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4 Keys to Light Codes Activation to Awaken Your Divine Potential

Light codes activation unlocks the infinite potential within the DNA, releasing new structures of light and consciousness. When the light codes activate, we experience a quantum shift on every level of the being. Do we have to open up our light codes actively? Can we somehow speed up their activation? Let’s break the process of light codes activation down.


What is a Light Codes Activation

Light codes are capsules out of time and space reality containing untapped information and potential. Once the light codes are activated, our whole system reboots and taps into a higher octave of light. Those codes are stored in a so-called junk part of the DNA. And they’re there waiting to elevate humankind into a more expanded level of consciousness. Whoever the creator of the DNA was, they left those light codes there for us to activate. And as they spark off, we take another step on the ladder of evolution.


Similarly to when the student is ready, the teacher shows up; the light codes galvanize when the person is ready.


Those light codes within the DNA explain the missing link in evolution. Once the evolution experiences climax, it jumps onto a new higher level without going through all the tiny steps in between. Evolution has always been designed this way. As we maximize the current potential and generate electromagnetic heat (sacred fire), the jump occurs.


The light codes activation first transpires in the higher etheric bodies. This pulse – wave – coming out of the I AM Presence creates a pressure that moves through all the higher bodies, eventually activating the light codes.


Although we speak of the light codes in relation to DNA, please remember that those keys first activate in the higher spiritual bodies. For the physical body to readjust to carrying an increased light quotient, it takes time. During this time of readjustment, your attention may be drawn to the physical body to heal it and strengthen it fully.

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The Role of Starseeds and Lightworkers

The majority of you are either starseeds or lightworkers or both. I can say that because I consciously call in my people to help them realize their highest potential by remembering who they are and reactivating their gifts. And thus, you’re not on this website by accident. We don’t have time for accidents right now; there is a deep call and intention that you may feel at your soul level gravitating you to this sacred space.

The starseeds and lightworkers hold a unique role in the light codes activation process. Because you’re a pioneer, the bringer of the New Age. Your etheric bodies let the Cosmic Ray enabling the Age of Light to move through freely. Since there is minimal resistance to this sacred impulse of the Cosmic Ray, you’re able to feel, envision, and anchor the new Earth.

For this reason, your light codes activate first. Because the more starseeds and lightworkers have their light codes activated, the more humankind can access it. We need the minimum critical mass, and that’s what you’re volunteering to bring to Earth. Of course, you may not be conscious of this. You may even think that your life is sometimes a mess, so how could you be the pioneer? But still, you are. Because at your soul level, you’re a warrior. You go first. Even if your human life sometimes looks less than grand.

And dear beautiful soul, haven’t you noticed something quite miraculous? You never give up. No matter how many times you fall, you always get up and rekindle the hope in your heart. Thus you’re a perfect one to activate the light codes first to make it more accessible to others. And for that, I truly do honor you.

How Do Light Codes Activate?

So the question of the century is how do you activate those light codes? And how vigorous should you be in this process? Moreover, is a light codes activation just an escape from embracing your shadow? Let’s start with the last question. When light codes activate, a considerable amount of so-called darkness is burnt away instantly. It’s as if it has never even been there. And yet, you can still access the lessons of the previously trapped light. That being said, of course, focus on both – integrating your shadow and increasing your light. These two should be used simultaneously for the greatest results.


1. Soul

As being said earlier, the light codes activate from top to bottom. So, they change first unfurls in the higher etheric bodies and only later is felt by the human self. So you can think of it as your Higher Self and your Soul activating those keys in you. In that sense, you don’t have to worry about the process. It’s a natural side effect of spiritual evolution. Thus as you elevate and heal yourself, eventually, some of those codes will awaken.


2. Sacred Sites

Have you ever wondered why you feel so drawn to a specific location? Perhaps, you’ve always wanted to visit Peru, the Himalayas, or Egypt. This deep desire to travel is your soul guiding you to those sacred sites where your light codes will activate. I talk about this more in-depth in my YouTube video below. One thing that I’d like to add is that if you can’t travel for any reason, visit those spaces in your meditations. Look up their photos online and then visualize yourself being there. That way, something may trigger in you even if you can’t visit those sites physically.


3. Activations

Probably, the most known way of light codes activation is through specifically designed incitement. This can happen through guided visualizations or a teacher can work with you one-on-one, activating those codes in you through their expanded field of electromagnetic consciousness into which you momentarily tap.


4. People

The last way to activate your light codes is through people. Some people hold the key to your keyhole and vice versa. Those people may not be aware of it at all, and they may not even be spiritual themselves. And still, when you meet them, your genes click on an energetic level, and the liberated burst of energy awakens some of your keys that had been dormant. I also talk about this in my YouTube video, which you can watch below.

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