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It’s Time to Manifest Your Dreams Now! Here is Why.

I wrote an article about the current planetary energies that influence our energy and mental bodies. But since I feel that this topic is crucial, and I want to make sure that you know about these things, I’ll talk about the shift that is occurring from another perspective in this article.


Since May 2018, a window of new opportunities has opened up. Intense positive energy is flowing to us and accelerating our manifestations. 


These are indeed exciting times because the hard work that we’ve done on ourselves is being rewarded. As a collective, we’ve cleaned up a lot of negative and dark energy on this planet, and now it’s time to create our desired realities. The manifestation becomes easier, and we all are becoming powerful creators of our lives.

The old world is dying out

You may have noticed that our times are shifting a lot. From the political and economic levels to the personal and spiritual. The structures of the old world are dying out, and the new ones are being born.


Before being born, we all agreed to participate in this breath-taking and one-of-its-kind transformation.


If you say that you can see more negativity in the world, it’s because we’re more aware of what has always been going on. As we’ve become more conscious as the collective, we can see through the lies and manipulation easier than ever. Thus it seems that the world goes crazy at times, but it’s a result of our altered perception.

Moreover, when we, lightworkers (I dare to say that you’re one of them), continually keep bringing more light on the planet, the darkness becomes more visible and tries to grip the old structure with its last breaths.

Yet, overall, the light is strengthening every second, and when we unite, nothing can stop the motion anymore.

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How can you use the planetary energy to manifest your dreams?

The current planetary wave is related to global transformation. As more light can enter our planet now, it has created a massive momentum, and we’re being supported more than before.


It’s time to be extra focused on what exactly you want to see in your life because you’ll receive it. 


Simply said, we stand at the crossroad when we can let go of old pains and conditioning and rewrite the story of our life. Releasing old wounds is essential at the moment because otherwise, we recreate them in the future.

It’s like going to the second grade of elementary school. We’re ready to jump to the third grade, but before we go, we need to show that we’ve mastered and understood the lessons from the first and second grades.


Echoes from the past

In order to pass the exams, we go through what we’ve learned one more time. Thus in the areas where you’ve struggled, you’ll be tested again. Perhaps a couple of times, if you don’t pass the exam with straight A’s at the first attempt.

This creates echoes from the past when you think like you’ve mastered something, but all of a sudden, you experience a similar situation, and you question yourself whether you’ve genuinely moved on.

The past resonance can come in the form of a person who you thought had left your life. Without warning, that person is in your life again, and they open up feelings that you used to have related to them.

Now the question is, what will you do about it? The echoes want you to reassess what is true for you and what you choose. It asks you whether you’ve understood the lesson correctly or you’ve made a mistake.

Thus you face two options when the echoes come to your life: 

  • either you indeed mastered the lesson and the person (or situation) is nothing but echo and you can let it go for good
  • or you misunderstood the lesson before, and now it’s time to adjust the course and make a new decision


Hence our task as a collective is to revisit the old experiences and determine once again what the right choice are.


Manifest your dreams 

The echoes and planetary waves are both closely related to the manifestation. Our choices and thoughts are being amplified at the moment thus, we can utilize that fact to our advantage and create what we want.


Energetically speaking, we’re at the point when we can create something unprecedented.


Something that has never happened yet. It means that you’re at the point of rewriting your future story in the way you want.

If you’ve struggled with finance, job, or love now is the time to change it. Anything is possible when you allow it. You can flip your financial story around and create abundance in your life. You can massively heal everything from your past and choose differently in the future.

I guess that you can feel my excitement as I’m typing these words 🙂 I’ve been feeling this coming at least from 2017 (if not 2016), and I would also say others it’s right behind the corner, and now it’s here so let’s take the ride 😉


Here are my tips on how to manifest your dreams and what to be cautious of. 


1. Don’t let others negatively interfere in your manifestation

It’s always good to be selective with the people in your environment. When you share your goals and dreams with someone, others naturally bring their energy into your manifestation if they have any feelings about it, and they mostly do!

Thus be aware of revealing too much to the people who aren’t ready yet to celebrate your happiness with you. At the same account, be mindful of allowing others to determine what is possible for YOU.

If they don’t share the high and exciting visions with you, it’s not the sign of your naivety, rather it means that you two resonate at different wavelengths. That’s it, and it’s alright. Let them be where they’re, and let’s focus on where you’re and where you want to be.


2. Clear out the old baggage

Together with the echoes from the past, you may notice that you still have limiting beliefs about love, finances, or your life calling. That’s alright. Acknowledge the fact and work on releasing it.

You can shed light on any dysfunctional patterns to avoid recreating similar situations in your future.


3. Have a clear vision of where you’re going

Having a vision is vital. It’s like traveling through a vast land, knowing exactly that we head the north and recognizing when we approach it.

If you don’t have a vision that inspires you, then it’s time to allow yourself to dream! While crafting your vision, make sure that it reflects your best self. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to dream bigger because it’ll fire you up day by day.

Once you’re happy with your vision, meditate on it each day. Let it sink into the body cells and feel the fulfillment and excitement in your heart.


Feeling into your vision creates a powerful magnet which attracts the right people and situations in your life. 


I have a strong vision for you all. In my vision, I can see you leading a happy and fulfilled life, and you also positively impact others, becoming the messengers of light for the people in your life. This gives me the fuel and guidance on what next steps to take.

Have fun with crafting your vision!

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