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Decode the Spiritual Ego Trap of the Superiority Complex

One of the spiritual ego traps is the superiority complex and its faithful companion – the inferiority complex. Your ego might be controlling you by making you feel superior to others or inferior in your relationships. To feel superior to others, you have to separate yourself from them. And from yourself. Let’s shed some light on one of the master ego tricks to keep us from realizing who we truly are.

What Is the Root Cause of the Superiority Complex?

The superiority complex is often a secretly-held belief that we’re better than others. We might feel being more spiritual, smarter, making better choices in life. Or simply be better because of our looks, status, or skills. Although this topic isn’t much discussed, as a healer and a coach, I can tell you that it’s a wide-spread ego trap that everyone has fallen into at some point.

To feel superior to others, we have to first separate ourselves from them. To judge something as better or worse, we have to believe that we’re disconnected from it. But the only reason we would want to separate from something is that we fear it, don’t understand it, or don’t feel worthy of it.

When we maintain the illusion that we’re separated from external situations and people, the ego can control the mind. If we’re separated, we don’t have to find compassion and understanding in our hearts. Neither do we have to deal with it, so we fall into unconscious states of being.

On the other hand, when we separate from others, we feel disconnected and lonely. This is, by the way, one of the reasons for low self-worth. We also miss out on the opportunity to learn more about who we are because we don’t recognize that others are the mirrors to unclaimed parts of ourselves.

To separate yourself from others, you have to first disconnect from yourself.

The superiority complex can only happen when you’ve separated from the wholeness (and holiness) of yourself. To believe that we’re superior to others means that there are realms within ourselves we haven’t yet tapped into. By separating from our true selves, we create polarities of the “bad” and “good” within us. And then we see them being projected onto other people.

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Superiority Complex vs Inferiority Complex

What is the difference between the superiority complex and the inferiority complex? In short, there is none. If we feel better than others, we also feel less than other people or the same people but in different situations. Every extreme and polarity are expressions of the same energy. The one thing to keep in mind about the ego is that it loves living in extremes. The ego loves us to swing our energy from one extreme to another, so we’re fully caught up in the world of illusions.

The superiority complex occurs when your ego inflates your personality and defines it against someone else. The inferiority complex happens when your ego deflates your personality or your skills while putting others on a pedestal. If you believe you’re better than someone, you judge others and the reality from a narrow point of view. This doesn’t allow you to consider their soul’s history and the role they play in the divine creation of life.

Something can only be judged from a place of not understanding its nature.

At some point, you begin to feel guilty, and you swing into the inferiority complex to undo your past “mistake” by lowering yourself. And this dance continues on and on.

If you want to understand the ego better and see how it works, I recommend my book Become the CEO of Your Mind.

Stay In the Middle

To get out of the superiority complex, we have to learn to stay rooted within ourselves. Collectively, we’ve been learning to become sovereign beings who can stand in the center of all creation. There is truly no reason to swing back and forth in your energy and thoughts. This pendulum movement is creating distortions in all walks of your life.

We’re in times when we have to accept the truth of who we are. And learn to stay in our center. Naturally, this doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s good to keep in mind that there is such a choice and then in our timing gravitate towards it. When we realize that we don’t have to judge or label things, we can simply let them be the way they need to be. We give ourselves freedom too.

The superiority complex is an illusion of the mind that doesn’t have to hold power over you. For now, close your eyes and imagine how your life could be if you stay centered in your power. Imagine how things could change if you didn’t allow yourself to be distracted by the swinging energy, and instead, you’d sink into your true being to anchor you.

Can you feel that power?


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