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Use this Activation to Reclaim the Power of Your Voice

How can you reclaim the power of your voice? The power of voice isn’t only about speaking; it’s also about knowing when to remain silent, how to listen, and how to align with your core frequency. Over lifetimes, many lightworkers have suppressed their voices. They have learned to stay invisible, suppressing their gifts. But it’s time to reclaim the power of your voice, for it sets the right vibration to the rest of your life and creations.


Finding Your Resonance

If the power of voice is used correctly, it teaches us moderation. This may not be popular in our times. But temperance is key to finding our core resonance. When the power of voice is repressed, we tend to overdo it or be silent when we shouldn’t be. There is no temperance. As we speak, we release vibrations and geometric patterns. Those vibrations create a field of resonance. Ideally, we want to have our energy field charged up with vibrations aligned with the true self. Think of the words you release through the power of your voice and think of what resonance it creates in your field.

When we speak the words of untruth or with bad intentions, it becomes our destiny because we get caught up in our own web of inharmonious vibrations. From a higher dimensional perspective, those vibrations also look like geometric patterns. When a psychic looks at people, they may see what patterns people carry with them. The energy of those patterns and vibrations can be transformed. However, to do that, we have to activate the true power of our voice. Not a force that pretends to be powerful but lacks temperance. And not a silence that appears to be kind but is rooted in fear.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

Tune into the right resonance by exploring these questions:

  • What words do you use that lack your soul’s power behind them?
  • How does it feel when you speak too much or at the wrong time?
  • What happens to your frequency after you speak untruthful words or words rooted in fear, anger, etc.?
  • What excessive statements, habits, or even possessions would you let go of if you invited moderation into your life?
  • If you aligned with the resonance of your soul, how would you use the power of your voice?
  • When you stay quiet when you shouldn’t, how does it impact your life?
  • When you are silent when you shouldn’t, what energy do you let run through you in those moments? (For instance, the energy of not being accepted).
  • Do you know how to listen, or do you think of the answer before somebody has finished what they had wanted to say?


Reclaim the Power of Your Voice

To reclaim the power of your voice, you need to look at both ends of the spectrum. Often when people are taking back the power of their voices, they go into the other extreme. They might speak and speak a lot and to everyone. They express their opinions on every topic. Although this is often a part of the healing, this isn’t what reclaiming the power of your voice means. We also need to learn to listen and to know when to be quiet. And we learn to choose the words which express the language of the soul.

As we reclaim the power of our voices, our intuition increases too. The intuition will tell us what should be expressed and with whom. Sometimes what we want to say is the right thing to say, but we say it at the wrong time or to the wrong people. As the right resonance charges our aura when we speak the right words, our psychic ears read the vibration of others to determine whether that which is going to be shared is meant for them or not.

Being the keeper of your voice also means that you back it up with the power of your heart. Thus your words are powerful yet gentle. They can be received with deep understanding because they are used in the right resonance. And thus, your voice can strengthen and mature over time. Thus being clear on our intention before we speak is essential. Because we may share something for wrong reasons, or it may be rooted in fear or in the ego.

Another important aspect of reclaiming the power of your voice is to express your essence clearly. Only when we know who we are can we communicate our being to others. This allows our soul’s essence to be visible and fully expressed. How can you use the power of your voice to express your essence in your life?

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