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How to Ditch Your Internal Conflicts to Connect with Higher Self

If you want to align your higher self and your lower self, you need to look at your internal conflicts and alchemically transmute them. This is where the most profound work lies. As you transmute your internal conflicts, the lower self starts to follow the lead of your soul. Thus, you no longer sabotage yourself; if you do, you feel tempted to do so only for a while. Working with your internal conflicts will help you understand what you genuinely want and achieve your dreams.


What Are Internal Conflicts?

Internal conflicts create a clash between two opposing situations that don’t seem to have any solution. Those are the situations that are either or. It’s either this way or the other way. It’s the light or the dark. Something is good, something is bad. You are internally split between two or more options that are mutually exclusive. The internal conflicts seem challenging to resolve because they represent different aspects within ourselves that are in mutual disharmony.


On the spiritual level, the internal conflicts represent not yet fully unified energy between the heart, mind, and soul. In other words, they represent the conflict between the lower and higher self. Or within our 3D, 4D, 5D, and higher dimensional aspects. 


The internal conflict could look like you want to meet the love of your life. But at the same time, you want to have freedom. And you are afraid that you would lose your freedom if you were with someone. So your subconscious mind doesn’t want to meet anyone. On the other hand, your conscious mind is like, where is the other person I’ve been waiting for so long? Now those two parts of you are in a mutual conflict, and guess which one will win? Yes, the subconscious mind. That’s why we manifest our shadows first. 

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What is in your subconscious mind is what’s going to manifest. That’s why we must do lots of inner work to change subconscious programming. 


We believe there is no other way when we have those internal conflicts. We believe, let’s say, that to get a promotion at work, you have to work harder.
But you don’t want to work harder, so you subconsciously block and sabotage your promotion. So what we are manifesting based on those internal conflicts is the split energy. We get a little bit of something and then a little bit of something else.


Internal conflicts prevent us from uniting our energy and manifesting that one thing that we actually want.


Internal Conflicts As a Gateway to Christ Consciousness

Our internal conflicts mirror the inner split between the lower and higher self. In between these two lies the Christ consciousness. As we begin building a bridge between our internal conflicts, we slowly embody Christ’s consciousness – which is the heart of the ascension process.

We sometimes feel polarized. We feel drawn to one thing and then to another, which seems conflicting. It’s the nature of the universe, and bridging those internal conflicts is truly the heart of all the ancient mystery teachings. Ancient mysteries teach about the alchemical process of transmuting those two forces and bringing them into the third principle, which we could call the Christ principle or the Christ center.

You can unite those conflicting extreme views of reality. You can stabilize those divine masculine and feminine forces, bring them together, and create something new. As you bring internal conflicts to harmony and see the third way, your higher heart chakra and your mind synchronize. As those inner unresolvable situations disappear, we have built up our Christ center.

How To Ditch Your Internal Conflicts

The first step in releasing internal conflicts is to become aware of them. Some are obvious, and others may lie more profound in the subconscious mind, where a skilled guide or coach can help you become aware of them. So I invite you to take a sheet of paper and write down all your internal conflicts.

Note down any contradictory situations you believe you cannot have both options. Be honest with yourself, as this is for your healing. And then, reread those conflicts and contemplate how you can align your heart and mind in those situations. This will invite you to see where you need more healing and mindset work. Depending on what those conflicts are, sometimes it’s enough to become aware of them. You may need to do inner child healing and journaling with some. With others, you might have to go deeper and look at your soul wounds from other lifetimes. At least now, you’re not running away from them but actively taking charge of your life.


As you look at your list, ask yourself:

What else is possible here that I have never considered?
How else can I see this situation that has never crossed my mind?
What other perspective or reality is available here that I’m not claiming?
What other timeline can I tap into that I have never considered?
Ask yourself, what is the highest solution here?


Once you start seeing the third way that brings those internal conflicts together, you notice that you have more energy. This energy was previously split and stuck between the conflicts and becomes now available to you. And not only that, your life purpose will really take off. You will be able to go to that next level. There will be nothing within you blocking you and sabotaging you. So pay attention to your internal conflicts. Everything has some solution – even if it’s just a shift in our perception of the situation.

You can also ask for insight into your internal conflict from a trusted friend or a coach. Likely, the solution will be more straightforward for others because they aren’t stuck in the same internal conflict.


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