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spiritual self-leadership

How to Master the 9 Keys to Spiritual Self-Leadership

Why is the role of self-leadership crucial on a spiritual path? Through your spiritual development, you change your life and become a wayshower for others. There is no better way to help and inspire others than through your embodiment. Gradually embodying your true essence takes you on a journey of spiritual self-leadership. In the moments when no one is watching or things don’t go as you hoped, it shows what you’ve mastered. Spiritual self-leadership is a journey of refinement, facing our deepest wounds around being seen and using the voice and daily tweaks. If the path of spiritual self-leadership calls to your soul, these are the nine integral components to master.

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What Is Spiritual Self-Leadership?

Spiritual self-leadership is a gateway to inner mastery, the highest level of consciousness on Earth. Thus, you can consider it a prerequisite to your highest path, which accumulates and goes beyond your “highest” incarnations.

Regardless of whether you think of yourself as a leader, you always lead yourself. Be it through intentionality and commitment or indecision and scattered energy. You lead the total of your being toward your highest purpose elegantly or with detours. 

Therefore, the real question isn’t whether you can lead yourself but how to refine the quality of your self-leadership. 

The essential foundation of self-leadership is integrity. Self-leadership deepens when you act and speak with integrity with your values, priorities, and who you are. You actively step into your potential and purpose while knowing that challenges will come. Instead of hoping some magical force saves you, your inner prayer is to become strong and wise enough to navigate any life situation. 

Self-leadership is the ability to lead yourself through difficult situations toward what your soul desires to experience in this lifetime. It’s about building resistance and endurance, especially in a world that seeks instant gratification without offering any real value. As a spiritual leader, you’re here for the long term, knowing everything adds to your merit and refines who you are.

9 Keys to Spiritual Self-Leadership to Master

We move through various stages of the spiritual journey. Initially, you may be more interested in manifestation and healing childhood or relational wounds. Then you start accessing your soul’s energy consciously, and it leads you to heal your past life’s soul wounds. Some then feel attracted to working with their multidimensional essence, called starseeds. By then, you have a pretty good idea of who you truly are and feel drawn to leadership and mastery. Like in the previous stages, the topic becomes irresistible and attractive when you’re ready. That’s your sign that it’s time to dive into spiritual self-leadership.

1. Accessing Your Power

On a journey of spiritual self-leadership, accessing your power is a huge one. As you deepen your self-leadership, you learn to stay in your power amidst challenging situations. This allows you to see the best next choice and navigate a situation without adding unnecessary complications. Staying in your power enables you to help others move through a challenging time without sacrificing yourself. Think of a calm, centered, peaceful leader.

Explore these areas to access your power:

  • In what situations do you give your power away?
  • Do you feel like a victim in some situations? Think in terms of being a victim of your thinking, emotions, and situations where you source power through others. Naturally, I’m not talking about real victims here.
  • What in you does allow those types of situations to exist in your reality?
  • How can you step into your power in those situations?


What potential are you avoiding stepping into by neglecting your soul’s power?

You can approach every situation as an opportunity to practice staying in your power. Once you’ve fully accessed your power, it’s about refinement and tiny tweaks.


2. Cultivate Your Energetic Foundation

The second key to spiritual self-leadership is cultivating solid foundations. Your foundation is anything from your emotional container, behavioral and thought patterns, home, health, work, and relationships to your spiritual growth.

As you deepen your spiritual journey, the energy of your Spirit you can hold in your chakras and your system gradually increases. As it increases, you have a much more significant impact on the people in your life. You also manifest faster, and you can manifest things for others, too. When the foundation amplifies, all energy within you and your life amplifies. 


Anything that is your foundation amplifies as you go to the next level of self-leadership. 


So if there is a fear and you go to the next level and your foundation increases, you will have more fears. If your foundation is healthy and strong, you and the people around you receive a beautiful overflow of healthy energy. So ask yourself: What would grow if you changed nothing and your life got amplified? If you notice something that feels weak or different from what you want, focus on strengthening that aspect of your life.


3. Heal the Self-Worth Wound

The third key to spiritual self-leadership is to heal any wounding around how you perceive your value. Our self-worth determines what we let ourselves experience and how we enjoy moments of success, love, and happiness. You’ve likely tried to fit in at some point. But you can’t feel your true value without seeing and appreciating your uniqueness.

