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The Heart of Venus


The Heart of Venus workshop is a woman’s rite of passage to becoming the Queen of Earth. 


You’ll Learn:

An Archetypal Rebirth of Venus on Earth to help you step into your feminine power.

How do you heal the unspoken pain when men (or your man) don’t see you as the goddess? Why does it happen, and how can it be changed?

How to keep yourself forever youthful regardless of age: The Self-Renewal Mysteries.

The secret mysteries of the Heart of Venus – a long-forgotten sacred feminine knowledge that liberates you to reemerge as the Venus on Earth.

How to keep your relationship fun and juicy while being revered.


Who is this for?

The Heart of Venus is for every woman, and especially for those who have experienced heart chakra awakening, met their twin flames, and women who feel or know in their hearts they’ve had lives as priestesses. 

The Heart of Venus workshop is for a woman who desires to feel respected by men and her man regardless of how long they’ve been together, govern her heart while keeping it soft and inviting, and master the art of self-renewal. Learn the secret forgotten passage of the Venus mysteries.


What’s Included?

1 Workshop
Estimated time: 2 hours.

A Replay
For as long as this workshop is available on my website. 


Don’t Miss Out

You can get the Heart of Venus workshop as a part of the Feminine Secret Arts Bundle or the Feminine Power program (which includes the whole bundle).

If you purchase the Feminine Power program, you’ll receive 3 other workshops: the Heart of Venus, Dark Savage Feminine, and the Art of Feminine Radiance. 



March 10, 2024
10 am ET | 7 am PT | 2 pm UK | 3 pm CET



The Heart of Venus is a result of my work of revisiting hundreds of past lives of priestesses, noticing the parallels, and learning that way about the long-forgotten Venusian ascension pathway. Although I’ve known about the Heart of Venus mysteries through my work for many years, it was only at the beginning of 2023 that I received the final download to help women use the Venusian mysteries in an embodied practical way to transform themselves and their relationships and emerging as the Queen of Earth in their lives.


These are the secret teachings every woman should receive as a girl.

The sacred pathway of the rebirth of Venus as the Queen of Earth has been forgotten.

Nowadays, you don’t find anyone talking about this, yet the evidence that this is missing is reflected everywhere. Women leak their life force energy to the wrong people, doubting their worth and feeling depleted and unrecognized. Women forget how to rule their hearts while keeping them soft and inviting circumstances; men rule their deepest feelings. And women in good and stable relationships witness their men slowly losing the spark in their eyes when they look at them.

Understanding the Heart of Venus passage to true womanhood is the key to maintaining your youthful energy regardless of your age, being truly respected by men and especially your man regardless of how many years you’ve been together – your king seeing and recognizing you as his queen.

The Heart of Venus workshop will be deep, esoteric, practical, and embodied.