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Uncover the Less-Traveled Path of a White Magician

The white magician is the bearer of the new Golden Age. A magician has come a long way on our planet. He was playing with the fire in the ancient world, sometimes blurring the lines between the black and white magic. And it was the white magician who was the weaver of the crystalline consciousness and the keeper of the Emerald Code. And now again, the present Aquarian cycle creates a white magician. The one who walks a path of sovereignty and anchors the crystalline consciousness in the 3D.

Please note, for simplicity, I’ll refer to the white magician with the pronoun “he,” but of course, being a magician isn’t about gender.


Who Is the White Magician?

The white magician is someone who uses supernatural gifts for a higher good. He has activated his powers and knows the Universal Laws. The mage governs the five planes of existence and thus can create real magic. Through his development, he knows how to step outside the time matrix and activate quantum doors.

But the most precious jewel is the sacred heart within which the 3-fold flame burns bright guarding the crystalline consciousness. Thus he walks the path of sovereignty, keeps the perfect balance of the Christ-Sophia consciousness. He has looked to the depths of his soul, and he has integrated the four aspects of himself. And it’s for this reason; he can walk the path of Light. The white magician is wholly in the service to the Divine. He is the keeper and steward of the crystalline consciousness upon the Earth. Forever compassionate operating at the frequency of pure love. A love that isn’t blind or is taken advantage of. But a love that is the powerful essence of all Life.


Welcome to the Mystery School

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The White Magician Protocol & Tips

Unlike in the previous planetary cycle when a mystic was born, the new Golden Age gives rise to a white magician. Right now, we’re collectively at the beginning of this process. Thus people first get interested in the law of attraction which for many is a door to uncovering their manifesting powers. We’re also at the time when lightworkers who resonate with the path of Light need to refine their discernment. Because the line between black and white magic isn’t always so clear, I talk more about this in the video below, where I share about astral energy.


1. Dream Training

Lightworkers receive an introduction to their magical powers in the dream state. Some of you may recall dreams where you may be creating portals and stargates. Or perhaps you learn how to create energy shields or become invisible. It’s good to pay attention to your dreams. And if you can’t recall your dreams, then go into the feeling the dream had left in you.

Those dreams are preparing you to become a white magician. Unlike at some points in the past, we download those gifts from the higher spiritual bodies. And the dream state is a meeting point for the higher and astral body to interact and receive training. Even if you don’t recollect your dreams, the knowledge is in the subconscious mind. When needed, it’ll come online.


2. Purify Your Intentions

A white magician needs to be clear on their intentions. When a magician uses their gifts to manifest only the things that serve them or a selected few, this type of magic is charged with low intentions and self-serving motives. Subsequently, this has led many magicians to take in energies and entities from the astral realm unconsciously. Getting intertwined with astral energy pollutes the magicians’ chakras, consciousness, and energy. And this is a very slippery slope and one of the spiritual tests to pass.


From which realm are you channeling energy and power into your life?


When a white magician comes back to his intentions, he learns to pass through the astral delusion and glamour. When becoming clear on our deepest intentions, the aim isn’t to get to a final absolute motive. We can’t go from zero to 100 in a second. What we consider a pure motive now can, of course, evolve. Purifying our motives is a journey, and it directly correlates to our spiritual evolution.


As a white magician, you take the time to contemplate your motives. You are in no hurry because you only act from a soul-aligned place, knowing such action bears the most results. 

The Glamor of the Low Magic

When our intentions are self-serving or originating in the ego, we’re susceptible to the astral entities. Also, every white magician should purify their intentions so that it no longer matters how things (or himself) look on the outside. When we stop being transfixed with the astral delusion and the shine of the superficial, we reach the depths of the soul. We now move through the astral layer into the mental and spiritual layers. Otherwise, often unintentionally, the magician can get stuck in low magic.

The white magician surrenders to the highest good. He or she is in the service to the Divine. The white magician remembers they are the stewards of the magical powers and life force energy. Thus the white magician asks the Divine what needs to be done and then lets it happen through him. The white magician needs to show a certain level of soul maturity by turning away from self-serving acts and being in a surrendered service.


The white magician asks:
How does Source consciousness want to show up and serve others through me? 


As a white magician, you’re taken care of by aligning your will with the Source will. When you do what is for the highest good of all, you simultaneously receive. There is balance and harmony. Thus what serves the others serves you and vice versa.


3. Giving Power Away to Objects and Rituals

Sometimes people may believe they need a particular crystal, ritual, circumstance to be in their power and manifest what they desire. This, of course, it’s a part of the astral delusion. It isn’t true. A true white magician doesn’t get distracted by shortcuts and quick fixes. He knows that the magic is within himself. It’s not dependent on an external 3D thing or situation. The magician recognizes that as he evolves, he unlocks the magic inside of him. This is a law. True magic doesn’t fall into the hands of the unprepared or the ignorant ones. It must be used with reverence, dignity, and respect for the Laws.

Instead, the white magician wastes no time on the superficial illusionary reality and commits to going ever deeper within himself. The white magician focuses on mastering their power. And he learns how to channel his power and energy properly. Accessing magical powers is natural as more spiritual light moves through our system.


4. Create New Potentialities

A white magician never gets stuck in duality – 2 conflicting options. A magician knows how to open and activate quantum doors to different timelines where new solutions and potentialities exist. With the power of his decision and his soul’s energy, the white magician activates quantum doors.

The easiest way to tap into quantum consciousness is to start using the power you already have. More will be bestowed upon you as you manage your current energetic, spiritual, and physical liabilities.


5. See the Bigger Picture

The white magician knows at least the basics of the Higher Plan. Otherwise, he may unconsciously misuse his power. Thus it’s beneficial to contemplate the questions you’re interested in. Look at your questions from a different angle with a philosophical approach of curiosity. Learn to tap into the energy of your question and stay in it as long as needed for clarity to arrive.

The white magician always seeks to see the bigger picture. He aspires to uncover the workings of the universe. Even though he knows that there is always more to comprehend, he is consciously on that journey.

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