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How to Open Throat Chakra and Understand Its Secrets

When you learn how to open your throat chakra, you access the power of your resonance and your voice. Most people have blocked throat chakra, which might seem like being unable to express yourself, swallowing your words, or having throat-related physical issues. When you open your throat chakra, you release stuck energy from your neck area and align the energy between your mind and heart.

Finding Your Resonance

The throat chakra is a gatekeeper to the resonance of your being. Each person has a specific energy and frequency blueprint. When you align with your resonance, everything seems to flow better in life. Through the throat chakra, we send out our vibration into our auric field and layout the energetic patterns for our manifestations.

Your being vibes with a frequency that creates either harmonic or chaotic patterns in your aura. When your resonance is right, you attract people and situations that are right for you. It feels like moving along a faster track of growth and expansion.

On the other hand, when your true resonance is mingled with other frequency, then you send you out vibrations that aren’t a perfect match to your true essence. This is like sending out confusing signals to people and situations you want to call into your life. For them, it might be tricky to find you and to see the real you because the first thing they feel is a vibration that doesn’t match who you are.

The health and openness of your throat chakra is an indicator of how in-tune you’re with your true self.

You can also think about your throat chakra as a Tibetan singing bowl. Every time you speak, you make the bowl (your being) sing and create different symphonies of sounds. Both spoken and unspoken words impact your throat chakra’s resonance. And it’s also influenced by how you live in alignment with your soul and higher self.

The questions you might want to ask yourself is:

Do I vibrate with the frequency of my true self?

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How to Open Your Throat Chakra

As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s normal to experience some throat chakra blockages at some point in life. For instance, after kundalini awakening, it’s common to experience stuck energy in our neck area. Below, I offer you 3 basic ways of opening your throat chakra. You can use them interchangeably and preferably use all of them at once. Healing is always about a holistic approach as we work on different levels of our being. When we don’t address some aspects (mental or soul, for instance), they might take us out of balance later.

1. Unleash Your Words

One of the ways how to open throat chakra is by unleashing your words. You might have experienced situations during your life when you wanted to speak up, but you didn’t. Perhaps you weren’t allowed to express certain emotions – like anger or your soul’s desires. Or you weren’t allowed to say ‘no’ and stand up for yourself and draw boundaries.

The thing with energy is that it doesn’t disappear on its own. We have to either release it from our systems or transmute it. Your words carry energy too. Therefore, these unspoken words and their energy are still stuck in your system. To open your throat chakra, you have to release them. This doesn’t mean that we have to tell everyone who has ever hurt us how it has made us feel. You can release the words by speaking them out loud when you’re alone or writing them down. Or transforming that energy into some creation.

2. The Power of Your Voice

Another step to open throat chakra is learning how to use your voice correctly. We tend to overuse our voices or suppress them. Or we use them at the wrong time or with the wrong people. The secret to throat chakra is mastering the subtle difference between overdoing and “underdoing.” Even if something is right, it might be applied at the wrong time. Or it might come from impure intentions. All these are the things we’re here to master.

Who owns your voice?

To open the throat chakra, learn to use the energy of your voice accurately. This takes time, and it’s something the initiates in ancient mystery schools were practicing for years. So be gentle with yourself. Here are some questions to guide you:

Do I overshare or under share while talking with others?
Am I able to tell the difference when it’s time to speak up and when to be silent?
Do I uplift or crush other people’s creations by my words?
What resonance am I sending into my energy field?
Does my language reflect my soul?
Do my words open up new spaces and opportunities in my life?

3. Throat Chakra Blockages

And then there is the way how to open your throat chakra and keep it balanced for good. This method requires understanding, healing, and releasing the throat chakra blockages. The blockages are stuck energy from different times of your life or perhaps from what we understand as past lives.

I’ve noticed that many lightworkers might experience more intensified throat chakra issues just before and during their spiritual awakening. This is the time when they “should” speak up and become visible. But they might carry deep soul trauma that relates to being silenced before. In their neck area, layers of emotional wounds and misaligned energy seem to prevent them from sharing their words and gifts with others. In this case, soul healing work will help you release those blockages and feel like you’re free to express yourself and your essence again.

Another group of throat chakra blockages originates in our childhood. In this case, I’d highly recommend doing some inner healing work to release them.

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