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How to Embrace Your Inner Genius and Brilliance

If your parents didn’t recognize your inner genius and gifts, the chance is you don’t value it and nurture it either. You may feel your gifts are not valuable if others don’t recognize them. Maybe you wave your gifts away and play them down. You may think the grass is greener somewhere else while neglecting your brilliance. Here is the news: you must consciously take care of your inner genius. Like plants, it needs proper sunlight and water. If you spend your life looking away from your inner genius, you don’t turn your most valuable card into the ace.


How to Embrace Inner Genius

It’s easy to derive your sense of value from how others perceive you. Especially if your parents didn’t think your gifts were unique and wanted you to focus on something else. Maybe you weren’t naturally good at math, but you were inherently great at reading people’s energies. Perhaps you could see non-physical beings and balls of light as a child, but you were told not to discuss it. Maybe you had this special language between you and animals, but others thought you were making it up.

What have you suppressed in yourself to fit in? 

If you don’t value your inner genius, you attract people who value something other than what you offer. Let’s say your parents appreciate it if you come and clean their house, but they aren’t interested in the fact that you’re a visionary and wayshower and starting a spiritual business. Or your spouse isn’t into spirituality at all, thinking you’re a bit crazy. Maybe your friend doesn’t care about you; they only talk about themselves.


Gifted children often go unrecognized, creating adults unsure of who they are and doubting their gifts. 


You play down your gifts, telling others it’s not a big deal that you won an athletic competition or completely transformed someone’s life. You develop all kinds of explanations to make things look harder to fit in. Isn’t it funny how we bond over struggle, but ease triggers most people? Is there any sense in it, or is it a way to make us denser to prove we are humans?

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Nurture Your Inner Genius

Recognizing what makes you unique is the first step to nurturing your inner genius. Here we don’t need to filter it through the negative ego. We can simply observe and acknowledge those gifts. They don’t make you better than others; they make you unique. It is what it is. We can deny them for many lifetimes. We can neglect our gifts, and yet it is what it is.

You’ve sharpened, deepened, and nurtured your soul’s gifts over many lifetimes. Those gifts come from the Spirit. If you deny them, devalue them, you diminish the part of you that is one with the Spirit. Then you can’t ever find deep soul fulfillment because you live in conflict with who you are.

You can’t satisfy everyone. But you can nurture your inner genius and trust that the people who are meant to get you will find you.

If you’re on this website, you likely won’t fit in anyway. By denying your inner genius, you still don’t fit, but you’re unhappy on top of it. 


You are not meant to be like others. Being the same as everyone means that no one contributes to anyone. Sameness is a result of a lack of confidence and knowledge of the true self. 


If You Ignore Your Inner Genius; Your People Won’t Find You

If you don’t value your inner genius and your soul’s gifts, you attract people who will reflect it on you. Unconsciously, you create a similar environment to the one you’ve experienced at home. This creates a loop that continues hurting your inner genius. It’s like having a wound that you keep pressing with your hand.

On the other hand, some people wait for your gifts. Although the inner genius is primarily there for us, it’s meant to be shared. The Spirit organized places and events for you to use your gifts with the people who are receptive to them. By sharing them, something unlocks in others and enriches their world.


The people in your soul group wait for your gifts. But you have to claim them first. Anyway, everything you do is just a preparation for you to declare who you are, so why not do it now and let that open new possibilities in your life? 


You may share your gifts to some extent but sometimes be consumed by self-doubts. When you doubt yourself, you make everything less powerful. Doubts remove the magic from our creations. When we play down our inner genius, we remove the strength, impact, and Spirit from it. Then you share your inner genius from a wounded space, bringing mixed results. This makes you seek more confirmation and validation from others. As if others hold the key and power over your being. This causes more wounding. Therefore, you have to step out of that cycle. 


The Illusion of Sudden Success

There is one pervading illusion that once you start, success follows quickly. Once you write the book, you become famous. Once you open the yoga studio, it will be profitable, and you can leave your job. This dreamy illusion is sneaky because it makes you postpone acting on your dreams.

Nothing of real value is an overnight success. Real value needs a strong foundation. 

It’s okay if you wait another year or two before you begin. It’s okay to neglect your inner genius and what you have now and project the idea into the future. This is how the ego protects you from potential failure. It’s far better to live in the land of what than know if your dream will come true. Your vision will ask you to upgrade everything. It asks you to be the best version of yourself and grow in ways you didn’t think possible. The illusion of sudden success makes sure that you never begin.

What is that you neglect in yourself?
What is your purpose that you haven’t stepped into?
What are the parts of yourself that you don’t value?
Is it possible that you don’t value it because someone didn’t recognize it, and you perpetuate the cycle?

Take action now. You need to anchor the frequency of what you’re calling into your life in the 3D by taking action. The most extraordinary transformation happens when you start your journey. It can’t happen when you’re in your head. Neither entirely occurs when you’re in solitude. Your dreams are sacred. Stop abandoning your inner genius by thinking that it all miraculously comes together one day – ideally without struggles. The time is now.


Meet Your Inner Genius

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