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7 Ways the Fear of Being Seen Impacts Your Life and Why

The fear of being seen is one of the deepest lightworkers’ wounds. The fear of being seen tears you apart. Deep down, you know that you’re here to shine and share your gifts with others. And at the same time, it scares you more than anything. As a result, you may try to come out of your cave here and there, only to retreat later. As a lightworker, you’re here to share your light. You know it. But how can you heal the fear of being seen, and where does it originate?


The Fear of Being Seen As Your True Self

At some point, a split happens. We quietly and painfully bury our authentic selves to ensure validation, love, and safety. We develop a persona that feels safer. And we speak fewer triggering words. Finally, we figured out how to keep ourselves safe. But it has a negative side; you start forgetting your true self.


As you play the act of what you think others expect you to perform, you slowly lose yourself, your spark, and your magic.


Although the new shadow self doesn’t feel so great, at least it keeps you safe. When you don’t stand out and keep yourself small, it seems like others genuinely like you. But is it true? Can someone genuinely like your inauthentic self? I talk about the journey of rediscovering your true self in my memoir, Find Yourself.

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The Program of Invisibility

Many lightworkers carry a program of invisibility. This inner coding prevents them from making an impact and sharing their gifts. Often, the program of invisibility is a result of a series of lifetimes where your soul experienced deep wounds. You may not remember what happened in other lives, but the deep fear of being seen is there. I’ve guided hundreds of lightworkers into other lifetimes, and I’ve noticed that the invisibility program comes from the lives you were in an authority position.

Perhaps, you were a priest, and someone (or yourself) misused your spiritual powers, and you decided never to be in your power again. Maybe you were a ruler who messed up something due to what your advisors told you, and you feel you shouldn’t stand out in this life. Or you didn’t use discernment correctly and unintentionally contributed to something negative, so you don’t trust yourself. Thus you learned that if you’re invisible, you’re safe.

Whatever your soul’s journey has been, it’s time to trust yourself again. It’s time to heal your deep soul wounds and let yourself to the resource of love and healing for others. Without knowing where our soul wound comes from, we can’t heal it. We can’t heal what we haven’t yet brought to conscious awareness. Soul wounds operate through the subconscious mind making us sabotage our lives.


We can only protect ourselves by being in our power


If we hide away from the soul wounds, it doesn’t mean they stop existing. We don’t see them; they control our lives without us realizing it. So isn’t it better to face it? This is one of the reasons why visiting key lifetimes is healing. To heal the fear of being seen, it’s good to understand what exactly has caused it.



Past Life Curses and Being a Wayshower

The fear of being seen can also be caused by past life curses or being a wayshower. If someone has cursed you, you may feel you have to be invisible even if you don’t want to be. Perhaps you’ve done the soul-healing work and consciously would love to take your service to others to the next level, yet something stops you. If someone cursed you, it might feel like standing alone in a room, but your light doesn’t reach beyond the room, not because it isn’t strong but because there is some spell put over you. You can read about the past life curses here.

Another reason you may fear being seen is that you’re a wayshower. Wayshowers are ahead of their times. They can sense things before they happen. Wayshowers travel at the edge of the collective consciousness stretching its boundary. Therefore others quickly reject you and tell you that you’re too radical or naive. Simply because they can’t see what you know is possible and inevitable. The moment you act, it creates ripples, and the fear of being seen slows you down. You think it’s safer to move slower because it can be tiresome to constantly deal with people’s projections on you. If you’re a wayshower with the fear of being seen, focus on healing your childhood and past life wounding and then make peace with who you are.

Lastly, one can also have a fear of being seen if their family rejects them. Maybe you didn’t have a voice, and what you wanted didn’t matter. Thus you felt invisible in your family. At some point, you believed that no one could hurt you if you stayed invisible. But this belief blocks you from shining your light.

7 Ways How the Fear of Being Seen Plays Out In Your Life

1. You Never Give Your All

The fear of being seen can hold you back from giving your 100% to the things you care about. You don’t fully show up for your life’s purpose. And you hold back from your relationships and don’t use your personal time to recharge or master new skills.

You’ve decided it’s safer to stand back and accept the second or third-best options because you don’t want to risk potential pain. With the fear of being seen, you try many things. You begin new adventures and projects only to stop yourself later. You get easily excited but lack a deep commitment to your work. Deep down, you believe that the only way to stay safe is not to be seen.


2. You Don’t Belong

Another way a fear of being seen can play out is by believing you don’t belong. You feel you don’t belong to your family, a friend’s group, or your place. Although this is a natural way of feeling for the lightworkers, you don’t need ten other people agreeing with every step you take. Likely, you already have everything you need to bring forth your gifts ultimately. If someone joins you on the path, it’s a blessing, but if not, you don’t have to wait.

When you rise to your power, your people rise with you. 


3. Soul Fragmentation

The fear of being seen also means that a part of us is still in the darkness. Some aspect of us – originating in other or current life – doesn’t feel ready to step into the light. Some deep integration still needs to take place. When we’re ready to stand boldly in the truth of who we are, we’ve brought our inner parts into the light. Thus, there can be some soul fragmentation – a part of your soul’s energy trapped in a different time.


4. You Haven’t Accepted Yourself

The fear of being seen also means we haven’t yet accepted who we are. Maybe we sense who we are and our potential but haven’t claimed it yet. Perhaps you know that you should develop talents and soul gifts further, but you sabotage yourself by wasting your time. And you haven’t acknowledged your life’s purpose yet. Therefore, you’re afraid to be seen because you haven’t seen your true self yet.


You revolt against the Divine Will, trying to postpone something inevitable. 


Eventually, you’ll have to do what you have to do. We either use the time to develop ourselves and create from the soul, or we use it to be like stubborn teenagers waiting for something to save us and make it easy for us.


5. People Want to Own You

The fear of being seen attracts people who want to “own” you. They want to possess or control something you have – something you haven’t fully acknowledged. They want your resources or your gifts, and sometimes they even demand your gifts through anger or blaming you for their misfortune. These people will call you selfish, but they never do anything for you. Their idea of a relationship is that you’re their parent, and you have to give them everything they want.


Energetically, it feels like those people want to “own” your spirit. They demand your gifts and time like a self-entitled child.


Those people want to keep you hidden – like their sweet secret. They never mention you to others or connect you to the people they know you would resonate with. They take what they want whenever they want, and if you stand up for yourself, they call you a bad person.


6. People Explain What You Think and Feel

Another way the fear of being seen manifests is by attracting people who explain what you think and feel and what you mean. They seem to have a patent on understanding you and explaining it to their satisfaction. Unlike the previous group of people, those take ownership of your creations. With their projections on you, they cloud you, so you stay hidden. They don’t actually listen to what you say; they wait for an opportunity to cast another web of projections on your psyche.

Don’t lose yourself in the pain other people’s projections cause; come back to the truth of who you are.


7. People Misuse You or Try to Manipulate You

The fear of being seen means you don’t see something about yourself. Thus, you can attract people who recognize your gifts, but they know that you’re not aware of them entirely. And those people can misuse you or your light unconsciously or not. When you recognize who you are, you can protect your light. Also, the fear of being seen attracts people who don’t tell you that they see your gifts, don’t compliment you, and try to use it to their advantage. They only think about how you can benefit them.



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