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Be a Conscious Creator and Create Your Own Kingdom

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I want you to change your perspective on your life from something that arbitrarily happens to you. Instead, let’s look at life ( and all your relationships) as they would be your kingdom which you nurture and consciously create every day. Thus, be a conscious creator of your reality.


Let’s broaden our perspectives together!

Imagine that you’re a queen or king and you rule in a kingdom called your life. You’re the one who decides whether others are happy in your kingdom. Likewise, you’re responsible for your body, mind, and spirit.

You decide what food you put into your body. You’re responsible for the quality of your thoughts. And it’s entirely up to you how fast and how much you’ll grow spiritually.

Each of your relationships is an extension of you. Relationships with friends, family, with money, or with your job. You’re the source of them all as you’ve created them.

As a conscious creator of your reality, you know that your relationships are energetical assignments to help you grow. Thus you take the ownership of your part of the equation.

This is the only way, as far as I know, how to create loving and conscious relationships. If we’re married, we shouldn’t take the love for granted.

Instead, ask yourself how to express your love to your spouse every day, and your marriage will transform and blossom. The moment we become reactive and passive, the spark is gone.


We have the fire in our hearts, and therefore we must use it actively and infuse with our inner fire all our relationships so they can thrive. 


Playing a victim is a guaranteed way to misery and powerlessness. When you start playing a victim, it’s a matter of short time until you’ll believe your stories as well.

Difficult situations are meant to grow you the most. But if you choose to believe in your victimhood than you stop creating your life consciously and you’ll get exactly what you don’t like.

To create your own kingdom means to become the moving force behind everything in your life. It’s your life, and you’re the only responsible person for your life. It’s a shame to give up before even trying to live to the fullest.

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