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12 Things You’ll Experience When You Embody Your 5D Self

What happens when you embody your 5D self? Embodying your 5D self doesn’t mean dissolving in the 3D and reappearing in an exalted state of being in the 5D. Those dimensions are both physical and within our consciousness. And our task is to make the 3D more 5D – to bring the spirit to the matter. There is also an actual transition that perhaps some will experience, but for the majority, our focus is to anchor the 5D here. As you embody your 5D self, many things will shift. And I’m sharing with you 12 things that you’ll experience as your frequency aligns more with your 5D self.

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The 12 Things You’ll Experience As You Embody Your 5D Self

The below list of things you’ll experience as you embody your 5D self happen simultaneously. There is no particular order or importance. Some people may witness particular signs of embodying the 5D self stronger than the others. As always, read and listen with your soul.


1. Quantum Time

Perhaps the most striking change as you embody your 5D self is a different perception of time. The linear time stops being the ceiling for the soul’s fullest expression. Life situations no longer appear linear. And the ‘5 steps to manifest love’ advice will become laughable. Because all those steps happen simultaneously in the quantum.


As you embody your 5D self, you know that everything you desire is inside you. It’s within your consciousness. At all times. 


For the 5D self, it makes no sense to experience 100 steps to achieve your dream life. Because the 5D self knows it’s already a done deal. And this isn’t some form of affirmation but a deep knowing. As you embody your 5D self, you know exactly how to access those parts of you that have already experienced it. Hence no reason to experience time delays. On the other hand, you can also conveniently stretch the time and even step into consciousness beyond the time.


2. Peaceful observer

When you embody your 5D self, you become a peaceful observer. Now there is no need to act reactively. Instead, you observe everything with a deep sense of peace right in the center of your being. Although the external situations may be shaky, your core is stable and radiant.


3. Past Life Memories

Another sign you’re embodying your 5D self is that you’ll have access to your soul memories. And those are the memories from other lives in the past, future, and even parallel realities.


We access the soul memories because we access quantum time, and the quotient of our light increases. 


As we embody the 5D self, remembering our other lives brings real value to our life. Because we can learn from the different parts of us that the time membrane had separated. As we pull those memories to our current self, it becomes an infinite well of wisdom.


4. Values Shifting

The more you embody your 5D self, the more your values shift. Without an effort, we drop the artificial things that we thought in the past were okay to do, but it’s no longer aligned with the integrity we have now. It’s no longer possible to force yourself into situations that don’t meet your deepest values. As we embody the 5D self, our relationship with integrity deepens. And integrity will become our teacher.


5. The Grand Dissolvement

Another visible sign you’re embodying your 5D self is that some situations and people will dissolve peacefully. This is due to the increased difference in the resonance between you and others. Even though it may have bothered you when something left your life in the past, now you almost don’t even notice. Somebody or a situation dissolving makes sense, and you let it go with peace and gratitude.


6. Instant Manifestation

As you embody your 5D self, the speed of manifestation accelerates. Actually, it already significantly quickens as we tap into the 4D self. With instant manifestation, the biofeedback of reality shows us where exactly we stand in our frequency and the precision of our intentions.

7. Seeing Timelines

My personal favorite of embodying the 5D self is the ability to see timelines. Timelines are potential outcomes or events that might happen if you choose them. Thus every choice opens up a set of new timelines. As we embody the 5D self, we can see the timelines that open up for us and other people.  You’ll be able to see, sense, or know your timelines depending on which senses are strongest for you. Or you can sense them through all the extrasensory senses at once. Before you take action, you know where it’ll lead you. Seeing timelines helps us to make the right choice for ourselves.


8. Detached From Identities

Another thing that will happen as we embody the 5D self is detaching from our identities. This is a gradual process during which we notice that the ties to the 3D are dissolving. Thus it’s easier to become a peaceful observer. And paradoxically, it allows us to create more in the 3D because many fears related to the previous identities dissolve too.


As our identities dissolve, we become limitless.


9. Magnetic Aura

The next thing that will happen when you embody your 5D self is that your aura will be magnetic. The aura will feel like a giant radiant diamond. This allows us to feel flow without forcing things because we can magnetize what we want into our reality.


10. Split of Dimensions

As we embody the 5D self, we become aware of different dimensions being available on Earth. Although those dimensions have always been here, now their boundaries become palpable. Hence we clearly see the edges in between the dimensions. And we can say what situations are aligned with what dimension. Or we may see the same situation playing out across other dimensions at once. Again, the way this comes to you depends on your strongest extrasensory gifts. Perhaps you feel it or know it. But one thing is sure; our eyes are open to see the difference between the dimensions.


11. Responsibility & Resources

Most people don’t like the word responsibility. But responsibility means that we can respond correctly to situations in our lives. Thus we become trustworthy with more resources. As you embody your 5D self, more resources will come to you. Those resources will be both the 3D and the 5D – like our spiritual gifts, more light in the aura, or the ability to quantize time. As we take care of those resources responsibly, we prove ourselves to the higher self that we can be trusted. Consequently, the playground to use those resources increases, and our life expands with it.


But remember, those resources don’t belong to us. We’re their stewards.


12. Colors & Light

The last but not least thing as we embody the 5D self is the ability to see the energy, light, and different spectrum of colors. We can see energy with our physical eyes. Also, we see light portals, light beings, and brighter, shinier colors. You might have always seen those for some of you whose third eye has been open since you were small. For others whose gift to see is their primary gift this may come later along.

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