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What You Leave Behind to Become Your Highest Self?

There is an element of letting go in the journey to become your highest self. It’s about a continual state of rebirth, life, and death. To become your highest self, you can’t take with you the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck. Neither can you ignore the person you’re becoming, so what are you willing to leave behind? What no longer serves your future self?


It Won’t Happen On Its Own

One common delusion is that things will miraculously work out on their own. We put too much faith in time healing and transforming our being, not recognizing that the change in us brings forth transformation.


The truth is you won’t become your highest self if you don’t choose to be that person. 


To be the highest version of you is a choice. It’s an active conversation with life, reassessing where we are and where we’re headed. It’s something that doesn’t happen on its own. Because to become your highest self, you’ll have to want it more than excuses, limiting beliefs, and more than restricting patterns.

To become your highest self, you’ll have to choose with all your being because it requires an energy momentum that will take you out of the old. Out of the old patterns, out of the places where you’ve stayed far too long. And also out of the fear that good things can happen for you.

To become your highest self isn’t some imaginary final destination. Quite the opposite, it’s a continuous state of becoming. We experience millions of deaths and rebirths in a lifetime. The change helps us look deep within to see who we are and express where the higher self is calling us to journey next.

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Ultimately, to become your highest self is about surrendering the little “i” and letting Source consciousness operate through you. When this happens, we finally get out of our way and let something much greater move through us. Our human will aligns with Divine Will. And thus, we allow ourselves to become. To keep becoming. To be in the constant dance with life force moving through our cells. 


Now Is The Time

Since the winter solstice 2019, I’ve been repeatedly shown that now we’re supported more than ever in becoming our highest selves. In fact, we’re asked to ignite our hearts on fire and dream truly big. That which many have been waiting for is happening now. 

Everyone has their own highest version of self – remember the highest self is nothing static, it’s continually evolving. And now we’re in times when we can become those highest versions if we choose it.


Through each of us willing and desiring to be our highest selves, we birth the Golden Age. 


And the Light Beings very well understand that it’s a challenging process of collective rebirth. They know that we would wish to feel more ready for the change we’re going through. The Light Beings can see all of it, and their compassion and love go to us. But this is our process, and we have to choose it based on our free will.


No one can take away your karma. No one can master your lessons on your behalf. And no one can do it for you. If you’re not backing yourself up with all you got, no one else will do it. Because no one can save you from yourself. 


The Light Beings can see what we’re going through, and all they can do is help us find the inner strength to become the highest self. This is an individual choice that blesses humankind. Because by choosing to embody your highest self, you create quantum energy in the collective, making it easier for others. 

What Are You Ready to Leave Behind? 

As you commit to being in the flow of becoming your highest self, you realize that there is constant readjusting and letting go. Collectively, we’re going through phases of a big release. Each cycle takes a couple of weeks or months, during which we explore different patterns. During those cycles, old patterns are highlighted. As we experience the echo of the old times, we can see whether we’ve learned our lessons, and thus we can let those patterns go. 

To become your highest self, you must allow the old to dissolve and its energy to be recycled. Otherwise, it holds you back. It may feel like taking a step forward only to fall into old patterns later. Therefore, we’re asked to release the old energy from our emotional, mental, and physical bodies. And for many of you who have been on a spiritual journey, it also means releasing soul patterns. 


What holds you back the most?
What is that one thing that feels impossible to transmute and let go of?

Which past version of you needs to die so that you can become your highest self? 

What has been imprisoning your heart and soul?


Even if you don’t know how to let it go, it starts with willingness. When the silent prayer of your heart is to walk out of the prisons of something that has been capturing your life force energy, it will happen. When you desire something with all you got, the door always appears. So what is it that needs to die for you to be reborn? 

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