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4 Key Principles of How to Discern Spiritual Information

People ask me frequently how to discern spiritual information. In the age of information, discerning information should come to the forefront of our attention. Especially when it comes to discerning spiritual information, the process might be confusing. Although discernment is a process that takes practice, here are some basic guidelines on how to discern spiritual information.

Why Do We Need to Discern Spiritual Information?

When you go through a spiritual awakening, your consciousness opens up to a new extent. In those early stages upon awakening, everything feels new, and we realize that there is so much information out there. Naturally, we begin to dive deep into books and other material and soak in everything. It might take some time before we ask ourselves whether the information is true.

However, not all knowledge comes from the same space, and that’s why we have to learn to discern spiritual information. Depending on which dimension and level of consciousness we pull information from, its relevance and accuracy might significantly differ. As our consciousness opens up and starts to expand, it first moves through the layers of 4th dimension. And it’s often in the lower 4D where the information gets most twisted.

Therefore, it’s important to let our consciousness expand beyond the 4D into higher realms to discern spiritual information. As we first tap into the 4th dimension, we might be flooded by all kinds of theories and channeled material (not all channeled material is from there, though). There is no shortage of information.

Currently, our collective mostly operates with the consciousness of 3D, 4D, and 5D. Most information comes from one of those dimensions, and they each correspond to different levels of consciousness.

Yet if we get stuck in the 4D level of consciousness, we might go down the rabbit hole and unconsciously welcome in confusion. Once again, a part of awakening is learning to move through the 4D. Even in 5D or higher, it doesn’t mean that the information is IT. It’s still is relative truth, but the level of the distortion gets smaller.

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How To Discern Spiritual Information

The fact that we have to go through learning to discern spiritual information isn’t accidental. It’s not something that is against us, but it actually trains and refines our spiritual muscles. So that we’re eventually ready to reunite with the galactic family and higher dimensions. This is one of our collective and personal initiations. As our consciousness expands, we can read the same information from different levels of consciousness. Thus, we can see that if we look at one piece of information from different angles, it starts to connect and make sense.

As we begin to discern spiritual information, we realize that some information might be completely wrong. While another piece of information might have a truth attached to it, and the rest is twisted. And some information is true entirely. Usually, when the piece of knowledge is true, there are no doubts. You know it. It shifts your entire system in a nanosecond.

Below, you’ll find four principles that will help you to discern spiritual information. I also welcome you to watch the related video below as it goes deeper into the whole process.

1. Be Fluid

The first principle of discerning spiritual information is to be fluid. When we align with some information, we align ourselves with the corresponding level of consciousness. If let’s say, we’d align with something that resonates with the lower 4D consciousness, over time, the information might create severe cracks in our consciousness. It can seed in illusions, fears and make us see a mirror-like reality instead of the truth.

Therefore, it’s better to be fluid and let your consciousness keep expanding. If something doesn’t ring true, don’t align with it. Remain fluid, like water moving through various landscapes (aka dimensions). The moment you say to yourself this is true, you lock your consciousness into that particular reality. Yet later, when you become fluid again, you realize that it was just one layer of the information. It was not the final truth yet.

2. Take Your Time

To discern spiritual information, take your time. As you keep expanding, you’ll see the same thing from higher and higher perspectives. This can’t be rushed through. Therefore if you stay fluid and take your time, more pieces of the puzzle will come to you.

Get comfortable with the unknown and allow yourself the luxury of time.

When you sit with a piece of information without going into fixed statements like right or wrong, you allow yourself to see beyond. Beyond right and wrong is truth. The truth is simple and powerful. When you know the truth, you’ll know. There are no doubts. Clarity arrives, and it expands you even more. It’s okay not to rush into having the final answer. It’s actually the desire to label things as good or bad, which locks us in lower dimensions and welcomes illusions.

3. Be Neutral

The next key principle of discerning spiritual information is about being neutral. When we’re neutral, we can see the truth faster. Being neutral means that the information does not trigger us. Being triggered shows that we have some unhealed emotional wounds related to the information. As we look at why something triggers us and we heal it, we bring in clarity. The healing journey brings us to the neutral space.

Neutrality means that we don’t have any stuck emotions in our system, and thus we can read the information with more precision.

4. Does It Empower You?

Another way how to discern spiritual information is to see whether it’s empowering. Twisted information will always disempower you. It’ll make you feel like you have fewer options in your life or space is closing down on you. And it might feel as if you have to go and fix something in you. On the other hand, when the information is true, it feels like an invitation. It invites you to become more of who you are. There is a sense of spaciousness and calm energy. It feels like coming more home.

Truth unifies. Untruth creates chaos, and it destroys. Truth liberates and empowers you; it makes you feel sovereign. On the other hand, untruth takes you into all kinds of mental loops without any clear direction. When something is true, it feels as if this is it. Suddenly, things are coming to alignment. There is this unifying field of truth that brings different perspectives together.

When the truth is delivered with compassion, it liberates your soul. It reminds you of the truth of your being.

Here are a couple of questions to guide you:

Does this information empower me?
Does it unify something in me?
Are things (different perspectives I held) coming to alignment now?
Do I feel calm?
Is this information true? Yes, a simple question, and it creates magic.

How to Discern Spiritual Information

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