As you deepen your spiritual self-leadership, your quiet embodied influence on other people grows. Therefore, you must address any places where you subconsciously try to deprive others of your gifts and uniqueness. Because doing that deprives others of the transformation and inspiration they could receive by tapping into your presence. Playing small serves no one, and least of all, it doesn’t serve you.

Therefore, heal your self-worth so you can continue blooming into your highest potential.


4. Build Your Empire

The following key to spiritual self-leadership is to build your empire. Your kingdom-queendom is your life, purpose, and people. As you lead yourself, you intentionally channel your Spirit’s energy, gifts, and focus to your desired life. You nurture your manifestations through all stages while strengthening your foundation and expanding.

In my Spiritual Leadership program, one of the mottoes is: Let it be easy. Let it be magic. Let it be the masterpiece of a lifetime. Through your self-leadership, you’re intentionally creating your masterpiece. This is all experiences, meaningful relationships, living out your purpose, and then allowing it to serve others.

Remember that your life is your empire. Make it a good one.


5. Learn to Coach Yourself

The next tip for deepening your spiritual self-leadership is to learn to coach yourself. Shedding limiting beliefs and working through your emotions is a daily job. While having a coach or guide is beneficial and recommended, many things will come up every day. A leader addresses those as they come, facing them directly, learning from them, integrating them, and moving on.

Depending on where you are, the best is to work with a guide who helps you to expand, see the bigger picture, and help you with your embodiment. This, of course, only applies if you’ve already done enough inner work. Skipping stages doesn’t work; it just prolongs the journey.

Initially, you need more one-on-one access to a coach or healer. Ideally, you become more centered and gradually rewrite subconscious programming from childhood. And you learn to do inner work for yourself. You learn to hold space for your emotions. You learn to notice and rewrite limiting beliefs. And then, a guide can take you much further because you’ve got the foundation, and you can focus on unlocking your true potential.


6. Everything Is a Mirror

On a journey of spiritual self-leadership, avoid drama. As a leader, you know that everything can be a mirror through which you see yourself more thoroughly. Therefore, it’s pointless to leak your energy by creating heightened emotional situations or participating in one. A true leader is an observer, tapping into their inner guidance and knowing when to act. Self-leadership teaches you how to preserve your energy and remain grounded and centered.

Learn to hold a neutral space within yourself.


7. Heal Your Relationship with God

The following key to spiritual self-leadership is to heal your relationship with God. Most people believe that they believe in God. But is it true? If you really believed in God, could you let fear control your choices? Would you still hide and follow the ego’s guidance? You demonstrate your belief through your actions. Where is God; there is no fear. No overcomplicating situations.


What is your relationship with God outside of religion, outside of any conditioning?
Do you feel a free-flowing energy between you and God?
If not, what is blocking it? 


Be honest whether you unconsciously put something on a pedestal before God. Like a particular relationship or money, for instance. Next, let your relationship with God be simple, like when you were a child. Learn to trust and surrender, and then act through your inspiration. Synchronicity, inner clarity, and peace are some of the signs of our increased faith in God.


8. Build a Circle of Good

The next key to spiritual self-leadership is to create a circle of good. Think about the people in your life like an ecosystem. You are here to contribute to people, and some contribute to you. If you live in your highest power, you allow others to be in their true gifts. On a path of self-leadership, you magnetize the right people to you, and you also help them go further on their journey. There is a mutual follow of equal energy. 


You are a part of an ecosystem and then the universal ecosystem. We are interdependent. So, heal anything that prevents you from forming key relationships, like the abandonment wound. 


9. Self-Initiate

The last key to spiritual self-leadership is the art of initiating yourself to the next level. Life is a gentle balance between strengthening the foundation and expansion. As beings with unlimited potential for the evolution of consciousness, we always grow.


True leader masters the art of initiating themselves to the next levels of expansion and knows how to integrate them so they become the new foundation effectively. 


It’s the art of recognizing the moment and riding the momentum to the next level. I teach all about this in my program, The Portal. You keep growing into your limitless potential as you step through your personal portals.


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