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Is It Truth that Starseeds Are Karmically Stuck On Earth?

Are starseeds stuck on Earth? Do starseeds have to ascend on every planet they live on? Are starseeds free to return to their home planets?  This blog post is a different lesson on spiritual sovereignty, and it may resonate with those of you who are starseeds. As you read these words, I hope that something will unlock in you. It’s time to remember.


Are We Stuck On Earth?

There is a deep-seated belief that we’re stuck on the Earth. And that there is something external that has power over what the soul chooses to experience. Moreover, that invisible force can override the soul’s choice. Even though we may not consciously think about this, it controls our choices. When a belief that we’re stuck on the Earth is at the back of the mind, it impacts us.

Without realizing it, we give power away to that something invisible that feels impossible to push through. If you give your power away to the idea that you’re somehow stuck here, you let that idea become your reality. This is possible because we live in a holographic universe. Although there are common building blocks and laws of how the infinite realities overlay, to a large extent, we create our experiences. And we make the ascension journey more challenging than it’d have to be.

Now imagine that for many lives, you believe that something is inherently wrong with you. You think there is some external authority that has power over you. Now what’s going to happen is that unintentionally you create a reality where you feel stuck. As a result, you feel like a victim to the whole 3D, and ascension feels miles away. Thus one starts acting in alignment with this belief system which makes one spin in certain loops that aren’t aligned with the true workings of the ascension process.


All those concepts are false. Although they may hold certain resonance on the 3D level, at the 5D level, these concepts are limiting, and it’s time to toss them away. 

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You Chose To Be Here

It’s important to note that every one of us has chosen to be on this planet.  We came here out of free will. Because the soul decided that life on Earth would be beneficial. Thus, it’s not that someone forced us to be here (for a couple of exceptions of the fallen angels). Or that now we get to be stuck here forever. When we realize that we chose to be here, we take our power back. Suddenly, we don’t perceive life on Earth through a lens of a victim. Instead, we get inspired and playful because life here has so much to offer.

What would it change for you if you knew that you chose to be on Earth and your soul was excited about that choice?
Wouldn’t it be more interesting and fun to experience your life as someone who wants to experience it?

Starseeds and Karma

Most of you are lightworkers. For simplicity, there are 2 major groups of lightworkers; the earth-bound lightworkers and the star-bound lightworkers. The star-bound lightworkers, also called starseeds, aren’t stuck on the Earth. As a starseed, you’ve already “ascended” on a different planet. And this is because the Earth isn’t your primary body of teaching.

As a starseed, you’re here to bring star frequencies and wisdom from your star nations. But you aren’t here to ascend. Quite the opposite, you can teach others how to ascend because you’ve already done it. Moreover, starseeds hold codes for the others. Those light codes are like capsules holding specific star frequencies. Once those light codes awaken, we significantly elevate our consciousness.

Starseeds are helping with the ascension with their specific knowledge and experience. Starseeds are the wayshowers, activators, and guardians. Thus from the 3D human perspective, starseeds’ soul journey is different. One common thread is that starseeds have been on the Earth just a couple of times. The Starseeds come here during the Golden Age, like during this current one. And starseeds can come and go off the planet, switching between different dimensions and planets.

On the other hand, the earth-bound lightworkers have spent many lives on the Earth because this planet is their primary teacher. Once they ascend from here, they’ll also go to different star systems. Because the Earth is connected to a system of other planets and solar systems which exchange information. Those different planets evolve together, each embodying a various degree of consciousness.



Once starseeds awaken – remember who they are – they are the embodiments of sovereignty. Now when we look at the concept of being stuck in the 3D from a lens of sovereignty, it starts shaking in its foundation. As a sovereign soul, why would you choose to come to the 3D to be trapped here? And if there were any trapping mechanisms, would you give your power away to them? Or would you come here to burst them?

There is much that can be said about the starseeds, and in the future, I’ll speak more about their mission. But for now, know that if something doesn’t seem to be aligned with your sovereignty, it’s good to question it. It’s good to use discernment. Because we’re potent beings. And we might unconsciously create a prison for ourselves through the concepts we align with.

Does the concept of being karmically stuck on Earth feel empowering and in alignment with your sovereignty? Or do you give your power and energy away to false concepts and then not have enough spiritual light to so-called ascend?

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