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6 Essential Practices to Find Inner Peace

We don’t find inner peace; we deliberately create it. There are proven ways how to find inner peace that spiritual people have been using for thousands of years, and I will share these essential practices with you.


Find inner peace rather than happiness

Happiness is a side product of inner peace. We experience contentment when we’re peacefully empty within ourselves. But often the society tells us how happiness should look like, and we end up searching for a phantom.

So let me first redefine happiness for you. Deep satisfaction doesn’t come from how much money we have in the bank account or what kind of place we live. It’s not about pursuing more and checking off to-do lists.


True happiness is independent of anything outside ourselves. 


As long as we believe that we need just that one more thing to find inner peace and happiness, we will never experience it. Happiness comes from knowing who you are and living in alignment with your higher purpose.


If someone took away the dearest thing you have (job, partner, possessions), would you still be happy?


If you can’t be happy, then your happiness is not complete. I know that it sounds harsh, but the universe actually does take away from us what we want the most to make us understand that it’s not our source.

To experience a deep sense of contentment, we need to turn our intention inward. But being constantly happy shouldn’t be the aim; it’s smarter to find inner peace instead. Because when you focus too much on happiness, it takes you out of your balance. Most people believe that they need to achieve or create something to feel happy, but happiness comes when you maintain your inner balance.


When you let go of the quest to be always happy, you’re ready to find inner peace. 


Finding inner peace doesn’t come from pursuing outward success. No matter how much success and money you have, you might not experience inner peace. On the other hand, having success should not impact your sense of inner peace. Some incredibly successful people feel inner peace because it’s about their mindsets.


Inner peace is about staying rooted in the center of your being.


No circumstance is too unfortunate or too amazing to shake your core. Finding inner peace is about cultivating the inner balance and maintaining healthy detachment.


The truth is that we cannot have inner peace without balance. It seems that having too much or too little of anything completely throws off our balance, therefore limiting our inner peace.
Raheem DeVaughn


When nothing touches your core, you stand in your power. In that space, you can choose your behavior, instead of reacting to outer situations. Imagine that level of inner freedom when you can decide how you respond to anything!

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6 Practices to Find Inner Peace

Finding inner peace is about maintaining balance within your being. From the spiritual perspective, the transition point we’re now at is all about retaining our balance.

Thus it’s crucial that we work on cleansing our emotional body so that we can feel blissfully peaceful and stand in our power. Let me share with you 6 ways how you can develop inner peace. But keep in mind that finding inner peace is a process, it takes time and dedication. From my experience, finding inner peace and balance is the ultimate state of being, we become unrestricted by the 3D reality. 


1. Self-awareness

The first step to finding inner peace is self-awareness and mindfulness. On the spiritual journey, you have to become an observer of yourself. It’s vital to train yourself to watch your emotions and the way you react to situations.

Which behaviors push your buttons?

What takes you out of balance?

Which words do you regret saying? Why did you say them?


Becoming an observer takes time. As you work on yourself, you will manage to catch yourself before you say something that you might regret later. You increase your consciousness in situations, and then you’ll have free choice to respond the way you wish rather than acting on autopilot.


2. Meditation

Of course, meditation is the key element in finding inner peace. Even 5 minutes every morning can make a huge difference. Meditation helps to increase the level of consciousness in mind as well as maintaining detachment from triggering moments.

Moreover, meditation strengthens our nervous system, and you can experience a sense of inner peace on the meditation pillow. The longer you meditate, the longer the periods of inner peace are.


3. Detachment

When you detach yourself from the outer situations, you find inner peace. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about anything; that is not detachment but a fear-based submission.


Detachment means that you don’t see people and situations as the source of your problems.


You don’t try to fix the reflection in the mirror; instead, you know that you can change yourself. When you stand in your core, you know that what is on the outside is nothing but a teaching tool for your development. Thus you can stay detached from what used to trigger you.


4. Clearing out emotional body

Without clearing out your emotional and energy body, you can’t find inner peace. After all, it’s our emotions that take us out of balance the most. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the whole transformative process that we undergo is about maturing enough that emotions don’t rule our decisions. In this space, we find true freedom.

But in our emotional body, we carry pains, wounds, and patterns that we aren’t even aware of. It’s those hurtful moments that trigger strong emotions which make it impossible to experience inner peace. This is the reason why clearing out the emotional body and rewriting those subconscious patterns of our behavior is the step that you can’t miss. There is no shortcut. As long as you have wounds in your auric field, you’ll not experience lasting inner peace.


5. Higher self

Another valuable practice of finding inner peace is bringing into your life a higher perspective. Naturally, you’ll experience a higher outlook on your situations when you do all the 4 previous steps, but you can take it even further.


In our times, we can not only connect with our higher self; we can embody our soul. 


You can consciously connect with your higher self. By embodying your soul into your life, you become more conscious, peaceful, and loving. You’ll also act more on your potential and become a potent force in your life.


6. It’s okay to see the pain and be in peace

My last tip for finding inner peace is to change your perspective. When we see someone loved to suffer, we want to intervene and help. Their pain becomes our pain. It feels natural because our essence is love. And yet, I want to challenge you on this perspective.

Is it truly loving not to let others master their lessons by themselves?

Is it spiritual to push your opinions or help on someone who didn’t ask for it?


Becoming a spiritually evolved being is also about understanding when to react and when to offer space. We want always to fix something that we don’t like to see, but inner peace comes when we become fine with seeing pain.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t care and are not ready to help when we’re asked. It means that we can stay anchored in the center of our being in the midst of the storm and thus shine our light even brighter than ever before.

By trusting that someone can manage their problems by themselves can empower them much more than rushing in to fix it. The best example of this is the family. We love our family, and yet everyone is on a different path and they might not want our help. And still, we can find inner peace in this situation when we change our perspective.


If you like to have guidance about clearing out your emotional body and embodying your soul, have a look at my life coaching and light healing options. 

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