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6 Ways How to Respond to Duality And Stay Centered

Frequently people ask me how to respond to duality and darkness. And it’s a valid question because collectively, we’re undergoing a massive transformation. This collective healing brings about an increased level of polarization. And thus, it may be more challenging to find a neutral space. Learning how to respond to duality is ever more critical. It impacts our individual experience and contributes to the creation of fear-based or loved-based collective timelines. In this article, I share with you six ways how to respond to duality.


A Frequency Shift Away From Heaven

I was shown how reality becomes ever more slippery for the longest time. Due to the portals between the 3D-4D-5D being open, we’re just a frequency shift away from experiencing an entirely different reality. When you examine your days, you may notice that your frequency fluctuates between different realms. Now we can shift ourselves into higher or lower dimensional timelines (versions of events) within a second. When we feel good, the world instantly reflects it to us. On the other hand, if our mood changes, we immediately encounter obstacles, and the time-space continuum feels stuck and slow. The mirroring is instant.

Because we can tap into a different dimensional experience of the same event with our frequency and consciousness, our focus is the key steering wheel of our experience. When we learn to ride those waves, we realize that our response to duality is essential.


The duality is the sharp contrast between light and dark which creates inner and outer conflict. 


Nowadays, it’s even easier to be pulled to beautiful versions of the same events or the fear-based ones. It’s all a matter of focus and choice. And this can luckily be practiced. As we learn to stabilize our frequency by integrating the inner duality, we become receptive to more light. Thus our whole experience changes. Learning how to respond to duality is necessary. And duality can be an inner conflict or an external situation. How we respond to duality determines what version of the event we’ll experience. Think about all the possible outcomes and events existing parallel to each other. When we respond to duality – only two possibilities exist – from a centered space, we experience inner shift and higher timelines.

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Six Ways How to Respond to Duality

Responding to duality is a matter of practice. From a higher perspective, it teaches us to remain in our center and stabilize our frequency. Thus it helps us to become masters of our frequency and consciousness. With any of these techniques, be gentle with yourself. When you slip away, simply come back. There is no need to be hard on yourself or judge yourself; come back to curiosity. You may wonder how easy and fun can this whole process become?


1. Third Way

To learn how to respond to duality, it’s essential to understand the principle of 3. Without going into deep esoteric wisdom about creating the multiverse, we know that after 2 follows number 3. Duality is represented as two. There are only two options; one is good, and the other is judged as wrong. And this inner tension creates polarity. Currently, the polarization is being intensified. There is pressure to take one side – this is the right or wrong thing. The pressure can arise from within or from the outside. Instead, it’s good to look for the third way which unifies the two. To see whether there are perhaps more solutions and more ways to look at things. If we take one side, we limit ourselves. We get stuck within those limiting beliefs and consciousness.

The third way brings duality together, and there are many possibilities after. Don’t act on the impulse to polarize yourself and be limited by duality. Remember that you’re an infinite being who experiences limitation only when one decides this is it, and this is the only truth.


Guiding Questions:

What is the third way here?
What are the solutions I’ve never considered?
How could I look at this situation differently? 
If I didn’t know what was right or wrong, what would my soul guide me to do? 
If I allowed this situation to transcend, what new doors could open?
What else is possible here that I’ve never allowed myself to see?


2. Don’t React

The second way how to respond to duality is not to react. When we react, something is controlling us. Typically, reactive emotions or choices come from conditioning. And the conditioned self isn’t the authentic self. Thus when we react, we can be sure that we don’t act in alignment with the true self. And therefore, the words, actions, or lack of action that follow likely aren’t for the highest good.

A beautiful way to respond to duality is not to react and let it dissolve. When we react, we give our power away to what we don’t like to see. You can see beyond in your heart and soul; you know there is a different way of living. Thus, what you choose is essential for you and the collective. Because certain souls have agreed to birth new solutions and a new paradigm to this world. And you and I contribute to this breathtaking process.


Never underestimate the power of your choice. 

   Instead of reacting to something, what is your truth? 


When we align with fear-based timelines, we allow them to exist. Instead, we want to be aligned with the center of our power. There is a difference between taking soul-aligned action and reacting to something. The old paradigm is slowly dissolving; when we don’t let it control our behavior and the energy of our lower chakras, it dissolves faster.

3. What Do You Want?

The next way how to respond to duality is to come back to what you want. In essence, you decide what energy you anchor into this reality. You’re the one saying yes or no. This is a very conscious process. This Golden Age needs you as much as you want the Golden Age. The energy and consciousness you let move through you will become your reality.


A new reality is just one choice away from you. 


So what do you want to birth to this planet and in your life? Are you aligning yourself with the light or something else you may not want to become your reality? Pause and realign if you align yourself with something you don’t want. Make a new choice.


4. Use it as A Motivation

And here goes my favorite tip on responding to duality. Let it motivate you to become even more light when you see darkness. Choose to embody more light. Then beautiful higher timelines become available to more people. So instead of reacting, going into fear or anger, align with your highest self. Reach out to higher solutions. Regain a new perspective through your choice. Bring more light and kindness to others. Meditate for peace and love to spread on this planet. Think out of the box and see how you can become more light. Remember, you’re the custodian and keeper of the higher consciousness on this planet.


5. Love Unifies

Another favorite tip on how to respond to duality is to unify the opposites through love. Many people have asked me what they should do when they see an increasing gap in consciousness between them and their family and friends. And the best way to help others cross that bridge is through your presence and love. When lightworkers try to “educate” others on what’s actually happening, it may lead to more separation and fragmentation. This can happen either because the information wasn’t wrapped up in love. Or it may occur because the other person can’t hear what you say. After all, their nervous system may be already overstimulated and traumatized.

Pushing consciousness (light) onto others creates even more separation. If we approach the same people with love, it creates unity and helps them step into the light. Invite more love, open up your heart and let people know that wherever they’re, they are loved.


Consciousness can sometimes separate; love always unite.

Remember that someone else’s current state of separation doesn’t threaten your connection to light. 


6. Remain in Your Center

And the last way how to respond to duality is to remain in your center. We can reach out to higher solutions and timelines when we’re in our center. Find a way always to come back. It’s practice. One day you will stay there. Then you’re able to have the proper response to what is happening. You act as a vessel to God to reach out to people through you.

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