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These Are 12 Revealing Signs You’re a Starseed

What are the signs you’re a starseed, and what does it mean to be a starseed? In this and 2 upcoming articles, I’ll be talking about starseeds. Just as we’re undergoing a spiritual awakening, in the last couple of years, many people go through a starseed awakening too. Our starseed memories can be distant remembrance of something beyond this planet. Or they might be clear and vivid, calling us back “home.”

12 Signs You’re a Starseed

During every golden age, the number of starseeds rapidly increases. A starseed is a being who has spent most of their soul’s journey on a different planet(s), star systems, or even galaxies (hello, Andromedans). Like in school, we too have the possibility (actually a necessity) to be a part of universal exchange programs. Here, I’d have to go deep into the evolution of the soul and consciousness. But for simplicity, we need experiences from different planets, galaxies, and universes. There are a beautiful design and a higher purpose to the soul’s evolution.

Within their DNA, a starseed carries wisdom from different star nations. As they awaken it, they bring the seeds of their consciousness to the whole planet.

Therefore, a starseed is a soul who has come to Earth to bring in its starseed wisdom. And simultaneously enrich their own consciousness by receiving lessons they couldn’t have learned elsewhere. You see, this universal exchange program is always mutual. It works for you, and yes, by your presence and consciousness, you’re asked to be in service to others and the planet too.

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1. Feeling Like an Alien

The first obvious sign you’re a starseed is that you’ve always felt like an alien. Due to our interconnectedness via the internet, you may found comfort in learning there are many more “aliens” like you. However, it must have been difficult for you to find a place you can belong at some point. And perhaps, you’re still searching for a sense of belonging. For a starseed, this is an ongoing inner feeling.

As you heal, you’ll love living on Earth and being in service to others through your unique star gifts and perspectives. However, you might never fully feel like you actually belong here.

Starseeds feel like citizens of the whole cosmos. Nowhere is your home, and yet you can make your home temporarily anywhere.

Likewise, you might have also always felt unsettled. A deep yearning to move, explore, not be in one place or one relationship. It’s not uncommon that starseeds are slightly terrified of commitments of any sort. Unconsciously, they don’t want to get stuck here and entangled in too much karma.

2. Fascination with Stars

Another revealing sign you’re a starseed is your fascination with stars and the universe. Stargazing is one of your favorite activities. Always bringing you a sense of comfort and stillness that nothing else seems to bring into your heart. Perhaps as you gaze at the stars, you feel a deep sense of longing for your home. As a result, you might feel nostalgic, idealizing life in the stars.

As a starseed, you’ve also been interested in the universe. Maybe you’ve actually been reading books on astrophysics or watched documents about space. I’ve noticed that every starseed innately understands some of the universe’s workings depending on their specific star heritage. They might not be able to compute staff (although some starseeds are brilliant at math and physics), but they always intuitively understand the functioning of wormholes, black holes, time travel, etc.

3. Strong Imagination

The third sign you’re a starseed is a strong and vivid imagination. Although from my healing sessions with starseeds, I’ve noticed that some have blocked their 3rd eye, once the blockage is removed, they receive the most intriguing visions.

Starseeds can easily see colors, textures, buildings, beings, and just anything that doesn’t exist on Earth.

They don’t try to force their inner sight into seeing those things; it’s just there. Right at the surface of their consciousness. Those images are actually related to their starseed memories. As a starseed, you might close your eyes and effortlessly view “movies” of the most interesting things you’ve never seen before being played out to you.

4. How Things Work Here

Another sign you’re a starseed is that you sometimes really wonder at how things work on Earth. This isn’t done from a place of judgment, though. Instead, you genuinely wonder how come things are done in a certain way when it defies your starseed common sense.

This sign you’re a starseed might be a tricky one because most people might resonate with it on some level. However, for starseeds, it’s really not about judgment or trying to separate yourself from others. The wondering happens more on an intellectual than emotional level. It’s really like observing a movie where you try to figure out why things are done a certain way. Here, you don’t want to judge the movie. But deep down, you realize that it’s just one of the stages of the development of consciousness, and you really observe it with pure wonder sometimes.

5. Time to Adapt

Another sign you’re a starseed is that it has taken you a really long time to adapt. And likely, you’ve managed that only partly so that you have a “piece of peace” from others. One of the reasons starseeds are here is to bring in their unique frequencies and rays of consciousness. Therefore, you can’t ever fully adapt. But you try to figure out the way that you don’t stand out too visibly. At least not in the external – more official – settings.

