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It’s Time for Both; Feminine and Masculine Spirituality

What are the feminine and masculine spirituality? And why do we need to employ both approaches to our spiritual path? The feminine and masculine energy are within everyone regardless of gender. Those are the primordial expressed manifestations of Source energy. And it’s the dance between the feminine and masculine energy that creates the universe and forms our consciousness. Throughout history, there have been myriads of mystery schools built around the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine teachings. And many spiritual traditions have centered their teachings around creating a Sacred Union, which is the unity of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within us.


Reaching Sacred Union

Sacred Union, also known as Hieros Gamos, is a sacred merge of the feminine and masculine energy. First, we experience the Sacred Union internally, uniting our inner feminine and masculine polarities. When we learn to tap into the inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy, we find the centered, neutral, and unshakable inner core. Once those energies are balanced, we fully unlock our highest potential and step into our spiritual power.

I like to look at the human self as the balancing aspect of those primordial energies. We might be swept by our emotions or create illusions before they find a balanced rhythm of their eternal dance. Before the inner Sacred Union transpires, our energy, emotions, and thoughts are unstable. And from a higher perspective, we’re yet to merge with the Higher Self.

On the other hand, when those two energies unite, we can align with our highest path. Suddenly it feels like nothing holds us back. The mind clears out. The emotions become serene, deep, and stable. And we ignite that inner fire of our I AM Presence. Therefore, reaching the Sacred Union has been an aim of ancient mystery schools.

Once we have achieved the inner Sacred Union, we’re ready to meet our Beloved in another person. This is the last stage of the Sacred Union when we create a harmonious, devoted, equal, and deeply loving and nourishing relationship. Until then, the relationships serve us as a tool to balance our inner feminine and masculine energy.

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The Feminine and Masculine Spirituality

Reaching the Sacred Union is a deep alchemical process, but it starts with blending the feminine and masculine spirituality. When we employ both feminine and masculine spirituality, we tend to those two inner primordial energies. Conversely, when we use only masculine spirituality, we become disconnected from the feelings and thus from the soul. And we might do all the right meditations, but we haven’t embodied the soul. In that state, we understand spirituality solely through the mind. But we don’t live as spiritual beings outside of our spiritual practice.

Similarly, when we focus primarily on feminine spirituality, we identify with the emotional body to the extent that we lack discernment. At this point, we may even believe that the whole universe spins around us and our emotional needs are the most important thing. Here the ego tries to take over by inserting the Princess/Prince Archetype onto the mind. Likewise, we may lack any willpower to bring our dreams into reality.

To find inner balance and become fertile soil for the soul and Higher Self, we need feminine and masculine spirituality. One can’t really exist without the other. When we don’t use feminine and masculine spirituality, we swing on a pendulum from one extreme to another. Therefore, it’s beneficial to bring both energies to spiritual practice and healing.

The Masculine Spirituality

Masculine spirituality focuses on mastering the mind. Thus it purifies the mind and aligns it with the Higher Mind. When we govern the mind, we become neutral which allows us to see the truth. This is an exceptionally important quality in 3D, where most information is twisted. As we tap into masculine spirituality, we learn to read the information correctly. Eventually, the mind’s eye can clearly see reality, which liberates us from the many mind attachments.

Another example of masculine spirituality is having clear direction, purpose, and focus. When we work with masculine spirituality, it helps us direct the energy on what is truly essential. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, the masculine energy guides us to take action aligned with the soul. It helps us build up the willpower and discipline to follow our purpose.

When we use feminine and masculine spirituality, we bring structure to our days. An example is developing morning and evening routine but being flexible about how long it is and what we do during that time. Perhaps some morning, you need to prioritize physical training. And some other days, you need more time for an energy exercise or meditation. When you check in with yourself, you’ll instantly know what you need the most and be flexible with it.


The Feminine Spirituality

The feminine spirituality focuses on being rooted in the body. It sees the body as a temple of the soul rather than something that needs to be suppressed. Feminine spirituality teaches us how to enjoy what we do. Thus it’s a pathway to an embodiment. When we embody the soul, we let the spiritual light shine through us. Everything is an extension of the soul. When we use feminine and masculine spirituality, we have a clear sense of purpose and enjoy the journey leading to it. In a way, we see the purpose as the final destination and the journey too.

The feminine spirituality also connects us to our emotions, inner child, and psychic abilities. Thus, the feminine energy allows us to see the raw, shadow aspects. When we tap into the feminine and masculine spirituality, we stay connected to our authentic selves. At the same time, we don’t let emotions clutter our thinking and create illusions.

To summarize, when we work with feminine and masculine spirituality, we acknowledge our emotions. And we also release the limiting beliefs and stop projecting our shadow externally. We have both fluidity and structure. We know when to rest and rejuvenate and when to act. Moreover, we liberate the mind from illusions to merge with the soul and Higher Self. When utilizing feminine and masculine spirituality, we listen to our bodies and emotions and work towards our dreams. Suddenly, there is no push and pull; the inner conflicts resolve. And we learn to support ourselves on every level of the being. We root ourselves in our bodies, lives, family, and we also reach the highest aspects of the infinite being.

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