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5 Things That Happen When You Find Your Inner Truth

When you find your inner truth, everything changes. Over time, you learn to be courageous by following your inner truth. And as you do so, your whole life begins to reflect your soul. And yet, it’s not an easy journey to stay connected to our truth. Because there isn’t a final destination – one big revelation – to reach. Instead, it’s a choice of committing ourselves to what is true as it deepens.

On the other hand, everything gets complicated when we don’t want to see the truth. Often, we lie to ourselves and accept lies from others. This is a clever way of the subconscious mind to keep us safe from emotional pain. The mind pictures us the reality we want to see, which can be good when consciously creating our reality. But when we don’t want to know the truth in ourselves and situations, we let life move us around. Essentially, we allow others to tell us half-truths, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. We close our eyes to the essential things and pretend they’re not there.

So why is it that you may run away from finding your inner truth?


One Drop A Little Too Much

From a practical point of view, the biggest reason keeping you from finding your inner truth is the nervous system. You can think of the nervous system as a sophisticated multilayered highway through which we receive and send out information. When the nervous system is regulated, it can handle normal situations calmly, stress-free. Thus, you feel centered, grounded, and like you can deal with everything life brings.

On the other hand, when emotionally intense experiences from the past overload the nervous system, one drop of another intensity is a little too much. In essence, the nervous system doesn’t have the capacity to deal with anything new, and it goes into a flight or fight response. To regulate your nervous system, I recommend regular meditation, relaxation, sport, eating the right diet for your body, and of course, inner child/emotional healing (which I also offer here).

So, when telling yourself the truth would mean triggering a deep emotional response, your inner system does anything to protect you from it. Thus to find your inner truth, you need to be able to deal with what it will uncover. So it may be beneficial to take it slow and expand your ability to deal with emotions that may follow.

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5 Things That Happen When You Find Your Inner Truth

You may or may not know my story. What has always helped me the most on my path is the willingness to see the truth – whatever the truth is. You see, sometimes, we prefer seeing reality a certain way. And this can be both positive and negative. But when we find the center within us and realize that we don’t have to hold onto specific results, our inner vision gets corrected. When we don’t trust life – essentially, we don’t trust God – we have to control our environment. Thus we create fertile soil for other people lying to us because that’s exactly what we want. And most of all, we lie to ourselves about what we truly want and who we truly are.

More than anything, this is a matter of energy. When you don’t want to find your inner truth, you send out energy that says, “lies please.” And that’s exactly what the universe will deliver. You can believe that you want to find your truth in your mind, but what is your energy saying? And what is your nervous system saying? Are all aspects of you ready to handle it?


1. Sacred Knowing

When you find your inner truth, you move into a sacred knowing. When you’re in the knowing, you no longer need to guess. You don’t have to weigh the pros and cons or ask your friends for their opinion. You step into your authority. You’re in the knowing of your heart where the mind’s illusions can’t mess up with your inner truth.

You’re in your authority when you know what is true for you. Not true based on the ego or emotional wounds. But true based on the deepest part of you, which is serene, stable, and unchangeable. Thus it gives you the power to make the right decisions for yourself. And you also learn to trust yourself. When you trust yourself, you know that you don’t get yourself into uncomfortable situations. You have your back.


2. Soul Alignment

Another thing that will happen when you find your inner truth is that you’ll align with your soul. And this changes everything. Because when your soul’s guidance can finally reach you because you listen, it’ll guide you to the life you had envisioned before coming to Earth. No, it doesn’t mean that you’ll experience the success that the ego would desire. But you’ll create a life that reflects your essence, and however, it may look like it will bring you joy. And isn’t this what matters in life the most?

3. More Energy

When you find your inner truth, a gigantic invisible weight lifts off. You may not be aware of how energetically costly it is to create illusions. But once you commit to finding your inner truth, you’ll feel light. Because the thing is that financing illusions are expansive. In order to manipulate life not to be aligned with the truth, we use tons of life force energy – which could be used more creatively.

So when you find your inner truth, you radiate, and you feel light. Imagine all these bubbles of illusions (energetically speaking) you may be holding in your life. And now, imagine how it would feel if this was not the case? Living in alignment with your inner truth is energetically efficient.


4. Accelerated Healing

If you feel stuck in some pattern, likely you haven’t been telling yourself the truth. Again, this can happen unconsciously as a self-protection mechanism, so be gentle with yourself. But when you find your inner truth, the stuck energy will transcend, and this brings forth healing. Healing is natural when our inner reality is organized correctly. When you live in alignment with your truth, healing effortlessly unfolds. And even if finding your truth would mean facing something uncomfortable, still you’ll experience a huge relief for finally getting to your truth.


5. Inner Power

When you find your inner truth, you step into your power. You know who you are and what you want, which simplifies your life. Aligning your life with your inner truth is a gateway to your power. It allows you to live in alignment with who you are. And this positively impacts your health, relationships, and work. Inner power comes from the courage to know yourself and your deepest soul-aligned desires that you came here manifest.

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