benefits of being an empath

5 Practical Benefits of Being an Empath

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After publishing the article about 9 traits that tell you’re an empath, I received many thankful emails. Thus I decided to write about the benefits of being an empath. As some people also raised a (logical) question whether being an empath is a gift or a curse.

The intensity of emotions can be easily overwhelming. I’ve heard many empaths saying that they wish they wouldn’t have this gift. And I can understand completely why they say it because there used to be times that I was thinking the same.

Yet being an empath is a gift and I want to give you some practical ideas about how you can use it in daily life.

Just keep in mind that when you balance your own energies, it won’t be overwhelming anymore. It’s important to know how to protect your energies (here is an article to inspire you).


5 Practical Benefits of Being an Empath


1. Recognize if someone lies

As an empath, you feel whether someone is dishonest. Always. Especially when you don’t wish it to be true.

Regardless of whether you know the other person for a while or it’s your partner, you know if they lie to you. You get a light sensation in your stomach when someone lies.

So you can immediately tell if someone lies, manipulates, or controls you. This is an especially useful benefit of being an empath when you deal with energy vampires (you can read about how to protect yourself from energy vampires here).

And I bet that when you think back, you can recall moments when you didn’t listen to your intuition, and then it didn’t turn out well. Therefore, it’s useful to learn to tune into your intuition and if you feel that something isn’t alright, take it as a warning.

You can even to connect with the feeling which informs you that someone lies and ask the energy to tell you the truth about them.

Spotting the lie gives you a choice not to be manipulated.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to confront the other person because they very likely don’t admit the truth. But it serves as valuable information for you, so you know that perhaps you don’t need to see this person often and be vulnerable with them.


2. Clear your patterns 

You aren’t just sensitive to others, but you’re also conscious of your feelings. Thus you can quickly tell whether something is off and you can connect with that energy and release it.

Our feelings inform us about any unhealthy patterns that may rule our mind and life. The best way to get rid of them is to release the stuck energy of the pattern.

If you do this on a regular basis, then you will feel grounded and centered. And you will also feel whole, and your life will get into alignment gradually.


3. Being creative

Every empath is naturally creative. It’s just part of who we’re, and we can use it to express ourselves and our emotions.

You can channel your feelings into a piece of art. When you’re in the right space of mind then what you create will also move and touch others.

Even if you think that you’re too old to start painting or dancing, you’ll soon see how creativity teaches you more about yourself. 

For me, when I’m creative (which is most of the days), I also have an open notebook next to me because it helps me to realize so many things about myself, patterns, and also about the meaning of life.

The creative energy is the space of alignment with our soul.

Therefore, we naturally receive insights and aha moments. With each creation, we also feel happier, and we allow our pure essence to come forward.

You can start with 20 minutes weekly and see where it takes you. I guess that you will not want to stop.


4. Channel your unique energy into your life

I’ve noticed with my clients how happy and free they feel when they allow themselves to express what makes them unique.

Every person has own original essence that they’re here to express. I believe that this is our life purposeOf course, it’s not simple for many of us to express it, and indeed, it’s difficult to express it entirely. If it’s even possible.

But when you’re an empath, you can connect with your essence easier than others. Feelings and emotions are your playgrounds so be playful with them. Use this to your advantage.

My tip for you is to find a quiet space and feel into yourself as best as you can. Stay like this for a couple of minutes and then take a pen and paper and write down everything that you’d like express.

Imagine what you’d do if you could express your originality in every aspect of your life.

Start with something easy for you and then continue and go deeper. As many empaths care about others more than about themselves, this exercise can be very helpful and stabilize your energy.


5. Be yourself

Another benefit of being an empath is the potential to find your true self. Being yourself means that you’re authentic and you speak your mind and heart.

I’ve noticed the last couple of years that this is challenging for many. Especially nowadays when it seems that inauthenticity is a norm. Some of my clients told me that it’s difficult to be themselves. As a society, we’ve built a pretty solid prison around ourselves.

Use the fact that you quickly feel to your advantage. You can connect with the deepest parts of yourself when you allow yourself to feel free.

You can first be your true self when you’re alone. Perhaps you can have a new hobby, write a journal, dance when you’re alone, and so on. The idea is that you explore the depths within yourself. Once you feel comfortable, you can begin to share it with others by being authentic.

So when you’re talking with someone say what you really mean and feel. Don’t hold it in you if you feel like it needs to be said. Of course, it’s good to be polite and say things without hurting others. But this is easier when you share what you feel from your heart.

I know that when we speak our truth from our heart, it’s always caring and loving. And if it does hurt someone, then it’s because their ego interprets it (mistakenly) as an attack. As harsh as it may sound, it’s their choice. Your responsibility is to say what matters according to you and say it lovingly and openly.

I hope that these tips have inspired you and you’ll be more playful with your gift. The sky is the limit!

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