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Sacred Union program

Sacred Union

Learn how to create equal and harmonious relationships
from a place of sovereignty.

5-Week Group Program held on ZOOM.

Sacred Union, also known as Hieros Gamos, is a sacred merge of the feminine and masculine energy. 

Sacred Union is first experienced internally, uniting our inner feminine and masculine polarities. 

And later, it’s achieved in a relationship through a union with your Beloved. 

We’ll blend both the alchemical mysteries of the ancients with embodied spirituality to create harmonious relationships. 

I can’t wait to share this series of live classes with you!

– Sylvia Salow –

What is Sacred Union?


Reaching the Sacred Union has been an aim of ancient mystery schools. It's believed that when we find an inner union, we can experience it externally, in a romantic relationship.

As we achieve the inner and outer Sacred Union, we unite the inner opposites, move beyond the duality, and give space to new third energy - the holy child, which represents the release from the Karmic Wheel.

Sacred Union is both a tool for personal and karmic transcendence as well as tapping into oneness with another while in 3D.

You may know me for making spiritual things practical. And so, I'd love to share with you these powerful, ancient teachings and show you have they relate to our modern relationships.

You'll learn a roadmap to creating harmonious relationships. And we'll burst many love and ego illusions that we hold about relationships.

The warrior goddess is actually the Shekinah Glory of God. The wife of our heavenly father. She is also known as the Holy Spirit. Aka the bride of Christ. She is the one who holds all things together.just like a mother to her family. She is responsible for the healing in the womb of our hearts( psychological). as we participate with those ends and she becomes our mother as we ask her into our hearts to join with us as our human spirit is join with the holy spirit to become a new creation within the womb of our hearts.

Karma, Ego, and Sacred Love

The ego - separated self - keeps us stuck in karmic loops searching for the ONE for lifetimes. The ego tries to achieve the Holy Union while driving us in the opposite direction.

It creates a set of powerful illusions, including the ideas of how most people believe the twin flame - finding your other half - relationship works.

Like chasing a carrot on the end of the stick, the relationships feel challenging to figure out, yet the heart is yearning for the union, which creates conflicting inner landscape.

I'll show you the whole karmic cycle relating to relationships and explain why and how to alchemize the energy to let the relationship serve the purpose of the Higher Self. 

This will be one of the most liberating healing works you've done. It doesn't matter whether you're in a relationship, happily or less happily single; the teachings of the Sacred Union apply to everyone. 


The Sacred Union Live Program is for people in relationships and single people of any gender.

You'll learn the workings of the inner feminine and masculine energies in the context of romantic relationships.

Therefore, it's for people who wish to understand how the Divine Feminine and Masculine work in harmony.

The class is also for people who wish to learn more about the spiritual process of achieving Sacred Union.

I can also highly recommend this class for people caught up in the twin flame rollercoaster as I can guarantee this will be a real eye-opener. 

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Learn the secrets of spiritual relationships.


Week 1: Healing Karmic Relationships: Mind Wounds

Karmic relationships can be obsessive, intensive, passionate, and also annoying. So, why is it that we get obsessed with finding the “one” while staying in harmful relationships?

We’ll talk about the unconscious attachment to emotional dramas, suffering, and being addicted to feeling high, just like in the initial phase of any relationship. 

Be ready for a proper crushing of illusions, lovingly of course, and learn how to get off the Karma Wheel of relationships. 

I use the term Karmic relationships broadly here. We’ll talk about any relationships that aren’t based on spiritual partnership.

Week 2: Healing Co-Dependency: Emotional Wounds

Emotional co-dependency is the next block next to the mental attachments from achieving a Sacred Union. 

We’ll discuss the wounds of unworthiness, feeling less than, abandonment, lack of trust resulting in control, jealousy, and manipulation.

Why unconsciously re-traumatize ourselves and how to know whether it’s happening to you. 

You’ll learn how to heal co-dependency so you can create a foundation for equal relationships. 

Week 3: Dance of Polarities: Individuality

We’ll talk about how the feminine and masculine polarities work in a relationship. How you can recreate balance within your relationship and rekindle the spark regardless of how long you’ve been together (it’s not about the years, it’s about the energy). 

BONUS: How to trust your authority and your partner’s authority to create a stable flow of energy in relationships. 

Week 4: Inner Sacred Union: Togetherness 

You’ll learn about the deep alchemical process of Sacred Union. The Sacred Union first needs to be achieved on the inside. Therefore, we’ll talk about building a conscious relationship with the inner feminine and masculine energy. 

You’ll learn how to work with feminine and masculine archetypes to bring in the inner Sacred Union, which will impact much more than your relationships. 

Week 5: Outer Sacred Union: Oneness

Sacred Union in relationships is about bringing forth the merge of the Higher Selves of the individuals. 

We’ll talk about how is Sacred Union in a relationship achieved and maintained on a practical and spiritual level. You’ll learn more about this mystical alchemical process and how to birth the third energy – the holy child as a way of rebirth and final release of the Karma. 

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About Sylvia

SYLVIA SALOW is a spiritual coach, speaker, and author. She helps people to step into their highest potential and inner power by guiding them on how to embody their souls.

Salow gained 3 master’s degrees in business that led her to China in 2012, where she began writing and transitioned into coaching and speaking. In 2017, she gave a TEDx Talk in Kuala Lumpur on finding your life purpose. 

Since then, Sylvia Salow has coached people around the globe, taught 50+ workshops internationally, and has published 2 books. Find Yourself – Go the Distance to Discover Your Meaning is her spiritual memoir. And Become the CEO of Your Mind is a guide to the subconscious mind and changing limiting beliefs.

In her work, she uses soul and energy healing while she works on aligning body, mind, heart, and soul to help people feel empowered, align with their purpose, and release limiting beliefs holding them back. 

Salow also helps people to heal their soul’s wounds and remember who they are. In March 2019, she created a unique healing modality, the Lightworker Healing, for lightworkers to help them embrace their mission and potential.



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