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Dreams and Spirituality and Astral Realm: 4 Tips for Lightworkers

Dreams have always been a fascinating tool for spirituality to me. We can use the dreams to show us where we are on the spiritual journey. And we can also use a dream state to help us get to the next level or receive spiritual information. There are no limits as we learn to work with our dreams consciously. Imagine that you could know things before they happen and, if needed, alter the course or prepare for them.

Or imagine you could see any past events and understand the correlation between situations that would be hidden from the conscious mind.  And what if your dreams would always inform you what you’re going through on your spiritual journey? All of this and more we can access through the dreams. So, let’s look at some tips that may help you work with your dreams as a tool for your spiritual journey. (I also recommend watching my YouTube videos as I mention some extra things there).


What Actually Happens When We Sleep

Dreams and spirituality are one and the same. One of the reasons dreams are a tool for spirituality is that we get to experience the 4D. The 4D is commonly known as the astral realm. The astral realm is the next layer next to the physical 3D reality. In the astral realm, we face our biggest fears, unprocessed emotions, or we may meet a deceased relative. Anything we think of instantly manifests. We can learn to manipulate dreams consciously and thus train ourselves.


Part of the ascension is to master and pass through the astral realm, and working with our dreams helps. 


When we sleep, we travel with our astral body into the astral realm. Thus we see the energetics of situations, thought forms, or emotions before they manifest. This gives us leverage because we can play out certain energetic dynamics without them seeping into the 3D. So we can process some unconscious patterns before they’d manifest in our 3D lives. Likewise, we can create new energetic structures and charge them with intentions and spiritual energy to help them manifest in 3D. And, of course, everyone is doing this. When the dreams become conscious, you can use this energy consciously.

What we dream about we’re experiencing in the astral realm. Thus it’s real but different because we operate in another dimension. And this is possible because the astral body returns to its native astral realm, and from that level of awareness, it’s “real.”


Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

Dreams and Spirituality: 4 Tips to Get the Most of Your Dream State

Dreams and spirituality have always been interlinked. When we learn to manipulate our dreams while sleeping, we can visit any place and talk to anyone. Thus we can use it for our spiritual education. Ask for the things that will help us evolve our consciousness. We can also recognize different types of dreams and learn to know what they’re telling us. Some dreams allow us to see the past or the future.

We might also see what’s happening in other people’s lives with whom we have a soul contract to help them ascend. Or you may meet deceased relatives and talk with them and assist them in bringing some closure to something. On the other hand, some dreams are meant just to balance out the energy of the day or the conscious life. Then there are the dreams where we’re being trained by spiritual teachers or going to a spiritual school.


Get curious and intimate with your dreams, and you’ll find a spiritual treasure that will be a guide on your spiritual journey. 


1. Decode and Remember the Dreams

To use dreams as a spiritual tool is good to remember them. Once the dreams are remembered, we can tap into their spiritual message consciously. Remembering the dreams is related to how open the third eye is. If you want to remember the dreams, then work on your third eye. There are many techniques like meditations and recalling the details of objects with closed eyes.

Another tip to remember your dreams is to keep your eyes closed and try to recall your dreams as you wake up. When you keep your eyes closed, recall the story of the dreams and the symbols. If this feels difficult, a good way to start is to recall the feeling. Once you recall the feeling, remember the overall energy of the dream, then think of the symbols (like seeing a peacock, emerald color, etc.). And the last step is to recall the whole story. Next, you can meditate on the symbols and see what they mean to you and what associations you have connected to them. Or you may also look the symbols up in dream dictionaries (like this one).


Since, through the dreams, the subconscious mind communicates to the conscious mind, it matters what those symbols mean to you. It’s more important than what a dream dictionary would tell you. 

2. Face Your Fears

Spirituality and dreams also intersect when it comes to facing the deepest fears. Here we don’t talk about the obvious fears. Instead, we speak about deep-seated fears like being afraid to shine, fear of one’s soul’s power, etc. Those fears are represented symbolically in the dreams. Sometimes it can also be a literal representation. Here it’s important to face those fears. So, we don’t run away or hide or wake up, but we find some solution and face it.


3. Teachers and Others

One of the most beautiful experiences of spirituality and dreams is working with spiritual teachers. We get assigned higher and higher spiritual teachers to work with us as we evolve. This sacred work happens while conscious or in the dream state. I’m sure you can recall some dreams when you’ve encountered non-physical spiritual teachers or attended a spiritual school.

The non-physical spiritual teachers interact with the astral body in the astral realm. We’re more receptive to their teachings in the dream state because we can leave the physical body behind. Starseeds also meet teachers from other star nations and may be taken to other planets for the training. Also, the teachers change as we grow. Thus don’t be concerned if some teacher you’ve met in your dreams has disappeared. It means that it’s time for integration and then the next level.


4. Seeing Energy Upon Waking Up

An interesting intersection of spirituality and dreams is seeing energy or beings upon waking up. As the astral body returns to the physical body, it moves through layers of consciousness. And it may happen that you suddenly wake up, and the astral body is not fully back in the physical body. In this state,  we may see the energies or beings that are seeping through the astral.

Some of those interactions may be positive. For instance, you wake up suddenly and see energetic portals, orbs of light, or light beings in the room. Here always go with your intuition. If it feels light and it has bright light colors, likely it’s coming from the light. On the other hand, one can also see dark energies in form of spiders or dark portals. And these aren’t from the light. These are coming from the lower astral realm.


In that case, you can command your space. You can say something like, “This interference is against my free will” from calm and serene energy. I command it to leave now.”


Another tip is to ask the being, who are you? Then they may start dissolving. Another question to help determine whether the being is from the light is asking three times: “Are you from the Light?” The tricksters of the astral realm usually can’t lie or pretend three times in a row. So, again, they may start disappearing, and that’s an answer too.

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