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9 Powerful Tips On How To Deal With Rejection

To manifest big dreams, you must learn how to deal with rejection. Rejection is inevitable if you’re a trailblazer here to embody your highest vision. There is no way to make everyone like you and get your big moves and ideas when you’re on your soul path. Therefore, learning how to deal with rejection is a crucial skill to refine so you can keep moving towards what lights you up in life.


9 Powerful Reminders How To Deal With Rejection

Being rejected isn’t the nicest feeling in the world. Someone may reject your ideas and message, and even you as a person. People get triggered all the time. But what truly stands at the heart of rejection? When someone rejects you, they feel triggered by something in you that they don’t know how to deal with.


Maybe something you say or do triggers an unconscious limiting story or unclaimed desire, and they don’t know how to work with its potency to better their lives. Instead, they project what stimulates their shadow on you. 


Being rejected is not always about you – often, it says more about the other person. It speaks volumes about their insecurities, fears, and unclaimed potential. You must learn to deal with rejection if you’re here to follow your bold dreams. You have to master the art of projection, mirroring, and energy deflection.

In duality, rejection is almost guaranteed unless you hide in your cave. Therefore, I’m sharing these nine reminders of how to deal with rejection. Save these reminders somewhere safe so you can return to them whenever you need to. And please remember that you have your dreams for a purpose. It’s not about what people think but what God wants to experience and create through you.

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1. Nothing Can Exclude You

The desire to be liked is hardwired in our psyche. As babies, we’re dependent on parents taking care of us. Our survival depends on other people and not being excluded from society. While this instinct has helped our species survive, prioritizing what others want from you won’t make you happy as an adult.

The first reminder for dealing with rejection is to realize that nothing can exclude you. Being born here and having experiences, soul desires, and dreams, you have every right to follow what lights you up.


The Universal Law says that nothing that exists is allowed to be excluded. In other words, everything has the right to exist, including you and your uniqueness. You just need to claim your space at the table


The earth needs your gifts. You contribute to the planet and everyone else through your uniqueness. If you were supposed to be identical to everyone else, you would be. But even being like everyone else doesn’t save you from rejection. Yet, it indeed deprives you of your inner fire. If you are in some sense different and unique, it’s because you are meant to be. So stop hiding it. This is how you contribute to others, the earth, and humankind.


If you hide your uniqueness for fear of rejection, you deprive the world and yourself of your magic. 



2. People Don’t Even Like Themselves

The second reminder for dealing with rejection is that people often don’t even like themselves, so why do you expect them to like you? Okay, this one is a bit controversial! Someone once told me this, and it helped me to realize that I can’t expect others to understand and like me if they often don’t even know themselves. And so, why do you expect everyone to accept, love, and approve of you when people don’t even like themselves? If we want to free ourselves from the judgment of others, we can’t place expectations on them.

Not everyone comes from the same place as you. If you’re a creative, trailblazer, or lightworker, you likely don’t criticize others and focus on your path instead. But not everyone has it that way. Thus, to deal with rejection, realize that people come from different emotional places when they speak. You, as a leader of your life, can only impact how you respond. Don’t give the same value to every opinion.


3. Is It Your Wounded Inner Child?

The third thing that will help you deal with rejection is identifying where the need to be liked originates. When someone rejects you and hurts you, it triggers an old wound. It’s like someone cutting you with a knife into an old, poorly healed scar; it will hurt more and may impact you more than necessary.

Likely, as a child, you needed to behave a sure way to ensure safety, security, and love. And now, when you are an adult, an aspect of you still believes that you must behave a sure way to get others’ recognition. And this makes you more vulnerable to rejection.

When someone rejects and hurts you, take it as an invitation to heal an old wound. A part of you feels separated from you and, therefore, feels unsafe. You need to integrate and heal that aspect of you. A great way to do that is inner child healing work or journaling.


4. Rejection as an Invitation to Self-Love

A powerful way to deal with rejection is to reframe it as an invitation to deepen self-love and self-acceptance. This journey is about you; even uncomfortable things can help if you flip the script. When rejection hurts, it shows you the place within you need to love more. As you give that love to yourself, what others think loses its spell on you.


When you accept yourself, you realize you don’t need to limit yourself to fit into someone’s reality, and it sets you free to create something beautiful. This is where you start tapping into your soul’s purpose. Self-love is a doorway to your purpose. 



5. Ego Love vs. Soul Love

Suppose someone rejects you for something essential that makes you, you. Or if they reject you for following your dreams, it’s not true love or friendship. When you are, let’s say, friends with someone, and they are only friends with you when you are not your true self, it is not a true friendship. If a relationship stands on you not being true to yourself, it’s not soul love; it’s ego love. Therefore, if someone leaves, it’s okay


It wasn’t real love if you’re yourself and the other person leaves. The other person only liked an idea of you, not you as a being.


To deal with rejection, you need to learn to stop rejecting yourself by giving your love and care in unequal relationships. The ego love likes through the idea of someone; it doesn’t love nor see the being behind the idea. When someone rejects you because you don’t do what you “should,” and you act based on your inner integrity and truth, it’s not the person you need to worry about.


6. From Rejection to Impact

The sixth reminder to deal with rejection is that you’re not here to be liked. You’re here to create an impact. Let your energy, heart, and soul ripple through your creation and community. Commit fully to your highest timeline. Dive deep into your Original Design and stop hiding because of what people think.

If you stopped worrying whether people like you and get you, you’d liberate yourself to create something beyond where others have dared to go. You would raise above the conditioning, littleness, and ego form of love and make yourself available to what your Higher Self intends for you. We can’t see what we’re here to do when we worry about being liked. This pulls us into the ego, human games, transactional relationships, and fun. Thus, focus on the impact you’re here to make, not on being liked to avoid rejection.


7. You’re Not Here to Entertain People’s Egos

Letting this reminder anchor deep will help you learn how to deal with rejections – your purpose isn’t to entertain people’s egos. You’re here to help them remember who they are and help them reconnect with their Higher Self. Don’t limit yourself because of people’s shadows and negative egos. That’s not your task. That’s not why you’re here.


What you do from a place of limitation will limit you. What you do from a place of fear will lead to more fear. Don’t let the ego of others determine your life path. 


Don’t let people’s shadow become your ceiling in life. Create your life from within. Trust your path and inner guidance. Do things you find meaningful. Remember that the only being you respond to is God and your Higher Self and Soul. While you’re here to bless others with your gifts, you aren’t here to let them tell you what your purpose is. It’s already given; don’t hesitate to tap into it ultimately.


8. Stop Worrying About Rejection; Ask Yourself This Instead

The eighth principle on how to deal with rejection is to focus on what you want. When you stop caring about what people think of you, you liberate yourself, your creative expression, and your voice, and you give yourself the freedom to do what you are here to do. Instead of worrying about being rejected, ask yourself this. What would you like to do with your life if it didn’t matter what others think of you? 

Who would you allow yourself to become? What kind of impact do you feel deep in your heart you are here to create? Close your eyes and feel it.


9. Your Soul Tribe Won’t Reject You

The last essential reminder to help you deal with rejection is that the right people will get you. Not only will they get you, but they will also wait for your uniqueness to shine. There is something in you that helps them in their soul journey.


You’re not for everyone. You’re here for the right people for you. This doesn’t make others wrong, and you are better. It’s a simple understanding that you have soul contracts with certain people.


When you let yourself commit to your dreams, your soul tribe will find you. Your people will get you and cheer you on. Focus on them instead. You can’t control whether everyone likes you. But you can focus on the right people for you.

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