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Overwhelmed by Too Many Ideas Right Now? Do This.

I’ve always been overwhelmed by too many ideas. I receive dozens of visions daily without even searching for them. They constantly flood into my consciousness. But if I were to follow every dream, then I couldn’t achieve much of anything. Being overwhelmed by too many ideas can easily distract us, and then we end up doing a little bit of everything without any results.

Why Are You Actually Overwhelmed by Too Many Ideas?

Some people say that they don’t have dreams and ideas, while others feel overwhelmed by too many ideas. How is it possible? I don’t believe that some people can’t have dreams. Subconsciously, they can block their creative faculties for many reasons.


Some of the reasons people block their inspiration is:

  • they feel stressed and busy all the time which blocks new ideas from coming
  • fear of being judged
  • their families and society conditioned them not to dream and follow the given norms of behavior
  • they don’t create enough space in their lives to receive visions and dreams


However, empaths and lightworkers feel overwhelmed by too many ideas most of the time. Creative ideas come from many sources depending on the level of openness and consciousness.


Ideas either come from our mind based on past experience. Or we receive information from the Higher Mind. 


As we spiritually awaken, we begin to open up our consciousness to higher dimensions. The by-product is that we slowly begin rewiring our mind we deepen our ability to receive new ideas. When we heal the subconscious patterns of the mind, we begin changing the frequency of the mind. In time, we’re able to receive more visions by plugging into the Higher Mind, which is like universal internet.


The creative ideas don’t originate in our minds; we receive them. 


This is how most inventors receive ideas, although it may even exceed the level of their knowledge. Great scientists like Nikola Tesla have said that they receive visions of their inventions. Then they download the information and bring it to life.

The same process happens for writers or speakers who are connected to the Source and only transcribe what they hear and see.

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The Link between the Higher Mind and You

When I write, I let the information flow through myself, but I’m not the source. My task is to stay empty and transmit what I hear. The same applies to you when you feel overwhelmed by too many ideas. At that moment, your mind is downloading visions from the Higher Mind. 

The Higher Mind transmits information that aligns with your highest potential. If you act on them, you’ll enhance your life experience incredibly. 


If you try to fabricate the ideas by your own efforts, it costs you much more energy and the result is less than optimal. 


When we overanalyze things, we shut down our connection to the Higher Mind. This leads not only to exhaustion, but also the ideas we came up with don’t take into consideration the greater picture.

For instance, our human mind can’t perceive what will happen in our life. Neither it knows what our soul’s plan for this life is. Therefore, when we aren’t connected to the Higher Mind, those ideas don’t serve our highest good. More often than not, they originate in the ego.


When we align ourselves with the Higher Mind, the inspiration and visions enhance our lives. 


When your energetic field is open, like in the case of empaths, you can dial up to higher levels of existence. You can connect to realms that are far beyond our physical realm. 

The closer you connect to the Source through embodying your soul, the purer visions you receive. But it quickly happens that soon you find yourself being overwhelmed by too many ideas. 


How to Deal with Being Overwhelmed by Too Many Ideas

Although some ideas can come from the higher Source, we don’t need to act on each of them. If we did, we might create more chaos in our lives. Learning how to distinguish which dreams to follow is essential if you want to live more intentionally. Thus I’ll share with you 4 tips on what to do when you feel overwhelmed by too many ideas. 


1. Does it belong to me?

The first step when you feel overwhelmed by too many ideas is to step back and see who this idea belongs to. As I mentioned earlier, some of the ideas come directly from the Source while others can come from our ego or subconscious mind. 

Our environment, family, and society condition our subconscious mind to the point that we internalize their points of view as our own.


When we’re adults, we can no longer distinguish our true self and the self that is a result of the belief systems of others.


Therefore, many of the ideas seem to be ours, but they, in fact, belong to our parents, friends, or culture. When I was a teenager, my parents wanted me to be a lawyer. Since I wanted them to be proud of me, I started to identify with that dream. I even went to study law only to realize that it wasn’t my idea but theirs. 


So, always ask yourself, who does this dream or idea belong to? 

What is the source of my dreams?


2. How does it make me feel?

The second step to deal with being overwhelmed with too many ideas is to take time to witness your feelings. Our body never lies because it can’t pretend to feel something when it’s not true. We can only choose to ignore this wisdom.


The ideas coming from your Higher Self feel expansive, light, and you feel peaceful.


Often the ideas worth pursuing may feel like a stretch because your soul wants you to keep getting out of your comfort zone, but still, it feels good. Whereas the ideas that don’t serve your highest good feel heavy, limiting, stressful, unease. They let you feel a bit unsettled. 


3. Is it a long-term vision? 

When you’re overwhelmed by too many ideas, think whether the dreams align with your long-term vision. If they don’t fit into (or expand) the bigger picture, then you may waste your energy. Having a vision for life or at least for a period of time is important. It allows you to distinguish distractions from activities that bring you further ahead. 

When I receive a new idea, I see how it aligns with my long-term vision. If it doesn’t, then I let it be, knowing that if I’m meant to act on it, it’ll keep returning. But some of the ideas flow into our minds because they need someone to birth them by into reality. But that someone doesn’t have to be you if you don’t choose it. 


4. Ask your awakened heart

This is the easiest and fastest way to deal with being overwhelmed by too many ideas. You can allow your awakened heart to lead you to the best choices. The awakened heart is the heart chakra that lights up during our spiritual awakening. You can read more about the symptoms of the awakened heart chakra.


The awakened heart is our greatest superpower and among many beautiful gifts, it can safely guide you to your highest potential.


When your sacred heart awakens, you can ask it whether this idea is the best for you to follow. 

The mind can easily get overwhelmed by too many ideas, but the sacred heart’s wisdom is calm and pure. Thus it filters out the noise of the mind and helps you to recognize the truth. 

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