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How to Use Light Language for Deep Soul Healing

Light language is encoded within our souls. Thousands of years ago, we used to speak and understand the language of light. Your soul still remembers it. It brings deep nourishment to your soul and augments the harmony of light structures within your being.

The Light Fabric of Our Universe

Both the manifested and unmanifested matter are interwoven with light frequencies, tones, and sacred geometric patterns. If you could see it, you’d be astonished at their flawless harmony and the way they blend. Each of these elemental blocks of the universe exists in what we could call different planes of existence. And yet, we can perceive them at once – even in our time and space continuum. I call these elemental patterns the living light.

For instance, when you’re thinking a thought, a light wave, tone, and the associated geometric pattern flow around you. First, it levitates into your auric field. And then, if the light exceeds the specific mass of energy, it continues flowing in the ether and creates new patterns with other light structures. The same process happens with spoken words. With your feelings and even with your choices and actions.

This way, you can translate everything into living light patterns. And if you know how to work with them, you can repair them, which changes your reality instantly. You can support specific light structures and remove or transmute others. It helps to see and understand how everything we mentally, emotionally, and physically create continues living in those other planes of existence. This brings mindfulness to the next level!

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What Is Light Language?

The light language is connected with the light fabric of our universe described above. It expresses the light fabric through the spoken word. When you speak the light language, you induce harmony to your reality and support the light structures within your being.

The light language contains light frequency, tones, sacred geometric patterns, and also the specific code of the given space-time continuum where the language of light is spoken. It’s also made of living light, which means that when you speak it, you interlace the unique expression of your true essence with your words.

If you were to speak to another person in light language, it’d also reflect the light codes of the other person. Thus the language is always unique to you. If you and I were to use it simultaneously, it’d carry a different frequency – in each case, its own energy signature.

The light language uses tones and strong intonation. It contains vowels and some consonants that not every language on Earth has. I studied ten languages from different language groups, and I can see that the light language contains some characteristics of those languages. You can also pronounce the same word a couple of times, and each time it carries its singular resonance.


Why We No Longer Speak in Light Language?

Based on my own remembrance, we still used the light language during the times of Atlantis. And it disappeared from “the mass” around the Sumerian time. A little after the last “peak” of the Atlantean empire, the light structures of this world, which were still multidimensional – meaning we could still access them with our own consciousness – were broken. Before that, the light language was used here as it’s used on other planets that are firmly rooted in the path of light – which could be understood by us as existing in higher frequency.

In this article, I don’t want to go into our origin and what has truly happened here, but we were using the light language, which reinforced harmony in the manifested world and also within our light bodies. Sometime after the light resonances started to diminish and a lesser spectrum of light frequency was available to us, we’ve started developing our own languages, which we still use nowadays.

Each ancient language took some aspect from the light language. Over thousands of years, people have forgotten the light language completely. To some extend, forgetting it was manipulated. But it was also a natural consequence of what had happened here. Simply put, we – the starseeds – couldn’t maintain the light language as the fall of consciousness was inevitable.

Now, during our lives, the resonance is increasing. We start to awaken remembrance and light codes within our DNA, and as this happens, the language of this universe is returning slowly but surely to Earth. At the soul level, you’ve never forgotten it. Now you have the possibility to access those layers within your being once again. This whole process of remembrance is what I activate within people, and step-by-step walk them through it in my Lightworker Healing school.


How Can You Use Light Language for Healing?

Light language can bring harmonic resonance within all layers of your being – to your emotional, mental, physical, and light bodies. It can activate light codes within your DNA that have been dormant for thousands of years. As these awaken, you’ll start to remember who you truly are and learning how to work with your essence.

When you listen to light language activation, it can release more of your soul’s energy that has been not used, and thus it can change your perception and experience. For instance, if you listen to activation to remember your true self, you can find below, it’ll start bringing back recognition of who you are. At the soul level, you’ll feel it and reconnect to it.

In soul healing, I use light language to help my clients souls to reconnect to their highest expressions, which are locked in different time and space realities. I also use it to reconnect my clients to their multidimensional essence and teach them how to use it to enhance their growth.

The universal language is more than a means of communication. It’s harmony, perfect resonance, consciousness, and healing. With it, you can strengthen any aspect of your life. When you speak it or listen to it, it feels like everything within you sits in the right place, and more light can come through into your being. It feels like it opens up new dimensions within you, and you feel at perfect peace. The light language also connects us to our true origin – among the stars.

I’ve seen and experienced amazing things happening while using it. I could speak it since I was little and first unconsciously, activating dormant memories within me and also tapping into the time capsules locked in nature. For me, light language represents a beautiful way of healing.

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