

The ancient priestess is the master in the ascension process. However, they first need to heal themselves so that their soul wounds don’t get in the way. As they heal, they’ll be tested in integrity on all levels. The sacred knowledge has many firewall systems making sure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Or at least not for too long. As anywhere else, there are also many differences in embodiment level.

Misuse of Knowledge and Power

As we’re all going through the process of remembrance, you might see a vast difference in the spectrum of knowledge, teaching, and embodiment among spiritual teachers. This may cause confusion. And therefore, it’s important to use your discernment, which upon sharpening, will effortlessly guide you through life.

Not to sugarcoat our history, like now, some people misused their power. Some did it unconsciously, being tricked and lurked into the fairy tale lands of power. Others misused their power consciously. Regardless of what the case might have been, this too can be healed, forgiven, and integrated. As my dear lightworkers would affirm, this is where powerful and complex healing takes place.

In Atlantis, some ancient priestesses walked the path of Christ consciousness. At the same time, other priests and priestesses started to diverge, exploring the dark side of power. This act reverberated into the whole society. However, as opposed to what some people might suggest, it didn’t start among the priesthood. The endless power battles don’t originate on our beautiful Earth. But this would be a huge and long topic.

Quite frankly, everything related to the ancient priestesses and priests I could teach for years. As you dive deeper, more and more layers open up in front of you. You’ll see the connection to the stars, our DNA, our soul’s origin. It’ll guide you right back to your true origin.

As I mentioned, I’ve been guiding lightworkers for many, many lives. And for those of you who feel the call to dive deeper, I’ve created a modern temple school of remembrance where you can walk through 4 pillars. The Lightworker Healing, Starseed Healing, Priestess Healing, and Spiritual Leadership.

The school’s premise is to guide you back into your own magic, your gifts, and your sovereignty. Regardless of where you’re on your journey of remembrance, it’ll deepen and speed up your soul’s evolution.

Explore the PRIESTESS HEALING to help you step into your feminine power.


Learn more about the ancient priestess of Atlantis in my video.


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