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how mind influences body

How Mind Influences Body to Heal or Create Illness

At first sight, we might think that the body is separated and independent of mind. We can see virus and bacteria attacking the body which we subsequently heal with the use of medicaments. Although this is an entirely logical assumption, we must first ask ourselves what was first – the egg or the chicken?


“Only the mind is capable of enlightenment. The Spirit is already enlightened, and the body itself is too terse.”

                                                                                                          – A Course in Miracles


I love this quote from my most favorite book A Course in Miracles (that inspired me to write Become the CEO of Your Mind). You might wonder what does it have in common with the mind-body connection? Well, everything. The real reason why the body is weakened in the first place is that the mind is weak and fearful.  

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How mind influences body?

Let me explain to you how does the mind and body work by sharing with you an experiment of Masaru Emoto. Emoto was a Japanese author and researcher who proved that human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water.

In his research, Emoto exposed glasses of water to different words, music, and pictures. Some of the words were positive such as love, enlightenment, or gratefulness. Whereas the other group of words was negative such as anger, despair, or depression. Then he froze the water and took a microscopic picture of water molecules.

When Emoto exposed the water to positive words, the water molecules formed beautiful structures. Whereas the negative words created rather chaotic formations.


Since our bodies consist of about 60% of water, we influence and “charge” the water in our bodies to create either beautiful or chaotic geometric structures. 


When we think or feel an emotion, it’s like writing the word on a piece of paper and let the water in the body change its molecular structure based on what we wrote. The water responds to what we write on the paper (what we think or feel).

I know that this might sound too simplistic but this is is the easiest way how to explain the mind-body connection. The body resonates with what we think. We give our bodies orders to create what we want.

Imagine that you have a stressful period that may last even half a year. Perhaps you have too many projects going on at work, or your family member is sick, and you worry about them. You feel stressed most of the time, so it’s logical that you don’t have the most amazing thoughts ever.

You might repeat yourself that these projects are already too much to take. Or that you can’t continue like this anymore and you don’t like that pressure. This is the information that you feed your body continuously. Day by day you send your body information about your current situation is stressful.

Sure enough, the body must respond. The mind is the CEO of the body so the body can only align itself with the orders it receives from the mind. With the help of Emoto’s research, you can think about it that you’re subconsciously creating chaotic molecule structures in water that is in your body.

Broken and chaotic structure means that your body is weakened and open to viruses. It cannot efficiently work. For viruses, it’s easy to affect the already chaotic molecular structure.

Think about it why you sometimes get ill even without any visible reason while other times your whole family can be sick but you’re fine?

It’s not luck, neither chance. I know that some people don’t like to hear it but we can, and we do influence our bodies by our mind.


The mind continually sends information to your body and impacts its health and looks.


That’s why sometimes pills don’t help, and other times people get healed from cancer by themselves. The problem isn’t the body, but it’s what we think and feel. This needs to be healed. But it takes time and a lot of mindful work which no everyone is willing to do.

So, of course, it’s more comfortable to take pills and say that”real” science does not back it. Just try it for yourself, and you’ll see. You don’t need to believe what I say here neither what scientists and medical companies say.

Make your own opinion it’s worth it! It’s your own life after all. You choose the way you live it, and you choose your freedom or not.


You can watch a short video of Emoto’s experiment

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