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reality is an illusion

Reality Is An Illusion: Is Your Life Nothing But A Giant Hologram?

I’ve been hesitant to write this post because I know how controversial the topic it might be, but today is the time 🙂

Here is the thing:


Our reality is an illusion. In fact, what we agree as reality is nothing but a giant hologram that consists of our individual holograms. 


If you had two people looking at one thing, both would describe it differently because both of them would see another aspect of the same thing. What they would look at, would be influenced by their perceptions. Thus, they’d both see what they want to see, and they both would be right.

Which might, by the way, explain why everyone claims to know what is the right (and only) real thing and even fight for it because they see something else than others. We all interact with our own holograms. 

A holographic universe

Quantum physicists come to an agreement that our universe is a 3D hologram. Everything that we see around us as 3D originates from a flat 2D plane.

Everything that we hear, feel, see, and even our perception of time is encoded in the 2D space. It’s the same concept as a 3D cinema where you take on the 3D glasses and can see the movie three-dimensionally. Although, the 3D images come from the 2D screen. (You can read more about the holographic universe here).

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The reality is an illusion

The theory of the holographic universe starts to be widely accepted among the physicists, but we can go much more in-depth with it.


Not just that our 3D world is a massive hologram, but we each also live in own projection. 


Our consciousness projects itself into its environment. Thus when we look around ourselves, we don’t see the reality as it is, but we see it distorted by our perceptions.

The easiest example to understand holograms is in relationships. When you meet someone who you like, you projection your admiration and love on them. Everything they do is fine, and you feel happy in their company. The reason why you perceive the other person as positive is that you project your own positive qualities on them as they remind you of your better aspects.


What you admire about others is what you already have within yourself.


For instance, you can be aware of someone’s creativity only because you’re creative yourself (even if you don’t admit it). When you fall in love with someone, and you think that they’re the best, it doesn’t mean that the other person has no bad qualities. You’re not merely aware of them. You selectively ignore the other person the way they are, and you project your best aspects on them. But it doesn’t mean that what you see is “real.”

Then something happens (you’re triggered in some way) and your perception of them changes. Suddenly, you feel uneasy with them, and you start noticing their flaws. In fact, the other person may not have changed at all. The only thing that has shifted is that now, you’re playing out a different hologram.

You form the reality the way you want to see it. Everyone is doing the same. Thus we all live on own holograms. I know that this may sound too off, and you may think it’s not possible to use this information practically, but you can shape your own reality any way you wish. In fact, unconsciously you’re doing just that. (You can read more about how psychological projections work here).


You live in your hologram

Our 3D realm has always been holographic but since 2012 a major shift happened and our individual holograms are even more powerful.

I know that many people were disappointed about 2012, but it was a massive transition point indeed. Our collective consciousness has shifted, and we don’t see the world in the same way as before. I’m sure that your life has changed and you’ve been in a personal transformation lately.

More and more people wake up to the truth that the way our society, politics, economy, and the way we treat nature doesn’t work for us any longer. People can see through the illusions better, and some are becoming furious about the state our world is in. We all feel that many things need to change and they’re advancing, but there the darkness is the most visible before the light enters.

Thus, 2012 was a huge shift in our collective consciousness, and a new doorway opened. Of course, the transition never happens overnight, and it’s about each of our decisions which kind of world we’ll have.

Another thing which happened in 2012 is that we manifest our realities faster than before. You can see that the time flows faster which is related to the fact that we live more in a present moment.


We don’t share the same reality to the degree that we think. 


You can create any kind of life you wish because you have a 100% control over what is in your hologram. The quality of our thoughts, emotions, energy, decisions, words, and deeds creates our hologram.


It means that you experience something which feels absolutely real, but it’s only you who experiences it. You create your hologram and make it look real.


You can think about it as everyone would walk in their individual bubbles. From the viewpoint of our bubble, we assume that the whole world is the same. We aren’t aware of what is outside our bubble.


Other people are actors in your hologram – they mirror you the aspects of themselves that you need to learn from.


One person mirrors multiple different aspects to people in their lives. One individual, let’s call him Tom, can be irritating to Jim while loving to Caren. Both Jim and Caren interact with contrasting facets of Tom based on which part of Tom they need to experience.


Examples of holographic life

Only you decide what you experience and what in your hologram is. Thus it’s good to be cautious of mistakenly taking other people’s perspectives into your hologram.

If someone tells you that something isn’t possible, they say it from their perspective of reality – it may not be possible in their hologram. But their opinion has no real power over you until the moment you believe it because then you pull it into your hologram, so you share the same belief which shapes what you experience in your hologram.


To make it more clear to you, here are some examples of how we can change our hologram:

  1. Unexpectedly, your friend gets upset with you. You realize that there is no real reason for their change of mood, but they’re anyway acting out of control. When recognizing that they reflect an aspect of you that you called into your hologram, you can change the situation. Without discussing with them, you can take full control of the situation and fill it with love. You can understand that they mirror you some inner tension that you already have within and you can surrender the whole situation to love. In a moment, they become kind again as nothing happened. It may sound simple, but it works.
  2. You start to feel pain in your back. Instead of believing that you don’t have any control over your health, you take full ownership of the pain and understand what the cause is. Thus there is no more reason why your body should take on the illusion of being sick.
  3. You go to a job interview that you’re very interested in. You can decide what kind of result (that they offer you the job) you want even before going there and then your hologram will shape accordingly.


I know that these examples may seem doubtful. You may think that it can’t be so easy and it’s not easy because most of the people don’t consciously create their holograms. Most of the people let anything impact the reality of their experience because it takes a high dose of awareness and understanding of how the reality works. It’s about self-mastery which we refine over some time.


You’re a sovereign creator of every single experience in your life. If you don’t like something, you can change it. To be more exact, no one else can change it for you unless you don’t want to.

There are hundreds of situations that we can feel powerless about, but the more you’ll remind yourself that you’re a conscious creator of your life, the more you’ll master your hologram.

Don’t let anyone put their negative energies into your hologram and tell you that you can’t do something because it’s far from the truth.

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