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parents are our greatest teachers

Here is Why Parents Are Our Greatest Teachers

Parents are our greatest teachers. Unconsciously, they train us by questioning our intentions (and sanity). They’re like a resistance band that we carry around us. It makes our decision and soul muscles hurt, but it also makes them stronger.

Without realizing it, we filter our decisions through our parents (and society that most influenced us). Our parent’s way of thinking and habits transmute into the negative judge in our heads. In front of who, the judge needs to justify our choices that are unconsciously fed by our inherited patterns. 

When we want to be free, quit the job, and travel the world, many parents oppose it. No reason seems to be good enough for them to give us the green light. Soul calling, being genuinely happy may seem not to be a valid ground for them.

I’ve noticed this amazing thing when I was discussing with my friends about their dreams. They all are inspired people with wonderful ideas. Yet, they have in common that they allowed their parents to talk their way from fulfilling their dreams.

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Parents are our greatest teachers

The universe will always test the power of your intention. You need to have a firm and clear intention to succeed.


To hone your intention, the universe will test your determination through your greatest teachers.


Their disapproval is not to stop you. Their criticism is to make you fight for what you value the most.

Therefore, parents need to disagree with your desires at first. By doing so, they offer you an opportunity to get strong enough, so you’re ready to face the obstacles on your way.

To make your dreams happen, you need determination, discipline, and courage.

If you slip, you need to make yourself stand back on feet. If you face hardship, you need to work your way through it. No one else can do it instead of you. Therefore, your intentions and determination must be as of a roaring lion.

Parents are our greatest teachers because they willingly yet unconsciously take on this role.

As contradictional as it may sound, they make you stronger by not supporting you.

They make you want it more by questioning your dreams. They prepare you for facing the world.


You determine how much your parents test you.

When you don’t give up and tell them that you make it happen anyway. Regardless of anyone and anything. You’re ready to fulfill your potential. Be a lion instead of a little mouse.

Once you know with certainty that no one can talk you away from your dreams, your parents will become your greatest supporters since you don’t need the lesson to make you stronger any longer.

Please don’t make it about them when it all is about you.

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