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How Desires Prevent Spiritual Ascension (And Why It Is Okay)

Can you ascend while having desires? Are desires an obstacle to the ascension journey? There is a lot of confusion about having desires and spirituality. Over time, different schools of thought offered various perspectives on this topic. This led to the creation of many ascetic disciplines and fears that actually have the opposite impact. On the topic of desires, I resonate with the Buddhist perspective that desires aren’t good for ascension. But, there are so many buts that we will cover today. If we only look at one perspective, we miss the whole picture. Purely denying all desires won’t serve anyone on the spiritual journey; quite the opposite. So let’s break down the topic of desires and ascension.

Meet The Astral – Desire – Body

The astral body is generally the house of our desires. Those with a strong sacral chakra – the Lemurian “consequence” – are driven by desires more than others. This is roughly about 60-70% of humankind. We can see that in all aspects of the world around us. Some people get most excited when they have a new desire to fulfill. This creates a cycle of separation, striving, and a brief bliss. As an infinite being, we first need to separate ourselves from the awareness that we aren’t separated from what we desire. Initially, we need to see the desire as something outside of ourselves. Then we put in the effort, time, tears, and sweat to make it happen. Finally, we experience a short-lived moment of fulfillment, only to discover a next desire rising within us.

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The “desire body” inhabits the astral realm. The astral realm can be associated with the subconscious mind. It’s the realm of illusions, dreams, and desires. It corresponds to the fourth dimension. We visit the astral realm when we go to sleep. The desire body wants to express and fulfill all our desires. An interesting thing about desires is that they never die out. What was once set in motion needs to find its fulfillment or be balanced out differently. 

Could this explain some things on Earth?

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What Happens When We Die?

When we die, we have 2 different impulses at the soul level. One impulse is towards human life and further incarnations. And the other impulse is towards spiritual realms beyond the astral realm. Typically, we gravitate back toward the earth because we haven’t yet embodied all our desires. We mostly go to the astral realm, return here, and repeat it hundreds of times. Therefore, from this perspective, desires and ascension don’t go together. However, desires trigger the ascension, which is an important point that is often missed.

We’re multidimensional beings. Thus our essence exists in various dimensions at the same time. When we die, different elements of the soul gravitate to their particular dimensions. For instance, when mediums talk to ghosts, they don’t speak to the soul. “Ghost” is some residual energy of the actual soul. When we return to earth, the soul connects with its astral part and the desires it once had, and we once again seek its fulfillment. However, fulfilling desires can trigger more profound spiritual growth.

Desires seek fulfillment. They set forth energy that needs to be expressed. Everything you desire will eventually be fulfilled here and in the astral realm. 

Many old spiritual beliefs say we shouldn’t have any desires. The reason for it is that it’s the desires that eventually bring us back to incarnation. In the exalted actual spiritual worlds, there aren’t desires anymore. Finally, we have to release even the desire to ascend. Except for the one that feels more like an attraction pull upward than a desire to understand and merge with God. This last desire remains even after the astral body purifies itself and eliminates all lower desires.

Two Types of Desires and Ascension

We can distinguish between lower and higher desires. The higher desires are more spiritual and can help with the ascension. They usually correspond with the higher astral realm and the dimensions above. It doesn’t matter what you desire but from which place your desire arises. The lower desires link us to the lower astral realm, which always brings us back to the incarnation. The higher desires link us to the higher astral realm, which is the baby steps to ascension.

For instance, you can desire a bigger house because everyone has a bigger house; you see it on social media, and it’d boost your self-worth. Or you can desire a bigger house because you want your children to have more space to play, and you want to create a beautiful spiritual oasis where you and your family can commune. The outcome is the same, but the intention is vastly different. To know whether it’s a so-called higher or lower desire, check your intentions.

The lower desires link us to the astral realm and incarnations. However, without having lower desires, we wouldn’t feel the urge to build and create anything. The lower desires serve us in individualizing our consciousness and expressing our uniqueness. Without them, we wouldn’t build any society because we wouldn’t see any point in doing so. Therefore, the lower desires aren’t negative. It’s just a matter of where we find ourselves in the soul cycle. It’s all a matter of perspective; are we descending or ascending? 

On the descension arch of the soul journey, we need something to pull us deeper into the density so we can eventually inhabit matter. Therefore, lower desires serve us well in achieving this. On the other hand, once we begin to travel back up on the ascension arch, we need to disconnect from the matter and low desires slowly. However, that can’t be done through force. Therefore, many ascetic movements don’t serve the soul; quite the opposite, they keep the soul in the incarnation cycle longer.


The Feminine – Descension – Desires

As explained above, the lower desires pull us towards the matter and 3D. And this impulse is associated with feminine energy (not women necessarily, just the feminine energy of the universe). Those desires focus on physical and emotional achievements. Examples could be a desire for a bigger house, car, bodybuilding, etc. Many people come to spirituality through their lower desires. They want to manifest something specific. This isn’t yet a spirituality, but it’s an entry point to it. Because when you fulfill some of those desires, they eventually stop being enticing. And you naturally seek something more profound, sparking the ascension – masculine- impulse within the soul.

The law of attraction is where the spirit meets matter. However, at the higher level, we no longer manifest. We speak our words into existence, and it happens. There are no more steps because there isn’t separation.


The Turning Point and the Beginning of Ascension

Eventually, the higher heart chakra awakens. This is a significant turning point because it begins the ascension process. When the higher heart chakra opens, gradually, we become selfless. We develop genuine compassion and unconditional love. And we want to be in service to others -not from a place of desires and self-importance but because we truly understand that the biggest gift is to give.

At this point, you feel the urge to share, speak, teach, and heal. You’re asked to share your light. Here I’d like to point out that you’ll feel when it’s the time to do it. Don’t rush the process. It will eventually happen. Focus on healing, integrating, and developing the self; the rest will naturally follow. As we say in the Lightworker Healing, first heal yourself, then heal others.

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Should We Avoid Desires to Ascend?

We shouldn’t avoid desires to ascend because denial isn’t consciousness and ascension. As I mentioned, we naturally transform low desires into higher desires corresponding to the upper astral realm and even higher ones. This happens over many lifetimes. But there is a way to use desires as a means to ascension until we eventually let go of them completely.

We find a healthy relationship with the physical form when we tap into childlike innocence and purity. Regardless of what we’ve been through, there is inner innocence within. This innocence is connected to the I AM Presence and your essence. When we see a small child playing with toys, the child doesn’t get attached to a specific toy (depending on the age, of course). Maybe the child decided to go running instead and then return to play and daydream. There is ease and lightness to the game. Those toys don’t own the child. Similarly, our desire shouldn’t rule us. 

Just like a child, desires shouldn’t own us. If the desires enslave the soul, it hinders the ascension. Ideally, at some point, we don’t use the manifestation process to gratify the ego. This is the path of self-mastery. When the desires own us, we invest our life force energy towards things that aren’t aligned with our life purpose. Who do you become on the journey of pursuing someone else’s desires? It naturally pulls you further into the realm of illusions.

When you create in a joyful childlike state, you create with ease and open yourself up to new possibilities. You’re a master of your creations; what you create doesn’t own you. You don’t sell your soul and life to manifest something that might not even be aligned with your purpose. You have fun with your creations and think and see outside of the box. We can and should use and play with the physical realm without it owning us.


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