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Lightworkers Get Ready; You’ll Be Asked to Step Up

Lightworkers, get ready. It’s time. Hiding in a cave won’t protect you. Only when you step into your power and fully embody who you came here to be, you are safe and living your highest life. It’s time to stop hiding and waiting because everything you truly want is on the other side of fear. You didn’t come here to wait for a miracle to pull you out of the trajectory of your current life. Instead, you’ve come here to let your inner magic fully unfold. The truth is that you activate yourself. And you create that magic in your life. There is no secret formula. The magic has been within you all along.


Lightworkers Get Ready, Here is Why

Lightworkers get ready because, on the soul level, you have a contract to fulfill. Of course, the fulfillment can also unfold in other life, but why wait? Has waiting ever brought you closer to your dreams? Or was it a change in you and your decision that activated a quantum shift? We have strange relationships with time. We don’t fully understand how to use this expression of primordial consciousness correctly. But I can tell you that waiting doesn’t equal living an easy and happy life.


On the contrary, the energy of waiting stems either from ignorance or fear. Both energies generate unnecessary obstacles.


Lightworkers, get ready because what you came here to do will be hunting you until you embrace it. There is no hiding. No going back. You can only move forward. Or get stuck in time loops.

Lightworkers, get ready because one day you’ll wish you had started earlier. Most lightworkers feel they’ve wasted time. And now imagine how it will feel at the end of your life if you continue your life exactly the way it is now. Perhaps, you’re already living your highest life. And maybe, you’re not. Simply use your mind to show you where the current energy of your life leads you.

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The Collective Waves of Stepping Up

Your wave of awakening will be called to step up and lead. Of course, you can step into your leadership earlier or later. However, you’ll feel a clear call to go deeper and higher than ever before. The call will be undeniable. And therefore, lightworkers get ready.

However, not all lightworkers make the jump when they’re asked to guide the new waves of awakening people. I’ve seen this time and time again. Some people flirt with spirituality. They look for sensations like someone telling them what to do and who they are without doing the actual work on their behalf.


But to become a spiritual leader, which all lightworkers can become, it’s time to spiritually mature.


Running away from your shadow, staying on the mind and emotional level of spirituality, not taking responsibility, being hunted by ancient fears of being visible and others hurting you need to go. There is no space for them if you truly want to activate your highest potential. And therefore, it’s time for lightworkers to get ready. Because you’ll be asked to step up. And when it happens, your future self will thank you for laying those foundations so that you can go further than you had ever dreamed of going.

The process of awakening and stepping into the next level is pre-planned. As we align with the energy of the waves moving through the collective, we move higher. The wave carries us. And to utilize this quantum energy, we need to be ready and lay strong foundations. If our foundations are strong, the next collective quantum wave moves us higher. And it will feel and seem as if you’re kissed by luck and abundance and happy synchronicity. However, if we resist those collective waves and don’t jump, we experience resistance, slowing down things.


This Is Not A Rehearsal; It’s Real

Our times – this life – isn’t a rehearsal; it’s real. We aren’t here to practice forever. Quite the opposite, the galactic opening is activated to step into our power. Many of you have felt the call since 2020. Everything that you’ve been practicing needs to be embodied. This is your time to shine. You’re not here by accident. And neither are you a victim. Your soul has chosen to be here. Now. So, lightworkers get ready. Because your higher self will guide you to step up more and more.

We aren’t here to wait until our lives, and our human self is perfect. Unfortunately, in this dimension, it doesn’t work that way. But we’re here to be vulnerable with our deepest yearnings in the heart. As we embrace our soul’s calling, things will fall into the right place. Lightworkers, get ready because you’ve been waiting for is happening now. Yes, it may be messy. And yes, it may have come in different packaging than you wanted. But it’s here. Are you ready?


Align With Your Highest Timelines

When you’re asked to step up, it’s good to be ready for it. When you do your homework and burn down the eons of programming designed to keep you unconscious, you’ll keep rising. As the collective wave will move through your wave of awakening and ask you to guide others, it’s good to have mastered your individual self by then. There will be more lessons related to leadership later on. And there will be many new levels to expand into. When the human self is aligned with where your soul is going, you’ll make quantum leaps. Therefore, it’s good for lightworkers to get ready and serious about who they are.

When you’re ready as you’re asked to step up, you’re on your highest timeline. On the other hand, you feel stuck if this is not the case. It feels like the energy in your life isn’t moving. And it feels as if you’re hitting the wall. The same brick wall, to be precise. Thus synchronicity slows down. And everything you’ve ever wanted is pending. It’s suspended in the air. You can smell it. You can tell that you’re meant for more, but it simply isn’t coming.

Thus we can also get out of alignment with Time. And this brings us to slower timelines. When resistance shows up. And stepping up feels increasingly more difficult. Lightworkers, get ready because you’ll be asked to bring your creations to existence regardless. But it may feel like you have to force it. And this is not necessary. Remember that we don’t have to suffer our way through ascension. The light can teach you as well.

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