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How to Understand the Difference Between the 4D and 5D Spirituality

The 4D and 5D spirituality correspond to a different level of consciousness. As we move through the seven stages of spiritual awakening, we start moving across the bridge between the 4D and 5D spirituality. We can understand the 4D spirituality as a mind-level spirituality where it all begins. Let’s unlock the secrets of 4D and 5D spirituality.

Initiation, Integration, Mastery, and Repeat

In life, we move through initiation, integration, and mastery stages and then repeat them on the next level. Moving through one of those stages can and, in many cases, have taken a couple of lifetimes. What is unique about our times is that there is an opportunity to move through different levels of consciousness faster. The window is open. So, you can move through the 4D and 5D spirituality and even beyond in one lifetime.

Being initiated into something is like experiencing a first kiss. It’s new and exciting. But still, there is much beyond the initial flirtation. It’s a whole-next level to create a deep soul-based relationship with another person and move into the integration and mastery phase with them.

When you’re being kissed by higher consciousness for the first time, everything lights up. It always enhances our growth. We move through a phase of many aha moments. And we can reassess the past events with a new perspective. It can almost feel like this is it. And then it seems to fade away. Why? Because we transition into the integration phase, where the real work begins.

Unlike the integration, the initiation comes without asking. The integration is then about showing what we’ve learned. And we’ll slip away as many times as needed until we get it right. As we first flirt with the 4D and 5D spirituality, it feels like we got it. Like blinds were lifted off our eyes, and we think that this is it. Yet, this is just the initiation phase. After the initiation is over, we move into deeper levels of understanding and inner re-alignment.

Our energy might be more volatile during the integration phase, and we become more aware of polarity. If we pass the soul lessons related to the 4D and 5D spirituality, we can graduate and go through the last set of tests leading to mastery. Those tests are an impersonal bio-feedback to aid our learning. And at the mastery level, we can finally say that we’ve understood something. Only then is the energy and learning fully integrated.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

The 4D and 5D Spirituality

Your soul might be dancing between the 4D and 5D spirituality simultaneously. Not everything happens in a linear sequence. As described above, you might have experiences with a 5D spirituality (initiation phase) and still be integrating the 4D spirituality. One thing is to taste something. Another thing is to master it, so it becomes your new stepping stone to the next levels. Therefore, I want to give you some basic guidelines on 4D and 5D spirituality and what is essential to integrate and master at those levels.

The 4D Spirituality, Aka the Mind-Spirituality

The 4D spirituality could be referred to as the mind-spirituality. Usually, this is the entry point into other dimensions of life. The 4D and 5D spirituality are entirely different universes, and yet they build upon each other. One can’t live without the other.

As we move through the initiation into the 4D spirituality, it sparks our spiritual awakening. It feels like becoming a new person. Finally, we start seeing ourselves and life clearly – for the first time. And it feels like we’re spiritual; however, all our experiences are encountered through the mind, not the soul yet. Although the soul-merge slowly begins here.

During the 4D spirituality, we:

Hand in hand with discernment goes the first conscious encounters of what we could call the “dark.” And also hunger for knowledge which might lead some to dive into conspiracy information. Which is in itself an ideal environment for strengthening your discernment skills.

The 5D Spirituality, Aka the Soul-Spirituality

Now, 5D spirituality brings in a new flavor. When the 4D spirituality was successfully integrated, we should come out of it as grounded and balanced individuals with a flare of serene aura around us. If everything goes well, the emotional body has found equilibrium. Thus we’ve healed and released our relationship with our past and any childhood wounding.

Also, we let go of the drama. The ego doesn’t need quick energy rushes because now we receive the energy from the soul and higher self. Life gets simpler and less complicated. However, we also need to integrate the 5D spirituality. It’s not only pink butterflies and unicorns. On the other hand, the mental and emotional turmoil is not there anymore.

During the 5D spirituality, we:

  • Start merging with the soul and higher self.
  • Access our soul memories and personal Akashic records.
  • Become balanced and stable.
  • Know and live our life purpose.
  • Create a soulmate partnership.
  • Start moving beyond the duality.
  • Become an embodied soul whose life is a reflection of the inside.
  • Create our personal version of heaven on earth.

The 4D and 5D spirituality can take place simultaneously. You can be initiated into the 5D spirituality and still integrating the 4D spirituality. Also, if the 4D foundation isn’t solid, we might have to revisit some old patterns and address them from a higher awareness. And some people might artificially enter the 5D spirituality before they are ready. Unfortunately, this happens frequently. And then, the integration of both 4D and 5D spirituality can be a lot harder.

The Difference Between the 4D and 5D Spirituality

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