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How to Tap Into Starseed Consciousness Grid

If you’re a Starseed, you co-create the Starseed consciousness grid of light. Many collective consciousness grids are running parallel to each other and sometimes overlapping around the Earth. Starseeds share and co-fabricate their own grid of consciousness.

What Is Starseed Consciousness Grid?

The Starseed consciousness grid is a web of consciousness, light, and frequency that connects all Starseeds. The purpose of connecting them is to facilitate their common purpose. The Starseed consciousness grid creates cracks for higher, star-origin consciousness to help the ascension process. Another reason for the Starseed consciousness grid is to create a “cloud communication system.” Non-Starseeds can’t access this system.

The Starseeds consciousness allows us to speed up each other’s remembering process. And to create support for each other’s missions, although Starseeds can be of many different star origins. The collective grid of light is above Starseeds individual keycodes and gifts they’re anchoring on Earth. It’s like a roof encompassing different star genomes and heritage so they can operate harmoniously.

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Accessing the Starseed Consciousness Web of Light

The Starseed consciousness grid operates on higher wave-length and frequency. It runs above the collective consciousness grid that contains all of humanity. And it’s also above the frequency of matrixes designed to hinder one’s awakening process. Therefore, accessing the Starseed consciousness grid requires 2 things. One is to be a Starseed. Two is to become an awakened and, as much as possible integrated Starseed.

What is an Awakened Starseed?

An awakened Starseed is a star being (in human flesh) who has activated the necessary (100% is not required) of their light keycodes within the dormant strands of DNA. Activation of your Starseeds keycodes happens on its own, and it can also be significantly accelerated. For a Starseed, this takes place parallel to their spiritual awakening and remembering of their true selves.

Not every Starseed awakens and becomes an integrated multidimensional being. Just like anyone else, Starseeds too have to unplug themselves from disempowering timelines and actualize their sovereignty. Before they awaken, their frequency oscillates in more octaves of light. Therefore, Starseeds do accidentally tap into the Starseed consciousness grid when their energy is high. And then they unplug themselves from it.

When Starseeds embody and integrate their light codes and star knowledge, they maintain their connection to the web of light. Further, they can consciously strengthen it, upload healing and empowering codes for others. As it happens, they also unplug from any artificial timelines and matrices.

An awakened Starseed can use the web of light to communicate with other Starseeds telepathically. And use the power of the grid to infuse their soul’s prayers for humanity, manifest their visions, or contact other star nations.

A Wake-Up Call

Today, I wanted to bring the Starseed web of light to your consciousness. Likely, if you’re a Starseed, you already connected to it at some point. During those times, you might have noticed more synergy and magnetism in your life. A heightened spiritual experiences and lucid dreams. This article aims to bring it to your awareness and activate a deep remembrance within you.

It’s time for all Starseeds, lightworkers, and visionaries to step into their spiritual power. You don’t have your dreams on accident. The calling of your soul isn’t going to dissipate. It’s only getting stronger. For the calling is you.

In the beginning, it might be difficult to trust the inner call. It might be easier to fall back to sleep. But unconsciousness can bring to your life nothing lasting. It’s all an illusion – a slumber of this world.

If you resonate with the encoded words like a lightworker or Starseed, trust that you’re one of them. As these words don’t resonate with everyone. I can tell you it’s far more fulfilling when you stop resisting who you are. As you dive deeper into your essence, things will start to make sense. Where had been confusion, a clarity arrives.

Remembering is the most courageous and liberating journey you can take. It brings you closer to your most authentic self that goes far beyond your current life. Remembering that you’re a Starseed and/or a lightworker will activate hidden powers within you. It’ll fire up your growth like nothing else so that you can be in service to others. Because this is why you came here.

If you’re ready to align with your highest self and remember your soul’s memories and use them for the higher good, join the Lightworker Healing.


Tap Into the Starseed Grid of Light

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