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how to develop a true self-love

Radiate True Self-Love: 6 Tips to Transform Your Life

True self-love is the key to loving other people and feeling genuine compassion. Sometimes, people want to skip this step and show up for others at their own expense. But this is short-sighted and often rooted in fear and ego. In the consciousness of oneness, if you love yourself, you can genuinely love others. You can’t remove yourself from oneness. It all starts with you. If you develop true self-love, your life will thrive because you let yourself embrace what naturally rises in your soul and build your life around it. So, let’s see what the keys to true self-love are!


The Prerequisites to a True Self-Love

True self-love is necessary to create a life of your dreams. You can grow through challenges when you know your worth and have your back no matter what. Developing true self-love helps you activate your highest potential and support yourself in achieving it. Each time you move to the next level, your self-love and self-leadership need to deepen to become your new default state.

Although how you feel about yourself is essential, true self-love is about what actions you take in your life because you believe in yourself.


True self-love is about what you do for yourself from a place of believing in yourself.

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To develop true self-love, you need discipline and consistency. Yes, I know that these aren’t quick fixes and perhaps not the most popular words in the world. But without discipline and consistency, you keep wishing your life took off. Wishing is excellent, but it’s like an undefined body of water that spills if a clear vision and containers do not hold it.

When you love yourself, you need to actually show up in this reality at the 3D level and do those things for yourself that you know are important. No one can do this on your behalf because no one can hear the song in your heart. Your divine seed within the heart needs to be watered by you. Otherwise, it remains just a potential – an unmanifest idea.

True self-love is about commitment, discipline, and consistency. It’s about committing to yourself, your dreams, and the right people. It’s about going deep and staying through all the challenges when something matters to you.


Not committing to something your heart desires isn’t freedom. It’s a prison made of fear. 


Where are you not committed just because you’re afraid to fail or get hurt? What would a person with your dreams who truly loves themselves be committed to? Imagine how your life could change if you consistently act on your dreams. Can you feel the possibilities opening? If it feels energetically more expansive than not committing yourself to follow through on your dreams, then that’s your answer.

6 Keys to a True Self-Love

These tips aren’t a quick fix, but they’re what a person who loves themselves does. When you cultivate those qualities, you notice your life change. Alongside what I share, it’s also a good idea to do inner child healing work if you’ve never done it before.


1. Parent Yourself

The first key to true self-love is to learn to parent yourself. You want to become a mother and a father to yourself and your inner child. This activates your unconditional parental energy and helps you make the right life choices. You can imagine yourself being your own child – what do you want for someone you genuinely love?


How would you take care of yourself if you loved yourself unconditionally? 


If you have never parented yourself, start from the basics. The fundamentals are creating a regular routine, bedtime, eating nutritious meals, caring for your home, or nurturing hobbies. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move on to meeting your emotional, spiritual, and mental needs.

If you want more guidance on parenting, you can learn how to do this in my Feminine Power program. And if you’re a man, you can check out my Sacred Union course.


2. Challenge Yourself

The second key to developing a true self-love is to challenge yourself. When you keep pushing through your limits, you realize you’re much more capable than you had thought. Those challenges shouldn’t put you in desperation and make you feel entirely out of reach but should feel like a good and doable stretch.


When you challenge yourself through a new hobby, you remind yourself how capable you are. 


The comfort zone is great and necessary, but you won’t feel great about yourself if you keep hiding there forever. Your soul wants to keep expanding and having new experiences; the ego wants to stay put. True self-love is about finding a balance between the two while always following the soul.


3. Create Your Systems

The following key to true self-love is to set up systems for success. Systems are in place, so it’s easier to follow through. Like brushing your teeth, you do it twice a day without thinking about it. You have a system for it in place.

If you don’t have a system, you may procrastinate, or the task can feel overwhelming. So think of your goals and dreams and brainstorm what systems you need to introduce so achieving them feels easy. Often, people postpone acting on what they know would help them – but life is precious and short; why wait to create systems and support to help you achieve your goals?


4. Show up for Yourself and Don’t Wait for Inspiration

The key to true self-love is showing up for yourself no matter what. You are your greatest asset; if you don’t show up for yourself, how can you show up for anything else?

The secret to juicy, flowing inspiration is to show up first. In my work, I’ve helped several people write their books. Initially, they wanted a clear outline and everything ready before writing down the first word. But you know what? This is the ego that likes to control how something unfolds. But inspiration is the divine Muse. She comes when you’re ready and avoids places that aren’t committed. You need to sit down, open your MS Word, and start typing, then the Muse arrives.

The same applies to everything in your life. You’ll get the ideas and resources, and people will help you, but you must show up first. You need to lead the way. Otherwise, you keep thinking about it, and unfortunately, that doesn’t count much in 3D.


5. Become Your Dream Self

This is my favorite tip on developing true self-love – become the person of your dreams. Our dream self is naturally committed and loves themselves.


When you shift your identity and take action as your dream self, you collapse timelines, and your life can change completely over a relatively short period.


You keep growing into that ideal version of yourself daily as you consistently show up. When you have the systems in place and parent yourself through any obstacles, nothing can stop you from creating your desired life.

Your dream self should come from within you. Your soul naturally guides you to become that version of you. External inspiration is a great secondary tool once you know what you want. Take time to get clear on what your dream self does and their habits, actions, thoughts, and systems.

I teach about this process in my masterclass, Become Your Highest Self if you want to learn the specific steps.


6. Inner Work

Likely, you’ve been on an inner work journey for some time. The inner work changes; as you go, it becomes more about refinement than lifting heavy stones, but it’s always there. A true self-love blossoms through inner healing work. Each type you see through an ego illusion, you’re more aligned with your soul, and self-love feels easier.

When cultivating true self-love, look at your sense of worth and whether you have abandonment or rejection wounds. You can recognize them by feeling unworthy of pursuing those dreams and feeling almost impossible for someone like you. But guess what? If you have dreams rising from your heart, you’re meant to become the version of you who can embody them.


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