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Sacred Union

The Sacred Union includes five 2-hour pre-recorded classes. 


The Sacred Union is a 5-week program to heal the love wounds and learn the workings of the feminine and masculine energy in relationships to unlock the secrets of the inner and outer Sacred Union. 


The Sacred Union includes:

12 hours of content in total

5  Guidebooks for integration of every class

2-Hour Higher Heart Chakra Masterclass


Since many of my male clients requested an alternative to my programs for women, I created the Sacred Union as a place for men to understand their inner masculine and feminine wounds and how to balance them and understand the secrets of the ancient wisdom of Hieros Gamos.

Women are also welcome to join the Sacred Union, although you may find a better fit in my programs for women, the Feminine Power or the Feminine Secret Arts Bundle.


Sacred Union is for anyone who wants to dive deep into the feminine and masculine dynamics in relationships and how to create harmonious soulmate relationships. 

We start Sacred Union with 2 powerful classes: the mind (masculine) and emotional (feminine) wounds in relationships, the root cause of karmic relationships, and co-dependency.

You’ll learn how to stand in your sovereignty in romantic relationships and how to create equal, balanced relationships based on respect, love, and supporting each other in living your purpose.  

Then, we move on to the feminine and masculine workings in relationships, and you’ll learn how to create Sacred Union both internally and externally. 

We’ll combine ancient teachings with embodied spirituality to make it practical for our romantic relationships. 

Every class takes 2 hours and includes activations, energy exercises, and powerful teachings. You’ll also receive guidebooks to integrate the shifts we’ve created on live calls and have access to replays.


Week 1: Healing Karmic Relationships: Mind Wounds

Mind wounds are a sign of unbalanced masculine energy and a wrong perception of romantic partners. 

Karmic relationships can be obsessive, intensive, passionate, and also annoying. So, why is it that we get obsessed with finding the “one” while staying in toxic relationships?

We’ll also talk about the unconscious attachment to emotional dramas, suffering, and being addicted to feeling high, just like in the initial phase of any relationship. 

Be ready for a proper crushing of illusions, lovingly of course, and learn how to get off the Karma Wheel of relationships. 

Why is the soul entrapped in karmic relationships and how to transmute it?

I use the term Karmic relationships broadly here. We’ll talk about karmic relationships and also about any relationships that aren’t based on spiritual partnership.


Week 2: Healing Co-Dependency: Emotional Wounds

Emotional wounds are an expression of unbalanced feminine energy. 

We’ll discuss the wounds of unworthiness, feeling less than others, abandonment, and lack of trust, resulting in control, jealousy, and manipulation.

Why unconsciously re-traumatize ourselves, and how do we know whether it’s happening to us? 

You’ll learn how to heal co-dependency so you can create a foundation for equal relationships. 


Week 3: Dance of Polarities: Individuality

You’ll learn how to create or re-kindle attraction in your relationship. Don’t worry. The spark is never lost, and it’s a myth that it can’t last. 

We’ll talk about how the feminine and masculine polarities work in a relationship. How you can recreate balance within your relationship and rekindle the spark regardless of how long you’ve been together (it’s not about the years; it’s about the energy). 

BONUS: How to trust your authority and your partner’s authority to create a stable flow of energy in relationships so your partner sees you like the queen/king you are and you feel that way about yourself. A life-changing tool. 


Week 4: Inner Sacred Union: Togetherness 

You’ll learn about the deep alchemical process of Sacred Union of bringing your inner feminine and masculine into a union.  

You’ll learn how to build a conscious relationship with the inner feminine and masculine energy. And you’ll learn a way to nurture them through the rest of your life. 


Week 5: Outer Sacred Union: Oneness

Sacred Union in relationships is about bringing forth the merge of the Higher Selves of the individuals. 

We’ll talk about how is Sacred Union in a relationship achieved and maintained on a practical and spiritual level. You’ll learn more about this mystical alchemical process and how to birth the third energy – the holy child as a way of rebirth and final release of the Karma. 

You’ll learn how the King (Divine Masculine) and Queen (Divine Feminine) create a relationship that amplifies their individual purposes and serves a higher good beyond their individualities.