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The topics I cover run from subconscious mind, energy, soul journey, awakening, transformation, to lightworker journey and healing. On this page, you can find the latest articles. You can also search for the posts by category or use the search field function to find the best topics for you.

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Stop Waiting for Life to Happen. This Is It.

Stop waiting and hiding from what you truly want. This is already it. Imperfect. Juicy. Sometimes challenging. But immensely beautiful. Shift your mindset…

My 5 Key Lessons Learned in 2019

My key lessons learned in 2019 revolved around managing my energy and relationships on a whole new level. As well as uncommon ways of growing into my potential.

5 Key Steps on How to Find Yourself

How to find yourself and stand in your soul’s power? Let me guide you through my story and these 5 crucial steps to finding yourself.


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