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How to expand your energy field

How to Expand Your Energy Field And Why You Should Do It

Why should you expand your energy field? Doesn’t it go against the logic of protecting one’s energy? And what would happen if you expanded your energy field without ever contracting it?


What Is An Energy Field?

The energy field is a collection of the five bodies: the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Moreover, the energy field is impacted by the energy and light emitting from the chakras. It runs through the physical body, sustaining the cells, and stretches outside of the body. The energy field’s size, color, and frequency vary depending on the energy blocks. Some people can expand their energy field a couple of feet wide. When the energy field is expanded, others can feel it. Other people and objects are literally in someone else’s aura. Exposure to someone’s light and purified aura can enhance your connection with your soul.


An individual with an expanded energy field can transmute the energy of others and impact their moods.


When there is no stuck energy, the aura is vibrant. The higher the consciousness, the more translucent it becomes. The energy field expands as we heal energy blocks resulting from this or other lives. As we heal and embody the energy of the five bodies mentioned earlier, the energy field expands.


Why Should You Care to Expand Your Energy Field?

As you expand your energy field, you heal much faster. There is more spaciousness within the aura and the physical body. One feels deeply connected to the consciousness of Gaia while simultaneously accessing your multidimensional essence. Things that used to take a long time to shift or manifest happen quicker.

As you expand your energy field, you begin to embody your soul. You have the capacity to act as your highest self because you have the foundation. It feels like you can deal with challenges without them taking you out of your center. Things no longer trigger you. And you become creative because now you have the space to do so.

Expanding the energy field and working on the soul level is often missing. Some people continue focusing on mind-level healing and never growing beyond it, which leads them ironically to get stuck in the same patterns. On the other hand, soul healing, for which energy expansion is necessary, shifts your consciousness for good. It feels like becoming a new person in a short time. As the new person, you no longer act and think the old way.

Expanding the energy field is the stepping stone to accessing your higher dimensional energy. It allows you to tap into your soul gifts and memories from other lives. It enhances one’s evolution. Like a tree, it must be rooted and stretch towards the sky. Otherwise, it’s just a root, not a tree. But one can’t happen without the other.

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How to Expand Your Energy?

There are two key elements to expanding your energy field. The first is to remove blocks and stagnant energy. The second is to develop the energy through soul work. Although it’s possible to feel the aura increasing without these two elements occasionally, it doesn’t stay that way. Without removing the energy blocks and doing soul work, the aura expands only because of external stimuli, like falling in love. But once we are accustomed to that stimulus, the aura contracts to its default state. On the other hand, when we do the two steps, we’ll gradually learn to keep the energy field extended without any outside impulse.

Therefore, first, we must do inner child and mind work. Consequently, the energy no longer contracts since the emotional and mental body becomes balanced. It’s like removing heavy stones from a stream so the water can run. Think about bringing more light to your energy field and each of your bodies. As you fill them up with light, your bodies become spacious. This allows your energy to stay expanded.

Once we reach a certain level of the inner child and mental healing, it’s time to connect with the soul and higher self. Gradually merging with the soul opens up our field even further. The energy field remains expanded when we become the soul embodied in and out.

Is It Safe?

Now, the logical question would be whether it’s safe to keep your energy expanded. Everyone talks about cutting the cords and protecting yourself in a bubble, so expanding the energy may feel risky. The short answer is that it’s safe. Actually, this is the ultimate energy protection. But I wouldn’t recommend it if you didn’t first stabilize your energy through working with the emotional and mental bodies. Also, one should do it without any fear.

No unwanted energy can get attached when your aura is filled with your soul’s light and energy. Taking in energy from others happens when the aura has holes and when your essence is contracted. When people use techniques like cord cutting, it works only for a while. Most people do it with fear, without standing in the authority of their soul.

But if your energy is stable and you’ve been accessing and working with your soul’s energy, then yes, keeping the energy field expanded is safe. And it’s the ultimate protection.


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