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The Feminine Secret Arts Bundle


The Feminine Secret Arts Bundle contains a series of 3 workshops on becoming the Queen of Earth, activating your savage, powerful feminine energy, and keeping yourself and your skin radiant and youthful using high spiritual knowledge.


What You Receive

The Heart of Venus workshop.

The Art of Feminine Radiance workshop.

The Dark Savage Feminine workshop.


Who is this for?

These are secret teachings known to the women and priestesses of ancient times. Therefore, the series of workshops is for any woman who wants to remember and master her feminine arts so she feels liberated and powerful enough to create the life she desires.


What’s Included?

3 Workshops
Each workshop: 2 – 2.5 hours.



The Heart of Venus is a result of my work of revisiting hundreds of past lives of priestesses, noticing the parallels, and learning that way about the long-forgotten Venusian ascension pathway. Although I’ve known about the Heart of Venus mysteries through my work for many years, it was only at the beginning of 2023 that I received the final download to help women see a practical ascension pathway, transforming themselves and their relationships. Emerging as the Queen of Earth.

The Art of Feminine Radiance is about how to rejuvenate yourself, your energy, and your body and keep youthful energy, as well as using the beauty and the Venusian and Hathorian mysteries to preserve your radiance and energy regardless of age. This is something that was always clear to me how to do it. More than a decade ago, one gifted man told me that one day I’ll teach people how to age gracefully; this is the first pearl of my teachings. You’ll learn practical, energetic exercises to rejuvenate your body and deeply understand the concepts of self-rejuvenation, radiance, and beauty. You’ll learn the art of preserving your radiance.

The Dark Savage Feminine is one of the hidden keys to feminine power. It has nothing to do with anything you may have heard before about dark feminine – one of the most misunderstood concepts. It came to me as one powerful download in a taxi on my way from the Mexico City airport to the Teotihuacan village, where I underwent a massive unplanned initiation the next day. I kept writing like a crazy person without a break for the entirety of the ride (about 70-80 minutes), and what came through changed my life completely. This was what I had been waiting for without knowing it and what other women need to hear because I know that if you get this, you’ll tap into the raw feminine power unmatched by anything before.

Each of those workshops is one of the pearls on the feminine ascension journey. You’ll learn its secrets and how to move through the trappings on the way. If these workshops do a one-millionth of what they did to me, then I know your life will change. You’ll feel differently about yourself.

You’ll finally arrive at your true power as a priestess-goddess-queen. 


Who Is the Feminine Secret Arts Bundle For?

  • If you did the Feminine Power program or joined my Priestess Healing, you’ll find the Feminine Secret Arts a beautiful continuation and the next level of teachings.
  • If you didn’t do the above programs, you’re also welcome to join us to dive into deep feminine mysteries. What you learn inside the Feminine Secret Arts Bundle is unlike anything you’ve heard before, and I genuinely believe every woman should know these secrets. To me, they were transformational.


The Feminine Secret Arts Bundle is for a woman whose heart desires to remember ancient feminine mysteries and use that knowledge to create a life she dreams about.

In the Feminine Secret Arts Bundle, you’ll remember lost ancient feminine mysteries, and Sylvia will guide you through carefully crafted energetic exercises to help you embody each of the teachings.