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Women, Wake Up to Your Feminine Power!

There is a feminine power within every woman. No matter how latent it may seem to be. You may try to silence her, put her to sleep, but she keeps returning at random moments. Perhaps you fly on a plane, and being so high above the clouds offers you a new perspective on your life. And you ask yourself whether there is more to your life. Maybe you recall a childhood dream of learning to play the piano or speak Spanish fluently. Perhaps you wake up one day in your relationship wondering when you became so weak, fragile, and unsure of yourself, and a sudden desire to change it, to find yourself arises.

There are many moments when you might have felt your feminine power rising. It doesn’t matter how many years pass; the same unspoken question remains. Are you going to embrace your feminine power, or will you hide from it?


Feminine Power

Feminine power is an interesting thing. We might lose it, but it’s still there. Deep down, every woman knows she is powerful. No matter what has happened in her life, we can’t cut ourselves off from the primordial energy that creates the world. And that’s a good thing because we shouldn’t be afraid of that energy.


What we don’t face owns us. The moment you accept who you are, you step into your sovereignty


I’ve had the same conversation with hundreds of women. Every one of them said that she knew that if she wanted to, she could step into her power. She could stop playing the “game” that she is powerless; she doesn’t know what she wants while giving her power away to ensure love. Or because she is afraid she’d be too much for others and thus end up alone. Women might downplay themselves because they’re used to doing it, but is it still necessary? Does it serve anyone?

To some extent, most women have denied the goddess within them. And the only way to make the goddess pretend she is “less than” is to make her pretend she doesn’t have power. But she could wake up at any time. And if she did wake up, then watch out. 

Deep down, many women are afraid that they’d become too unpredictable for the masculine energy to handle. There is this myth that to receive love; one needs to be a good girl. But the good girl lives her life out of fear and wounding. And what comes from a wounded space is never genuine. Therefore, the good girl attracts experiences that reflect her wounding and lack of authenticity.


It Doesn’t Serve You to Fear Your Feminine Power

I’ve always found the topic of power fascinating. Since it has been misused many times, we learned to ignore it. But that only leads to more misuse. It allows the old unhealthy dynamic with our power to continue existing. The feminine power can be embodied in millions of ways, for she is ever-changing. Women bring new wisdom and consciousness to our planet. They tune into the spiritual world and give it a material form. There are no limits to what they can create.


The question remains how do you use the power that you have? Do you use the power to attract small things? Or do you build the queendom that reflects your soul? 


The divine masculine energy in men wants to see the divine goddess energy in women. The god and goddess co-create. The divine feminine and the feminine power are inspiring and can change the world. Historically, women haven’t been much in a position to use their feminine power to the point that we forgot what it even means. Usually, we don’t see the connection between femininity and power. But the true goddess’s energy is limitless and, therefore, powerful.

When we hide from our power, we give away our ability to create from a limitless space. Instead, we repeat the old cycles and rotate the same energy. Manifestation feels heavy. Relationships feel difficult. True friendships sometimes feel close to impossible. Hiding from your feminine power doesn’t serve anyone because no fresh, new energy is brought to your queendom. And then everything begins to wane, including ourselves.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

Within Every Woman Are a Goddess And a Queen

There is a goddess within every woman. Your goddess self is unlimited and creative. She represents raw, potent energy. At some points in history, women were respected as the embodiments of divine energy. The ancient priestesses knew how to work with the goddess’s energy. From my experience and what I’ve seen with others, the goddess within you will want to awaken. It’s just a matter of time. And when it happens, it’ll transform your life. And then you become a force of power to bless others and elevate them.

Every woman also has a queen within. She keeps a balance between the inner masculine and feminine energy. The queen is powerful and stoic. Her aura and her presence are powerful and calm. They penetrate through others and elevate others to meet their higher selves too. She doesn’t have to speak words to be heard. Her emotional body doesn’t have to be unstable for her to feel deeply with her soul. Her presence is her power.

When you embrace your feminine power, you become the queen who can be trusted with her power – the queen who moves with intention. When you put your heart and soul into what you create, you can manifest a beautiful reality for yourself and your loved ones. You become so connected to your intuition and inner knowing that you follow it even if it doesn’t make logical sense, even if others disagree. To risk, you might have to stand in your truth alone. This requires a powerful woman.

This Doesn’t Serve Women

One thing seems to be missing when it comes to feminine power. Throughout history, women stopped supporting each other. They don’t hold the place for others to rise unconditionally. If we were willing to come together for a higher good and support each other, we’d live in a very different world. That’s why I’m passionate about helping women create impact, lead, and step into their potential. Stop being afraid of uniting with other women.


Women don’t unite with other queens because they fear their own power. 


Sometimes we can see situations when women blame, envy, and project their fears on other women. And this doesn’t serve anyone. A queen uplifts others because she is sure of her feminine power. She doesn’t have to prove it or worry that someone will take it from her. In a spiritual sense, you can’t strip others of what is theirs; only they can do it to themselves.


Don’t Underestimate Your Impact

Every human being has a mother. Some people have sisters, daughters, wives, and friends. Don’t underestimate your impact on your family, friends, and community. As a woman, you can be a positive example for others, but first, stop being afraid of your power. Feminine power is different. It’s the raw, primordial, creative force. But we have to become wise about how to use that power and not waste it on gossip, envy, competition, an overly focused on looks, and spending money on senseless things.

Look at the impact you are creating in your life. How can you wisely build your queendom? How can you be trusted with the resources and power you have? How can you positively impact your family and community?

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