As a starseed, you’ve spent a lot of time observing others and figuring out how they “operate” to be able to create a field of transference where you can interact with them in a “human” way.

This is how, often unconsciously, starseeds roll. They take time to observe and analyze the data based on their strongest energetic centers to figure out how to merge with others. As I’ve said, most of the starseeds are doing this completely unconsciously. Yet, it takes a lot of their energy, sometimes leaving them feeling depleted before learning to work with who they truly are.

6. Strange Interests

Another sign you’re a starseed is that you might have all kinds of hobbies and interests. Some of them aren’t considered “mainstream.” Also, your scope of interest is vast. Sometimes, this can lead to knowing too many things but not going into any of them too deep. This might feel overwhelming at times. Again, as you start to awakening your consciousness and DNA, you’ll feel called to dive a lot deeper into your interests.

7. Going Home

Another super clear sign you’re a starseed is that you’ve always longed for returning home. Many starseeds are so homesick that it might prevent them from taking full advantage of living on Earth. They might withdraw into their inner worlds, not being able to express their energy outwardly in a balanced way. As I’ve had the pleasure to work with many starseeds, I’ve noticed that they might not be able to bring their soul’s energy fully into their bodies. Once this is healed, starseeds really begin to blossom the way they’re meant to.

8. Ancient Times

The next sign you’re a starseed is your fascination with one ancient time. This could be Shamballa, Lemuria, Atlantis, ancient Egypt, or in some cases, later civilizations. Likely, this also might be the moment you’ve come to Earth for the first time. Or when you’ve experienced a major lifetime which you’re still integrating now. On the other hand, I’ve also met starseeds who were not interested in any ancient culture. And yet, after they’ve opened up their consciousness more, they’ve started remembering who they are.

There might be numerous reasons why you might not remember something on a conscious level. From my experience, it’s usually soul wounds that prevent us from fully integrating our gifts. So not every starseed will feel magnetized by one ancient culture (or more). This remembrance might come later as a result of soul healing. Also, some starseeds have come in quite recently, and for them, it’s the most difficult to adjust to living in this time and space reality.

9. Night Adventures

Another sign you’re a starseed is that you have vivid, clear dreams that you can recall. During the dream state, starseeds often communicate with their home planets and with their universal soul group. They might have dreams about being on spaceships, visiting different planets, being educated by teachers outside of Earth. Also, they have many lucid dreams and astral travels and even dreams of being paralyzed (although this too changes as you heal).

The starseed dream life is very colorful. And the night adventures leave strong impressions on their psyche. Often starseeds feel like their dreams actually did happen, which on the astral level is true. Starseeds also don’t sleep too much. They typically wake up during the night (usually around 3 am). I’ve also found out that starseeds have much higher energy levels than others, so they might be shining and beaming with the light the whole day even if they sleep just a couple of hours during the night.

10. Claircognizance

The tenth sign you’re a starseed is that you simply know things. And you know all kinds of things which are completely unrelated to each other. And the things you’ve never read about. This is call claircognizance – the perfect inner knowing. Although this is one of the psychic abilities that everyone develops at some point, starseeds have always opened.

11. Futuristic Thinking

A clear sign you’re a starseed is that you have futuristic thinking. Now, starseeds can have really emotional relationship with technology. Sadly, technology has been misused on many planets leading to their destruction. Yet, you still understand technology, you know intuitively how it works, and you can see into the future and see what other inventions will show up next. As a starseed, changes and evolution don’t frighten you. But as I’ve mentioned, you might have some painful memories down in your starseed memory that might make you feel uneasy with development at times.

12. One Ability Open

The last sign you’re a starseed is that you’ve had at least one spiritual ability wide open since you were a child. And now, we don’t necessarily talk about the “basic clair abilities.” As everyone has those abilities waiting to be activated. We’re talking about gifts that are unique to your own star lineage. I can tell you that there is a whole universe of spiritual and psychic abilities that aren’t discussed anywhere. As a starseed, you’ve had at least one of the fully activated since you were born. Again, you might be aware of what it is or not. As I’ve mentioned in my article on the starseed grid of consciousness, starseeds too need to awaken and fully activate. Coming from other planets doesn’t exclude us from a similar awakening process; however, for starseeds, it can unfold a lot faster.

If you resonate with being a starseed, I invite you to explore my 1:1 Lightworker Healing and then continue with the Starseed Healing to unlock the Earth and star memories of your soul.


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