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protect yourself as an empath

12 Balancing Ways How to Protect Yourself as an Empath

Being an empath means that you’re highly sensitive to any energies of other people, places, and also nature. Your sensitivity can often cause emotional and mental rollercoaster. Thus it’s important to know how to protect yourself as an empath.

I was 22 when I first heard about empaths. A friend who I met while living in China told me that he’s an empath and thus he feels other people’s energies in his body. At that moment something heavy just lifted. At that moment, I realized why I felt so sad when I was surrounded by individuals who have given up on their lives or why I didn’t want to stay in specific environments, and my energy always would go down.


How do you know if you’re an empath?

If you’re an empath, then you often feel like a crazy being. Your mood goes up and down without any particular reason. If you go to a supermarket, you feel very stressed and anxious as you’re picking up other people’s energies.

You may even develop some diseases that doctors cannot explain and then all of a sudden you’re healthy again.

After talking with negative people, you end up feeling depleted, and they feel energized. This happens because you’ve taken on their emotions and thought patterns into your mind and body and you’ve allowed them to take your energy.

When you’re alone, you feel much better and more balanced. But when you go to visit friends or family, you start to feel negative, and you feel like you need to leave. Immediately.

It’s also very likely that you have active psychic abilities or you have a strong intuition. You also quickly feel into other people’s problems, and that’s why they’re coming to you.

You don’t feel good in loud and noisy environments, and you prefer to be somewhere alone, sipping a cup of tea and reading a delightful book.

When you listen to music, you easily connect with the lyrics, and it can change your mood rapidly – going from happy to sad and melancholic very quickly.

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You have to find your balance

Being an empath is a divine gift, but if you don’t know how to balance and ground yourself, it can become a nightmare. I know many people who have become a drug or alcohol addicts just because they take in too much energy from others and they don’t know how to protect themselves.

When they numb themselves with alcohol, drugs, but also food, or sweets, their openness shuts down a little bit. Thus the gift of being an empath becomes more bearable, and unconsciously they protect their energies.

Currently, I’m in Bali, and through a series of coincidences, I was blessed to meet some spiritual monks and gurus. Those who don’t have a website and you don’t find them in the touristic places.

We talk a lot about energies, balance, energy protection and healing. They also teach me new ways to meditate and work with my energies so I thought that I could share with you some of it in this article.

We all agree on the importance of keeping balance. As an empath (or perhaps some of you are healers, too) the amount of energy is taking you out of balance. Anything can take you out of your core, and you can easily get lost in it.

But when you become more stable, and you begin to take care of your energies consciously, you can walk in an overcrowded street, and you feel open and good. You can also heal more people because you don’t take in their problems.


Instead of allowing your environment to affect your mood, you find the source of stability within yourself. The balanced energy doesn’t harm you nor the others. As an empath, you tend to close yourself and withdraw from people and also your dreams.


The importance of protecting your energies

Don’t take empath protection lightly. Otherwise, you may feel like the world is too complicated and burdensome to cope with. Thus you can destroy your relationship with a person you love, or you can choose not to follow your dreams because it feels too overwhelming – it’s the chaotic energy that overwhelms you.

But if you learn to protect and balance yourself, you create less drama in your life. You’ll not be as moody as you used to and you can use this extra time to create something beautiful or enjoy the presence of your beloved ones.


Finding your balance = less emotional drama = more time and energy for things that matter = fulfilling and happy life. 


Just for the sake of the depth of each of the below techniques how to protect yourself as an empath, I’ll stay general. But you can choose a few ways and then learn more about them and incorporate them into your daily life.

If you’re an empath, you need to have some daily grounded and balancing habits. If you’re working on an important project or you have a job interview or someone you loved left you, you need to double or triple your efforts to protect yourself as an empath because you’re more open and vulnerable.

If you’re going through more challenging times, you have to take care of yourself more. Because difficult moments take more of your energy and then your aura is more open to the influences of your environment.


Also, remember, you only take in the energy of others when you allow it.


Even if you want to help others, you cannot help them by feeling like a mess. You have to balance your energy, heal your wounds and then you can be there for people who need you.


12 Ways to protect yourself as an empath


1. Detachment

Only what you give your power to can affect you. Thus the best protection of all is prevention. What makes the energy come to you is that you sympathize with others, you want to help them, or you are upset and judgmental of them.

Thus you think that they’re not okay and you need to “fix” them somehow. The need to “fix” others is one of the things that creates the energy tunnel between you two, and you take their burden or “flaw” into you, and subconsciously you try to heal it.

But when you develop (and this takes time, maybe lifetimes) the attitude that everyone is fine, when they go through an issue it’s a learning curve for them then you don’t feel the need to fix them anymore. You help them when they’re ready. 


2. Journaling

The daily habit of journaling is another great way how you can connect with your innermost self as well as release some stuck energy. We mostly feel the energy in the form of emotions so when you write down how you feel, the energies begin to shift and transform.

For example, you can take your journal and write how you feel and how would you like to feel instead and then write:


“Dear Universe, remove this from me. Let me see the truth and let my heart stay pure and open.”


