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How to Seal Your Energy Leaks with Inner Masculine

Energy leaks are holes in the auric field through which the energy runs off without being replenished. Essentially, we spend more energy than we receive. The more energy leaks, the more exhausted and uninspired we feel. Therefore, managing our energy and sealing those holes is an important skill to hone.

This article was inspired by a post I shared on my Instagram account last week.

Four Types of Energy Leaks

The four basic types of energy leaks are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When you work on sealing your aura, it’s good to first become clear on how you might be overspending your energy. The good news is that you’ll intuitively know when you ask yourself what the leaks in your life are.

Take a moment to close your eyes and reconnect with your body. And then ask yourself; What are the energy leaks in my life? Pay attention to what comes up. This isn’t an analytical exercise. Simply listen to the energy that’s coming to your awareness.

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1. Physical Energy Holes

The first type of energy leak takes place on the physical level. What kind of environment do you live in? Does it feel aligned with your soul? Is your home uplifting and clean? Or could some parts of your home be cleaned up and organized?

Everyone has experienced a burst of fresh new energy after donating old things and tidying up the home. Since the physical objects absorb our emotional energy, we move this energy out of ourselves if we donate them or throw them out. On the other hand, if we store old things that we associate with not-so-pleasant memories, their energy impacts our emotional bodies. Similarly, our is impacted by a messy home, especially the rooms we mostly spend our time in.

When you look around your home, how does your energy feel? Do you feel being restricted by the clutter, or can your energy freely expand? Do you have some unfinished home projects like a half-decorated living room? If you have flowers, do you take care of them? Hoarding things that serve no purpose depletes our energy too. Everything that is not being energetically circulated (also by taking care of our home) is funded by our energy.

2. Leaking Mental Life Force

This is the most common type of energy leaks. We waste a lot of energy through our mental activity. Some examples of mental leaks are worrying, distractions, overanalyzing, being stuck in old beliefs, or lacking clarity. Likely, there is no reciprocal energy coming back to you when you worry. It’s like the black hole through which your energy disappears or creates a parallel universe of even stronger worry. I explain how having too many doors (possibilities) open impacts us in this video.

Our mental energy can also be depleted by unfinished projects at work, having unanswered emails, or not having a clear vision about where we’re going.

Ask yourself, what are the unfinished things in your life?
What decisions have you been postponing?
Where is your mental energy leaking?
What is pending?
What is unclear?
Which thoughts do preoccupy your mind?
Are those thoughts serving you?

3. Emotional Leakage

Emotional energy leaks can come from unresolved past trauma and wounds. They also come from unresolved relationships. Do you have any relationships which didn’t reach natural closure? When we don’t have closure on relationships, or we can’t accept that the other person wanted something different than we did, it might also consume our energy. Since we lack clarity about the relationship, the energy of the relationship is still active in our field. However, there is no reciprocal energy coming back to us. If thinking about some person is more one-sided, it costs you energy without getting some energy in return.

Another example is unprocessed emotions. Even if we suppress some emotions on a subconscious level, they still impact us. As we go through the spiritual awakening, the magnitude of old emotions can surprise us. The truth is that those emotions have been there all along, but we didn’t want to feel them. When we suppress some emotions, it creates energy leaks.

Where is your emotional energy leaking?
Which of your relationships are unclear?
In which of your relationships the energy doesn’t flow equally?
What unresolved emotions do you carry with you?

4. Leaking Spiritual Energy

The last type of energy leaks is spiritual. Spiritual energy leaks can fragment the soul and consciousness. One example is soul fragmenting, where some of the soul’s energy disconnects and stays trapped in a certain timeline or past event. Another example is being attached to some spiritual illusions. Or when we worship “higher” beings from a non-sovereign state of being. Spiritual energy leaks can also look like disconnecting from your essence or your heart chakra.

We can identify those energy leaks by identifying where we lack clarity or we fall into indecision or waiting. When you think about the source of your energy leak, the energy around it is always undefined, unclear, and shadowy. To seal the energy leaks, we have to use decision and clarity. When we use our inner masculine energy, we can heal those leaks by creating clear boundaries on some level. I talk about how to seal the energy leaks more in-depth in the video below.

How to Seal the Energy Leaks with Inner Masculine Energy

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