You’ll see changes in the way you feel because by journaling you release negative emotions and become more stable. 


3. Energy vampires

Like it or not but we all have people in our surroundings who suck our energy. You know it when you feel drained after talking with them.

It also happens that someone is envious or jealous of you and they (mostly unconsciously) send you their negative energy, and they can even wish you something bad to happen.


An emotionally charged intention is powerful, so it’s wise to cut off these people from your life.


If you have friends who suck your energy, you can cut the cords and then stop being in contact with them. If it’s your family or co-workers then ground yourself before talking with them and try to keep it short and with firm boundaries. 


4. Meditation

There are many ways of how to meditate. I meditate each morning differently, but I also have some longer practices that I keep for the evening routine. Meditation helps you to balance your energy.


The more often you meditate, the more connected with yourself you feel.


So this is a way how you can be pro-active and protect your energies. But there are also many ways how you can clean your energy in meditation  – for example, chakra meditations. Find some routine that makes you feel peaceful, focused, and more energized after you finish. Thus you know that it works for you.


5. Water

Water purification is widely practiced in Bali but also in many other cultures. The water represents the flowing Earth energy that washes off anything negative from you. You don’t need to have holy water to do it.

You can use a shower and infuse the water with your intention to clean you energetically. Or you can also imagine that you stand under a waterfall and as the water streams down your body anything dark and negative is released. 


6. A universal vacuum cleaner

This is a method that I frequently use, although, I’m not sure if anyone else does 🙂

Nevertheless, it works quickly, and you can use it wherever you are. The way I do it is that I close my eyes, feel into my energy field to see where any stuck or negative energy is and then I imagine a large universal vacuum cleaner to suck this energy out of my aura.

Then I imagine white light to fill in the holes. If you practice it a few times then you can learn to do it within a few seconds so you can use it anywhere (even in the middle of a conversation ).


7. Send it back

It’s very likely that more than 90% of your thoughts and emotions don’t belong to you. Our bodies are like big sponges sucking in anything in our environment.

Thus we can also send the energy back (you don’t have to know who the sender is) or you send it to the center of the Earth and ask the energy to help you transform it into the light. 


8. Kundalini

Kundalini yoga or kundalini shakti is an excellent way to protect your energy. Kundalini is spiritual energy or the life force which is located at the end of your spine (the root chakra).

Through a regular practice (meditation, special breathing techniques, chanting mantras, and particular hand position) you awaken kundalini and learn to work with it and make it stronger. In 1968, Yogi Bhajan introduced his version of kundalini yoga in the United States. 


9. Gemstones

The protective and healing power of crystals have been used since the beginning of time. Each crystal has a different function and can help you with various life areas.


Of course, quartz is the queen because you can use it just for anything.


I like to wear a necklace with quartz (from Lapland) which ends precisely at the level of my heart chakra. I wear it especially when I teach seminars or coach my amazing clients (lightworkers). If you choose to protect yourself with gemstones, then learn how to take care of them because as they absorb the negative energy, you have to cleanse them off regularly.


10. Shielding yourself

It’s a very popular recommendation in the west to shield your energy. The basic idea is that you imagine some shape around your body (and your aura) that keeps you safe from outside energies.

You can either imagine an egg or cloak that is made of white light, and it doesn’t let anything negative come to you.

But after discussing with Balinese gurus, I’ve realized that this is not always the best solution. They believe that the energy must flow and when you close yourself into this energy cocoon, your own mental and negative energy is getting stuck there, and it can create an imbalance. 

So, when you shield yourself, imagine that there is a hole above your head for the light to come in and for anything negative coming from you to leave. You can also have a hole below your feet, so the energy flows naturally but keeps the protection “walls” surrounding your body.

With your intention you allow the good to come it as well as your negative energy to leave, but the outside negative energy is not allowed to come in. 


11. Nature

Nature is the best healer. If you have an opportunity to go to the forest or park, you feel calmer and more grounded.

You can sit by a tree, close your eyes, and imagine that the negative energy is leaving your body and you connect with the ground under your feet. You can even walk barefoot (very recommended) and feel the sensations it gives you. For the energy to stay balanced, you must ground yourself regularly. 


12. Time alone

Every empath needs time alone. This doesn’t change because you have a family or any other commitments.


Sometimes we have to disappear from the surface of the world to rejuvenate ourselves.


I know that many of us have other people who “need” us. But when you’re alone, the energy that you’ve absorbed from other people naturally disappears (if you don’t actively feel into the problems of your friends while alone).

So you balance yourself, and then you have a higher capacity to give love to others. The time alone should be used consciously and wisely. Use this time to read an inspirational book, meditate, journal, dance, or do something creative. Some people say that this is the last instance, I say that time alone needed regardless.

Choose the techniques that make you feel peaceful and more balanced. Don’t be afraid to experiment and remember that being an empath requires certain commitments to yourself.

If you don’t protect yourself as an empath, then you can create a lot of chaos in your life and also for the ones you love. The best way to protect yourself as an empath is to feel good in your energy.

Being an empath has many benefits too. It’s a gift, and it helps us to connect with life itself.

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